I make up in heart ( A Hogwarts love story )

Name : Rose Browning
Age : Um, 11 at the start! Moves on a few years perhaps.
House : Ravenclaw
Pet : A brown owl named Muckers
Friends : Luna lovegood and Ginny Weasley
Other : She isn't in the trios year but does talk to them now and then. She becomes closer to them when they get into like... Fifth year?


Chapter 1


I walked onto platform nine and ten. I glanced nervously around the place, what now? McGonnegal never told me how to get through to platform nine and three quaters... Or had she? Had I been stupid and lost concentration yet again?

"See you at Christmas Seamus! You better go before the Hogwarts express leaves without you!" called a women with sandy hair. I ran towards the boy who also had sandy blond hair. I tapped him nervously on the shoulder.

"Er... I couldn't help hearing that your going to Hogwarts... How do you get onto platform nine and three quaters?" I asked him. He chuckled, it was a start. I felt the butterflies in my stomach bang roughly against my stomach as the big hand grew closer to eleven.

"First year, eh? Well, ye just have to look up at the wall, run towards it and there ya go! Your on the platform. Nothing to it! Do you want to go first?" he asked as he saw I grew anxious at the thought of running towards a brick wall. I nodded.

"Thank you!"

"G'luck!" he called as I made my way towards the wall. I closed my eyes waiting for the big bang and pain- it never came. I slowly stopped when I heard the steam engine of a train whistle. I done it! I was on the platform. In front of me stood a great scarlet steam engine.

"Well, I see ya made it!" said the boy from before. "Names seamus by the way!"

"Ya! Thanks! My names Rose browning! Nice to meet you," I said walking beside him to the train conducter so ge could take our luggage. We brought one suitcase on which held our robes. Seamus told me all about Hogwarts- the secret passages, the teachers, ghosts and the four houses.

"If ye don't mind me asking.. Where's your parents?" he asked. I frowned, everybody asks me that. No, they are not dead. To me, they may as well be- I never see them much. It took McGonnegal ages of persuading them to let me go here! Both of them were muggles- so I was muggle born. It was a bug shock when I got my letter and McGonnegal arriving at our door step to explain of Hogwarts. They cared more about their work then did about me!

"Ah, I don't really get along with my parents. They would rather be doing work then seeing me off at the platform. They dropped me off and left," I sighed. Semaus stopped in the middle of the hall in front of a compartment.

"Sorry to here that... I'm going in here, want to join us?" he asked. I beamed at him, he was really nice. I decided to join him and his friend Dean on the way to Hogwarts. The knot around my stomach tightened every time the train would slow down to go around a corner- me thinking we've arrived.

"What house do you want to be in Rose?" Dean asked me as he sat back down. He had gotten up to get chocolate frogs off of the trolley lady.

"Er, maybe Hufflepuff? Ravneclaw too!" I said delightfully. They had been giving me more detail about the houses. Slytherin being the meanest, I refused to think I could belong to such people.

"Oh, what about Gryffindor?" Seamus asked me. He and seamus belonged to that house. The brave and loyal stood in that house.

"Me?" I laughed. "Ya, I'd be the wimpiest one there! Apart from loyalty, I wouldn't fit in with the Gryffindor traits! Ravenclaw- now I think I would stand a better chance. I am pretty smart, I care about results alot!"

"Well, Actualky, we have Neville so no- you wouldn't be the wimpiest! I think you'd get along rather well with-" just then the compartment door flew open and a girl with brown bushy hair and warm brown eyes opened the door.

"Hey! Have you guys seen Harry and Ron? I can't find them anywhere! I didn't see them on the platform and there not anywhere else on the train!" she complained.

"No, maybe you should have another look? It's not the first time they've wondered off somewhere!" Dean said in an amused voice. The girl scoffed before turning on her heal and heading back down the hall. By now the sky outside was getting dark.

"As I was saying, I think you'd get on great with her!" Seamus said in an irritated voice. They clearly weren't very fond of her. "That was hermione, the smartest girl in the school. Maybe you could beat her one hundred and twelve percent in charms?"

"Uh, maybe I'm not that smart after all...."

Part two will be out after five nice comments! Thanks a lot guys!:)

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