I Accept You (MJ Love Story)

This idea had been rolling around in my head for a while now and I just now thought of a good way to put it into words.

enjoy and plz comment.

Chapter 2

The Fatal Mistake

Alisha, Chenoa, Doug and I walked next to the ticket booths to put on our armbands. Screams echoed from the high rides as they twisted in the air wildly.
There was a lot of people here. Not all of them human though. I locked eyes with a vampire. He recognized me as easily as I recognized him. The red ring around his pupils almost engulfed his brown iris. He was here more for the hunt then the actual fair.
"You know him?" Chenoa asked me.
"No. He just looked familiar." I lied.
I placed the armband on my wrist as we started walking towards the rides.
"So. Which one would you like to do first?" I asked turning to Chenoa.
Chenoa was staring into Doug's eyes completely lost in them. Ugh. If they wanted to do that, they should have stayed home.

We rode the Stinger. It looked a lot like a swinging pendulum, but it also went upside down.
It reminded me of flying. I closed my eyes as the ride started to swing upwards towards the starlit sky. I lifted my hands, smiling, remembering that glorious feeling.
The ride slowed to a stop and that feeling slowly dissipated, leaving me with the regret of my one mistake that cost me my wings.
Oh, how I miss them.
Now, I would never again feel the cool air playing with my midnight hair. Touching the clouds and playing hide and seek among them with the others.
We exited the ride, Chenoa immediately becoming infatuated with Doug again. Tuning out the rest of the world.
I looked at her. She had such a happy life. Parents who love her, a boyfriend who would die for her.
"You must miss them." Alisha said coming up next to me as we walked.
"What?" I asked snapping back to reality.
She placed one hand above the two vertical scars on my back.
"What were they like?" she asked softly, but only loud enough for me to hear.
I smiled remembering.
"Black but they shimmered with all sorts of color when the light changed." I told her.
"Like a ravens wing." she added.
"Hence the name." I smiled.
"Alisha?" a new voice sounded amongst the crowd.
Alisha turned towards the voice and her eyes brightened.
"Diana! Hey, how are you." Alisha asked when Diana wrapped her in a hug.
"Great! I am so surprised to see you here." her eyes fluttered to me.
"Oh. This is my friend Diana. Diana this is Raven." she introduced us.
I nodded my head in greeting.
"And these two over here are Chenoa and Doug." I told Diana. "But they probably wont hear you at all." I laughed.
Normality was very easy to play off. After all, I had practiced.
Chenoa and Doug went off by themselves leaving Alisha, Diana and I to go and do whatever we wanted.

The fair. Where couples always enjoy the vendors and the rides. Love. The four letter word echoed in my mind. Something that no one can live without.
I would never be allowed that. To be loved is like asking for my wings back. Any man would be disgusted at my need. The need to drink blood that is.
We stayed at the fair until midnight. We said our goodbyes to Diana.
"Text me sometime so we can all hang out one day." she said giving me back my phone after putting her number in my contacts. "It was nice meeting you."
"The same to you." I replied.

We got in Chenoa's car and headed home. Or at least we tried to.
"Ugh. There are so many people." Chenoa growled. "Wish there was a faster way."
If I had my wings I could find a faster way. I thought to myself. Of course, if I had my wings I wouldnt be here.
The traffic crawled slowly out of the huge parking lot. Red brake lights shone from practically everywhere, turning everything red.
When we hit the interstate, Alisha and Doug had fallen asleep. I turned my head towards the stars, longing to fly among them as I had often did so many nights.
I sighed.

Chenoa dropped Alisha and I off at my house.
"So, Raven." she began slowly careful of her word choice. "What did you do that was so horrible that cost you your wings?"
It had been the first time she had asked.
I played with a strand of my long black hair.
"I was a guardian." I started.
The screams of the childs agony echoed in my mind. The painful memory replaying as it had each night.
"I was to protect a child. He was my first."
Alisha stayed silent.
"He died in a fire started by his abusive mother. I couldn't save him, because I wasn't quick enough." I looked down.
It caused me great pain to live with it. It caused me greater pain to tell it.
"But you cant save everyone you guard." she said softly.
"He wasn't supposed to die." I said turning around to look at her. "I watched him burn alive, and I was supposed to prevent it."
"I'm sorry." she said softly.
I didn't reply. I looked at the ground. That fire should have never happened.
"I may have something that will cheer you up."
I looked at her.
"What always cheers up a Michael Jackson fan?" she asked holding up two concert tickets.

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