ABC ....


Chapter 1


by: AllieOzz
A- Available: Noope.
B- Birthday: March 16
C- Crushing on: Scott:)
D- Drink you last had: Idr
E- Easiest person to talk to: Mommm.
F- Fave song: Gorgeous Nightmare - Escape the Fate
G- Gummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy worms !<3
H- Home state: Michigan
I- In love with someone: Dunno
J- Jailed: Naww.
K- Killed someone: Hexx no.
L- Longest car ride: Liiike 2 days?
M- Milkshake flavor: Vanilla
N- Number of siblings: 2 brothers
O- One wish: That the doctors can figure out whats up with me...
P- Person that called you last: Mr. B
R- Reason to smile: Scott brought me flowers yesterday :)
S- Song you last sung: I like to dance - Hot Chelle Rae
T- Time you woke up: Liiike 6:15 Dx
U- Underwear color: Leopard (;
V- Vegtable: All pretty much
W- Worst habit: Thinking negatively
X- X rays you have had: My hips, & right ankle
Y- Years living where you live: 15
Z- Zodic sign: Pisces ...FISHY!

Random questions:

Spell your names with out vowels: llsn J(y) Sbrn
What color do you wear the most: Black hands down...
Least favorite color: Uhhh; prolly yellowww.
What are you listening to: Mr. Schemper talking
Whats your favorite class in school: Prolllly, none. (;
When do you start back at school: Late August.
Are you out going out with someone: Yep.
Favorite pair of shoes: My converse.
Can you dance: Cuz Im out here grinnndin' (; Kinda what Im known for...DAMN THE GIRL CAN GET LOWWWW;)
Can you tie a cherry stem in your mouth: Dunno.
Can you whistle: Sumtimes
Cross your eyes: Yhup
Walk with your toes curled: Im sure

Do you believe in....

Do you believe in life on other planets: hell no haha
Do you believe in miracles: Indeed I do
Do you believe in magic: Depends on the kind...dark magic...yes.
Love at first sight: Thats called LUST
Do you believe in Santa Claus: UH DUH. ;)
Do you like rollercoasters: I go on em, but Im always scared Im gonna die.
Have you ever been on a plane: Yhup
Have you ever asked someone out: Not legit.
Have you ever been asked out by someone: Yeaaah.
Have you ever been to the ocean: Yep
Have you almost drowned in the ocean: Nope, I saved a child who was...
Temperature outside: C.O.L.D
Radio station you listen to: All different. but ipod<3 haha
Last thing you bought: Sumthing fer movie tickets for paranormal activity 3
Last TV show you watched: Idontremember what its called.
Who was the last person you took a picture of: my flowers i got yesterday
Ever cried your heart out: Totally have...few times..
Ever cried on a friends shoulder: Chelsea, thank you<3
Cried over the oppoite gender: Most of what I have cried about.../x
Cry when you get an injury: When I tore my ligament...few tears came up yes.
Do songs make you cry: One did but not anymore.
Are you a happy person: People dont know me to be one, but I think I am.
Current hair color: Dark brown & sum blonde.
What are you wearing: Jeans, skate shoes, avril shirt, head band.
Braclets: Rave bracelets, 'BxTCH' bracelet, 'He lives' bracelet, braid bracelete, silly bands, and more...
Eye color: They change color...
Short or long hair: Mediuuum.
Height: bout 5'5


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