Revolution. 'nuff said.

Chapter 2

Revolution Continued

Here I am again! I was just listening to gorgeous music, staring at the background of my profile and my username, and decided to write another chapter!

First of all, I want to say I love everyone who's reading this, because it means a lot to me that you do, and you all deserve love. <3

I'm just going to name some facts about women under here that will make you respect your body!

1.Your skin replaces itself once a month.

2. Your stomach lining every five days.

3. Your liver every six weeks.

4. Your skeleton every three months. (Amazing, eh?)

Think of the effort your body puts into that! I just realized we humans are such miracles, in the tiny perfect way everything fits, like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We are perfect just the way we were born, and it is the way we're meant to be! <3

If you're feeling insecure while reading this, I have a bunch of refreshing tips that are not overused! Here they come:

1. Think of your body as the vehicle to your dreams. Honor it. Respect it. Fuel it.

2. Create a list of all the things your body lets you do. Read it and add to it often.

3. Become aware of what your body can do each day. Remember it is the instrument of your life, not just an ornament.

4. Create a list of people you admire: people who have contributed to your life, your community, or the world. Consider whether their appearance was important to their success and accomplishments.

5. Walk with your head held high, supported by pride and confidence in yourself as a person.

6. Don't let your weight or shape keep you from activities that you enjoy.

7. Wear comfortable clothes that you like, that express your personal style, and that feel good to your body.

8. Count your blessings, not your blemishes.

9. Be your body's friend and supporter, not its enemy.

10. Keep a list of 10 positive things about yourself without mentioning your appearance. Add to it!

11. Put a sign on each of your mirrors saying, "I'm beautiful inside and out." (I did this, and it helps me cheer up when I start chewing my lip and reaching for my eyeliner.)

12. Choose to find the beauty in the world and in yourself.

13. Start saying to yourself, "Life is too short to waste my time hating my body this way."

14. Eat when you are hungry. Rest when you are tired. Surround yourself with people that remind you of your inner strength and beauty. (Because you deserve it. Don't be tough on yourself, it won't help! Be lenient!)

15. Laugh more often. If you're angry, just laugh. It's the best medecine there is out there, and it brings such a thrilling relief, don't you think?

I love you all, take good care of yourself, because you do deserve it, and I mean it. Think about life for a bit, and listen to cheery music for once, even if you don't feel like it, because it always helps me feel relaxed!

I can't say this enough, appreciate the way you are, because there is no one like you.

Another point is that helping other people usually makes you feel better about yourself as well. At first when I spread this message, I didn't believe in it myself, but when you read it, write things over from your point of view and read it over again, it truly helps. And when you see it helps others- it's one of the best feelings in the world.

The last thing I want to point out is that flaws make us perfect the way we are. I mean, we're perfect the way we are, with our flaws! It's what makes us unique! And everyone has them, even that "size-zero-girl-with-the-long-thick-hair-and-big-eyes-and-perfect-figure-who-dates-that-handsome-boy-and-seems-so-perfect".

I love you all, please spread this message, believe, PEACE OUT!

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