I Accept You (MJ Love Story)

This idea had been rolling around in my head for a while now and I just now thought of a good way to put it into words.

enjoy and plz comment.

Chapter 3

Concert Night.

Alisha and I met Diana at the hotel, where we were going to stay. Diana gave Alisha a big hug then they both squealed in excitement.
They talked about how fun the concert was going to be and how amazing Michael Jackson was going to look. But they talked so fast I could hardly understand them.
Some sentences were finished in squeals because they were so excited.
Alisha had introduced me to Michael Jackson soon after we became friends. She showed me the You Are Not Alone video, where Michael has wings. I couldn't help thinking how real they looked and how beautiful he was with them.
"Aren't you EXCITED?" Alisha asked me as soon as we all got out of our rooms.
I smiled.
"Of course!"
I had never seen Michael Jackson in concert before. I had never been to a concert at all.

Michael appeared on stage, the crowd was deafening already,. But when he came out, it almost became unbearable.
I looked up at Michael who was frozen in place waiting for the right moment to start.
Alisha and Diana were watching him with excited eyes.
I turned back to Michael and smiled to myself.
Michael looked around the huge crowd. I heard some girls, even some guys say that Michael looked at them.
Fast as lightining, Michael did one of his signature moves and Wanna Be Startin Something, started to play.
The music was loud and pounded in my chest. It made me almost want to break out and dance with the beat.
I looked around. Some were already dancing. Some were even singing along to the song. It was astonishing to see.
Michael came near our part of the crowd and pointed at Alisha and winked and smiled at her.
Alisha beamed back at him.
Michael continued his concert with amazing energy that seemed endless.

After the concert...
The hotel room. Every sound seemed so loud. It was impossible to sleep. I turned my head towards the clock to see that it was three in the morning. We got back to the hotel somewhere after midnight.
For two and a half hours, I had been lying on this bed trying to accomplish the impossible at the moment. Sleep.
Frustrated, I got up and got dressed in the color preference of black.
I opened the window in my room.
I was surprised that this hotel had windows that opened.
My hotel room was right next to the overhang of the lobby. I could easily, jump over there with no problem. Besides, it was a beautiful night to sit on a roof and look at the stars.
I hopped onto the overhang.

Michael's POV
I heard a thud come from outside near my window. I frowned. I was on the second floor. Maybe it was one of the cars that pulled up near the lobby.
But I went to investigate anyway.
I opened the curtain to see a girl climbing on the overhang of the lobby.

Raven's POV
I laid on my back in the middle of the overhang and looked up at the starry night. There was no moon. Just the stars that arranged themselves so lovely in the sky.
"Hey." I heard a soft voice call.
I sat up and looked around me. My eyes drifted towards another open window not too far from mine.
A man had his head poked out through the window looking at me. I couldn't see his face.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
So much for being quiet. At least he was lucky and caught me doing this, than what Alisha had caught me doing.
"Looking at the stars." I said cautiously still trying to see his face.
"That's what the grass on the ground is for." he chuckled.
Where was he going with this? And more importantly, who is he? I thought to myself.
He stepped onto the overhang.
"May I join you?...If you promise not to scream or faint." he asked.
"Why would I do that?" I asked.
He walked next to me finally letting me see who he was. Michael Jackson. Oh thats why.
"Sure you can join me." I put a smile on my face.
I really didnt need another friend. One who knew about me was enough.
Images of Chenoa and Doug flashed in my mind. Them being in unconditional love. They would die for eachother. They were the Romeo and Juliet of their time.
Saddness pricked at me.
"So what's your name." he looked at me smiling.
"Raven." I said softly looking at the sky.
"That's a beautiful name." he said looking up also.
"Thanks." I whispered.
We sat in silence for a moment.
I heard a thump from under us and a small boy crying in pain. I bit my lower lip.


Flames. There were so many. The house was on fire, smoke clouding the night sky. The mothers hair was all messy as she stared at the house, watching it burn. Listening for her child's cries of agony.
I ran towards the house and flicked my black wings. My feet lifted off the ground and I flew into the nearest window.
The heat blasted me backwards.
"James!" I yelled.
I looked everywhere.
Fire. It was everywhere.
Consuming everything. And somewhere would be consuming the one boy I was to protect.
Screams pierced through the raging inferno.
"James!" I called, fear pulsing through me, tears begging to fall. "Where are you?" I ran through the house looking everywhere.
Heat blasted me wherever I went. Parts of the ceiling fell around me.
More screams. The screams of someone in agony. The scream of a child.
They came from a closet.
I ran towards the it and opened the door. James was curled up on the floor of the closet. The flames burning his skin. His clothes.
I took him into my arms and wrapped my wings around him.
"Its ok. I got you." I told him.
James gripped my hand that lay on his chest. His eyes gazed in mine as he tried to breathe. He sucked in a labored breath.
His flesh was badly burned. His clothes almost completely burned off.
James stared into my eyes. His light started to fade.
"Stay with me." I pleaded.
I looked around. There was no way out. This was all I could do for him. To keep the smoke away from his lungs and the fire away from him.
His grip on my hand started to loosen.
"No. No. No." I said with tears in my eyes
His light faded and his body went limp in my arms. His gaze never leaving mine as he slipped away.

end of flashback

"Hey, are you allright?" Michael asked me as his voice pulled me back to the painful reality that I now lived.
I looked at him.
Alisha had told me that he loved children. That he was like a child himself sometimes.
"Yes." I tried to smile.
Michael clearly didnt buy it. I could see it in his face.
But he let it go and just continued to stare in my eyes.
"You know, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They are such a pretty blue." he smiled.
I pasted a smile on my face.
"Thank you."
"There is something behind them though." he silently gazed at me as I looked away from him.
Something big. I thought.
"Well I hate to end this, but I have to get some sleep for tomorrow night. Maybe we could...." his voice trailed off.
I gazed at him.
"See eachother tomorrow night? Same place, same time?" he asked slowly and shyly.
"Sure." I smiled.
Another person who enjpys the night. I liked that.
He got up.
"There is something behind your eyes too." I said looking up at the stars as he began to walk away.
I heard him stop and I turned to look at him.
He stared at me for a long moment then smiled.
"I didn't think you were looking." he said.

authors note: I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Sorry for the wait. I was just trying to figure out how she was going to meet Michael. But I do hope you enjoy this. :)

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