Me! Me! Me!!

Chapter 1

Have you ever???

Have you ever kissed someone: No :)))
Have you ever lied to get what you want: Yep...
Have you ever been in an accident: Sadly, yes
Have started planning for your future: Yep, I'm gonna move outta my parents house, move to Holmby Hills and decorate my house with all MJ!!!
Have you ever cried while listening to a song: Yes, Slow MJ songs remind me of him
Have you ever ridden a motorcycle: yep!!
Have you ever broke someones heart: yes
Have you ever had your heart broken: no
Have you ever jumped of the roof: Heck No!
Have you already plan for what college you want to go to: Yep, USC or Fisk University (MJ Went there)
Have you ever cried while watching a movie: This Is It and The Lion King
Have you ever flew an airplane: nope
Have you ever changed for someone: no
Have you started driving: Driver's ed
Have you ever failed a class: nope :)
Have you ever lied for someone: nada
Have you ever thought about having babies?: yep Michael Joseph Jackson Jr or whatever, Michelle Josephine, Breanna, Vienna, Camryn, Jourdynn (a boy), Jeremy, and Dante


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