I Accept You (MJ Love Story)

This idea had been rolling around in my head for a while now and I just now thought of a good way to put it into words.

enjoy and plz comment.

Chapter 8

Those Words I Never Thought You Would Say

I sat folded my wings and sat on a high branch of a tree. I hugged myself and let my wings fold in. This was the second chance. My second chance. I saved him. But I knew that Michael would never accept me for who I was. For what I did. I know how much he likes children. How much they mean to him. I know.
I saw two bright headlights that shone in my face. I flinched away and shrunk back into the darkness. I held up my hand and watched two figures step out of the car.
"You really think she would be here?" I heard the familiar voice of Michael ask who I assumed would be Alisha.
"I have a feeling. She's always liked nature." Alishas voice carried on the wind.
I gazed at the two figures that seemed to come closer like they already knew where I was.
"What was that back there? How..."
Michael couldnt form his words into a simple question. Perhaps because his mind couldnt grasp what was going on. What I was. But for the first time I loved him. I loved someone. I saved him.
"I dont know."
"She told me she had to save me. She couldnt tell me why, just that she had to. What did she mean?"
"Shes..." Alisha started.
I jumped down behind them inaudibly.
"Im a guardian angel. Or was.." I said.
Im not really sure if I was now or not.
Michael and Alisha turned around. I could feel the tears welling in my eyes as I remembered my horrible regret.
"An angel?" Michael asked.
I nodded.
"I lost my wings because the first person I was supposed to protect died. He was supposed to live." screams of James echoed in my mind. "His mother burned the house down with him inside. I wasnt fast enough." I told him the whole story and by the end of it, both Alisha and Michael had tears in their eyes.
"So now you know what that look behind my eyes is." I told Michael. "Its something you can blame me for. It was my fault."
I looked down.
"I love you, Michael. But I know you wont accept me because of what I did."
I turned to leave.
"Wait." I felt Michael's hand on my shoulder.
I turned back around.
Suddenly, Michael's warm full lips were kissing me with passion and love. He looked into my eyes and smiled.
"Raven, the past is the past. And you tried your hardest to save him."
I shook my head.
"I wasnt fast enough."
Michael held my face in his hands and made me look at him.
"It was meant to happen. Think about it. He is no longer in pain. His mother will and can no longer hurt him. Maybe it was meant to happen so that you and I would meet."
I gazed into his eyes. Then he said the three words that I never imagined he would say.
"Raven. I accept you." and he kissed my lips passionately.

The End.

Hey everyone! I hoped you all liked this story. I know it was a little short. But it was meant to be like that. And I have a question for you. Would you like a sequel to this story?

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