Brains, Cunning, & Quidditch (Hogwarts love story!)

Brains, Cunning, & Quidditch (Hogwarts love story!)

Yes yes, I know have another Harry Potter story going. But I decided I wanted to start another one, a more simple one. I decided to NOT make any of the main characters in HP main characters in my fanfic. But I AM making a few of the main characters in my story side characters from HP, and I'm making some up too.

So, i'm just hoping I can make it work :)

Chapter 1

Getting Back (to Hogwarts)

"Bye, girls! Have a wonderful time! I'll see you at winter break!"
I rolled my eyes as mum hugged my twin sister, Skye, and me before we got on the train. We dragged our stuff along the hall area, chatting the entire time as the train took off.
"Summer was bloody amazing, wasn't it, Allie? Oh, and when the Malfoys came over for dinner last week! I saw Draco looking at me, I swear I was going to loose it!" she said eagerly as we walked into a compartment together, and she placed her guitar case on the luggage rack. She was obsessed with that boy, and I found it quite disturbing, since he was such a jerk to everyone.
"Yeah, nice. And my name is Alice, not Allie, Skye, you know that," I said, puffing my long auburn bangs out of my eyes and glasses. I really needed to cut those, maybe I could get Valentina to do it tonight after dinner in our dorm.
Skye sat down in a huff, "Oh, but Alice is so plain and bookish. Allie is more exciting. You may be the only one in the family not in Slytherin, but you could still try to be cool a little," she said, pulling some sheet music out of her bag.
"Skye, I'm in Ravenclaw. Bookish is what I prefer," I said, holding up my current book, The Barcode Tattoo.
"Well, you could be more like that Cho chick. She's popular AND in Ravenclaw," said Skye, as she hummed to herself and wrote down notes on her music.
"She's pretty and Asian, I think, but she's Scottish like us," I stated, pointing out the truth as I flattened down my long curly hair. Sometimes I wish mine had turned out straight like Skye's.
"But we have Irish and British in us too, PLUS we're Pureblooded, and that-"
"Skye! You know I don't care about that! My best friend is muggle born!" I said loudly, interrupting her.
My sister and I may be twins, but we're hardly alike. We are both fairly nice, and love music (we both sing and play guitar, though mine got left at Hogwarts over the summer, oops), but when it comes to our houses, family heritage, and things like that, we but heads.
And fashion sense, like now for example. She choose to wear her Slytherin tie with a plain white v necked T and ripped up jeans, plus tons of jewelry. I wore jeans (none holey), my glasses (instead of my contacts), and a t shirt for an American country music (which had become my new musical obsession) band.
I'm considered the oddball of the family as it is, since I'm a Ravenclaw and have no sense in fashion.
"Well, if you tried a bit more I bet you could get boys to like you," she said.
I was about to respond when some Slytherin boys, including Draco Malfoy and some of Skyes other fellow snakes, passed by our compartment.
Draco spotted Skye sitting opposite of me, and knocked on the glass and winked at her. He made a "come here motion", and continued down to another compartment.
Skye giggled, "I better go. Be right back, Allie!" and she zoomed out the compartment door, leaving it open as she rushed out.
"And my names not Allie!" I hollered after her.
I sighed and leaned back in the seat, and decided to let my cat, Buscus, out of his carrier, and he curled up next to me.
"Looking forward to our third year, Bus? I know I am. Maybe I should follow Skye's advice, try something new..." I said to him as he purred, and I stroked his ears, "But what?"
Suddenly the train gave a sharp bump and a boy with normal jeans and a grey shirt who was walking past my compartment fell through the open door and at my feet just as they came back on.
"Oh, uhm..hi?" I stuttered as I helped him up.
"Thanks," he said, as I helped him pick up his things, which included a broom.
I picked it up and studied it, "Nimbus 2001?"
He nodded, "Yeah."
I handed it to him,"You play Quidditch? Sounds fun."
He nodded, "I'm a chaser, and it is. You look familiar, what's your name?"
"Alice Hartston," I said, offering out my hand.
He took it and we shook, "Adrian Pucey."
"Nice to officially meet you, and I think I recognize you from classes. What house are you in?" I asked him, offering a seat next to me.
Now, normally I don't talk to people at all, let alone boys. And NEVER Slytherin boys, they always make fun of me, once Blaise Zabini had tripped, shoved, and verbally abused me all day until I ran to Myrtles bathroom and cried, skipping dinner.
"Are you ok?" asked Adrian. I must have zoned off.
"Uhm, yeah. You probably know my sister, Skye." I said, wanting to clear the air.
"She's you're sister?" he asked, interested.
"Yeah, we're twins actually," I shrugged.
"So, since she's Pureblood, are you in Slytherin then too?" he asked.
I bit my lip, "No, Ravenclaw."
He became just as quiet as me. Great, another Slytherin loyalist.
Suddenly Skye came rushing back in.
"Allie! You'll never believe it! I-" she noticed Adrian sitting awkwardly next to me, "Oh, hey Pucey."
He nodded and got up, grabbed his things and turned to leave, but not before kicking Buscus, who had taken to lounging on the floor at my feet, hard in the gut.
"Hey, what the hell!" I yelled at him as I jumped up.
He said nothing, but slammed the compartment door and left.
I stood there stunned.
"Allie, dear, close your mouth or flies will lay eggs in there," she said, sitting me back down, "Don't take Pucey seriously, he thinks the world revolves around his face, and he sulks a lot. But I give him props for being the best Chaser Slytherin has ever seen."
I picked up Buscus, who was still slightly irritated, and put him in my lap, "He still shouldn't have kicked my baby Bus! That was animal cruelty!"
Skye rolled her eyes, "It's a stupid cat, Al. Get over it."
I gave her a look of discontent, then sighed, "Well, what happened with Malfoy, then?"
She grinned, "He asked me out, and guess what?"
I propped my chin on my palm, "He kissed you."
"Yes!" she screamed, and stood up and started dancing, chanting "I kissed Malfoy, I kissed Malfoy!"
"Skye, stop that! You look like an idiot! And, by what you tell me, so has every other Slytherin girl."
She sat down, her cheeks red, "Nuh uh, this was different, I know it! We're going to sneak out tonight and meet by the lake, it's going to be a blast!"
I rolled my eyes and picked up my book, and Skye took the hint and started writing her music again, and we sat in silence for the rest of the ride.
Finally, the train came to a stop. I quickly pulled out my Ravenclaw robes and uniform and put them on, while Skye did the same with her Slytherin uniform.
There another knock on the compartment door after we finished, and Malfoy sauntered in, followed by Pucey, Crabbe, and Goyle.
"There you are, Skye. You know you could have sat with us, instead of your nerdy Ravenclaw dope of a sister." said Malfoy.
I frowned as I put Buscus back in his carrier, "Can it, Malfoy. I could hex you into oblivion if I wanted to."
He didn't reply, but offered Skye his arm and they walked off together, and Skye waved goodbye at me as she left, ignoring what he said about her own sister.
Pucey was the last to exit to compartment, but he didn't look at me, like I was a plague or something, and he left, carrying only his broom (we were supposed to leave all our things on the train, but obviously he cared about that thing A LOT.)
I pat Buscus goodbye as I left the compartment empty handed, my hands shoved in my pockets, head down.
On my way off the train, I passed one of the only still occupied compartments, where two of my fellow Ravenclaws, Cho Chang and Roger Davies, were talking.
"Yeah, with Gladmore graduating last year, we're short a Chaser, and it's not like most Ravenclaws want to play sports instead of studying for the OWLS," muttered Cho.
"Yeah, we'll have to hold tryouts next week sometime," agreed Davies.
I scurried along as they exited, not wanting them to know I had been listening.
I caught up with my best friend, Valentina Grey, and we hugged, and she told me about her summer as we made our way to the castle. But my mind was somewhere else.
I had found my solution.
I was going to join the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.

Authors Note To those who submitted characters (or still plan to), I promise they will come up more and more as the story progresses! I have high hopes for this story, and I hope you'll enjoy a Potter fanfic that's a little less than normal. ;)

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