I Accept You (MJ Love Story)

This idea had been rolling around in my head for a while now and I just now thought of a good way to put it into words.

enjoy and plz comment.

Chapter 1

An Invitation

My cell phone vibrates from the other room. The buzzing noise sounds in my ear, alerting me that someone is calling me.
"Hello?" I ask into the phone.
"Hey, Raven!" the familiar voice of Chenoa rang in my ear. "Was wondering, I have passes to the Pensacola State Fair. Doug and I are going and we have two left, would maybe you and a friend like to go?"
The Pensacola State Fair. People come from all over to enjoy the rides that if even one bolt was loose, they would plummet to their death. Ending in a bloody mess.
Ah, blood. The mere thought of it makes me thirsty. The familiar tingle in my throat makes me shiver with pleasure.
"Sure." I said into the phone faking the emotion of excitement. "I will call Alisha."
"Awesome! We will be by to pick you guys up at six!'
The line went dead.

"Hello?" Alisha sounded on the other end of the line.
"Hey, its Raven. What are you up to?" I asked cautiously.
"Just finishing up a few chapters. Why, whats up?"
Alisha was trying to become published, which I supported her 100%, because she is a fantastic writer.
"Well, Chenoa and her boyfriend invited me to the fair. You wanna come with?"
"Umm. Yea!" she practically screamed into the phone.
"Great! Chenoa is picking us up at six." I said looking at the clock.
It was almost 4:30.
"Ok. See you then!" she said and hung up the phone.
Alisha was my best friend. The only one that I really trusted. She had found out my one secret that was meant to stay hidden with me.

Blood. The sweet, metallic, warm liquid that I had acquired a taste for slid down my throat easing the pain that I had tried to ignore for so long.
I lifted the dark haired boy's head closer to me after I had finished.
"Forget." I whispered the single magic word that would give him a false memory that would explain why he was out here.
I touched his bite wound that seeped with the crimson blood. A small dim light flew to my fingers and into his wound. The light pulsed once then healed the wound, not even leaving a scar.
I heard the snap of a twig and snapped my head in that direction. I narrowed my ice blue eyes.
"I know you are there, so you might as well come out." I called into the darkness.
A few slow seconds went by, then I saw someone emerge from the bushes. Her face was as pale as the moon. All the blood drained from her face as if it knew it were in the presence of danger.
"Who are you and why were you watching me?" I asked coldly.
"I-I'm Alisha Thomas. I heard something out here and I guess I got...curious." she lowered her head realizing her mistake.
I smirked. I guess curiosity really did kill the cat.
"What are you?" she asked after a moment of silence.
I hesitated. I could tell her and then make her forget. At least someone would know my secret for a few moments. But no one had ever seen the real me before. And they hadn't taken the time to ask what I was.
"Are you a vampire?" she asked excitedly.
"No." I answered.
"Oh. But I thought vampires drink blood and pretty much did everything you just did."
I didn't reply.
"So then, if you aren't a vampire" she asked again more softly. "What are you?"
"A fallen angel. The vampire is the more evil version of us. Vampires are undead humans, whereas we are not."
I think its cool. I wont tell anyone. Promise. You can be honest with me." she looked at me.
She thought it was cool? I bet she wouldn't if she was me.
Her eyes then fluttered to the boy on the ground.
"Is he going to be allright?" she asked.
"Yes," I said kneeling down looking at him, my back facing her. "He wont remember a thing."
I heard Alisha gasp and I turned around to see a look of horror on her face.
"What are those on your back?" she asked pointing.
She was referring to the two vertical scars that ran next to and on either side of my backbone.
I stood up and looked down.
"A reminder of what I once had." I answered softly.
Silence fell across the night. Only the chattering of bats broke the silence every once in a while.
"What about that white light? What was that?" she asked.
"My life essence. Unlike vampires and some fallen angels, I heal the people I drink from." I already knew the next question. "And we drink blood, because when we lose our wings, we are cursed to drink the blood of mortals to stay alive. To know what its like to be mortal. To remind us each day what we lost. To remind us of the one thing that sent us here."
Alisha left it at that. And surprisingly wasn't scared or repulsed, which most humans would be.
"So what is your name?"
end of flashback

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