I was sooo bored...HOLY CRAPICHINO THIS TOO A MONTH TO DO!!!!!!!!! JEEVAS!!!
*MIrrion Dorrar is what "Million Dollars" sounds like if yu ave a Japanese accent

Chapter 1

I am more insane than I thought I was lol

1.) what is your gender? I am like Crona, I am neither a girl nor a boy. JK I'm a chick.

2.) How old are you? -.-' Wouldn't you like to know.

3.) What is your chinease zodiac sign? hops I'm a Hare.

4.) What is your zodiac sign? Sagitarious shoots you with a bow and arrow

5.) Who is your best friend? I don;t have many offline, so...Corinne, Johnothan (yes Johnothan Reeves, my frenemy), and Lauren.

6.) Who are your favorite actors(s) that you think are hot? Uhm..the dude who plays the emo dude on Degrassi, and uhm...The guy who played the dude who played the guitar in The Toothfairy

7.) Who is your favorite actress? Uhm, if Voice Acters count, then Laura Baily. If not then...Uhm...Sandra Bullock

8.) Who is your favorite band? Black Veil Brides, Seether, Creed, Three Days Grace, Simple Plan, Alter Bridge, Evanescence, Good With Grenades, The Birthday Massacre, and My Chemicle Romance.

9.) Who do you love the most? Uhm....My friends:
Neare Beyonde
Jodi Whater your last name is
Melody Annabeth Shmitz
and C.

10.) What is yur favorite colors? Black, Emerald Green, Red, Purple, adn Blue

11.) Would you give up everything you had for your soul mate? Uhm, not really. I don;t believe in that, and it;s WAY TOO cliched...But if it where Mello or Nico Di Angelo, then YES, I would

12.) Are you single? ....Not sure.....

13.) What if oyu met your soul mate at the wrong moment? I don't really care. I don;t even really believe in soul mates.

14.) If you could have on fictional characters mind for a day, who' would you want? I would want either Mello's, Nico Di Angelo's (HE IS STILL REAL DAMNIT!), or edward Elric's

15.) If you could be a magical creature what would you be? A FLYING MINT BUNNY!!!!

16.) Jacob Black or Edward Cullen? I am team Edward..........................ELRIC! *does super awesome pose that Colonel Armstrong would do * JK, I'm neither.
TEAM NICO BIITCHES! 'cause Edward sucks, Jacob smells like a wet dog, and everyone knows that being able to raise the dead is just fvcking hot.

17.) Twilight or Harry Potter? Harry Potter SOOO HP.

18.) Burn in the Sun or Sparkle? BURN! licks finger and touches it to temple SSSSSSSSSSSSSS

19.) Would You Go All The Way On The First Date? Depends on who it is. JK no. But seriously, if it where Mello, then yeah shot by Matt

20.) #1 thing you hate about boy's apperances nowadays? Problably the pants. The baggy jeans, and the skinny jeans. I mean you can;t frigging walk in them! DO NOT WEAR SKINNY JEANS!! EVER! THEY CUT OFF THE CIRCLUATION TO THE LEG AREA AND THE LOWER REGIONS!!!

21.) Hug or kiss? Depends on who it's from.

22.) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? I'd want to go to Japan. Or all over.

23.) Imagine. It is a dark night, you are alone, it is raining outside, you hear someone walking around outside your window. Who do you call?: 911, because there is about to be a creeper dying in the yard from shot gun wounds.

24.) What have you been thinking about lately?: NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUISINES!!! JK Nico Di Angelo, and randomd things (see What happens when I have writer's blockage)

25.) If you could be in your dream place at the moment, what would you be doing?: Hehehe...I'd be making Mello sing hips don't lie and dance like Shakira, so I could video tape it and put it on youtube.

26.) If somebody was describing your personality what would they say?: Insane, funny, random, ADD, ADHD, musical (It IS why I'm called Harmony isn;t it? lol) fangirly, artistic, ratarded genius, genius, genius by nature, retard by choice lol and, frightening, dangerous (I'm like Mello dangerous), stupid, NOT NAIVE IN ANY WAY, innocence-less, senseless, I-see-weird-people-ish, I-see-dead-people-ish

27.) What gives you butterflies in your tummy?: Yaoi, Nico Di Angelo, Mello, Either Elric Brothers, speaking in public (like at toast masters)

28.) If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?: Any kind really. I'll eat anything.

29.) If you were an animal, what would you be and why?: I'd be either a wolf, or a white tiger, because they're agressive, smart, fast, and like me.

30.) When you were little, who was your favorite super hero and why?: Rogue. She still is my favorite super hero. I LOVES THE X-MEN!!!!!

31.) What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer?: Laptop, sleep, write, read, swim, hike in the middle of the forest and try to not get stung in the foot by damn wasps (AGAIN), play music, teach myself songs on teh guitar, to sing, or on the flute, or piano. Alot of different things really.

32.) If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actress would you want to play you?: I have no clue...I'd play myself...MABEY. My movie would be like a comedy, or a horor movie, because I'd want it to be, and I normally channel my inner psychpathic serial murderer. JK It'd be a comedy/musical.

33.) If you were an ice cream flavor, which one would you be and why?: COFFEE!!!! because I LOVES IT! COFFEE IS THE NECTUR OF THE GODS OF AWESOMENESS!!!!! and staying up all night and dancing in Jason'sDeli...BUT THAT IS NOT IMPORTANT I:D BE COFFEE ICE CREAM BECASUE IT IS AWESOME.

34.) What’s your favorite cartoon character, and why?: Edward Elric because he's like me. Smart, Talented, reads ALOT, foul mouthed. VERY FOUL MOUTHED, and he's hot.

35.) Are you a morning or night person?: Both. I LOVE mornings, but I am, and have allways beena night person. I'm insane I know, but I LOVES BEING INSANE!!!!

36.) What are your favorite hobbies?: drawing, reading, writing, and... playing video games, Knitting, chrocheting (I'm actually REALLY good at them), playing my babies (my guitars: Diana and Maranda, my flute: Artemis and my piano: Winry. YES I NAMED MY INSTRUMENTS! GOTTA PROBLEM? holds up machette Thought not)

37.) What are your pet peeves or interesting things about you that you dislike?: Inproper grammer. I like most of me...

38.) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?: A candel. I ate a candel. On more than one occasion

39.) If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction?: Uhm, comedy, and it'd ALSO be a musical, and everything else mentioned.

40.) If you were a comic strip character, who would you be and why?: Does manga count? if it does then Mail "Matt" Jeevas or Miheal "Mello" Keehl

41.) What thought or message would you want to put in a fortune cookie?: 'Thankyou for letting me out, I've been here for centeries, and I am hungry. Feed me AAAAAAAAAAAAH! opens mouth'

42.) If you had to give up a favorite food, which would be the most difficult to give up?: Bread and any kind of meat. Actually pomogranates mumbles but I never get to eat them anyway*

43.) What is one food you’d never want to taste again?: Baking powrder. Long story, and I look like an evenbigger retard in it than I already am.

44.) If you won a lottery ticket and had a million dollars, what would you do with it?: keep the money a secret, flee to japan, hire an elite ninja asssain team to kill the peopleI don;t like. Or buy an anteater costume, wear it everywhere and randomyly scream "FVCK THIS I'M AN ANTEATER" at passersby

45.) You’ve been given access to a time machine. Where and when would you travel to?: 1984 so I could see my grandpa in his underwear, singing the get up Jay song to my dad and dancing (I jusut found out about that and now I want to see it)

46.) If you could be any superhero and have super powers, which one would you like to have and why?: Rogue's or Mistique's. Or however the hell you spell it

47.) Mount Rushmore honors four U.S. presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. If you could add any person to Mount Rushmore, who would you add and why?: Le fvck? I hav no clue what joo are talking bout' homie...Sorry, but I'm too lazy to think of one. NEXT MESAGE AFTER THE BEEP! BEEP!

48.) If you could transport yourself anywhere instantly, where would you go and why?: THE WOLRD OF ANIME! lol no I';d go to regular Japan if I can;t go there.

49.) In your opinion, which animal is the best (or most beautiful) and why?: Foxes. they're bueatifull, and dnagerous. like miniature wolves

50.) What is one item that you really should throw away, but probably never will?: NEXT QUESTION! PLACE YOUR MESSAGE AFTER THE BEEP! BEEP!

51.) Growing up, what were your favorite toys to play with as a child?: My stuffed cat I named Frosty (I still have her). I loved that little cat...

52.) Who is the most relevant person in our time?: i have NO CLUE!

53.) What is the title of the best book you have ever read?: Cannot pick.

54.) what is the tital of the best movie you've ever seen?: 50 First DAtes. It's sooo funny.

55.) What comes to mind first when you hear the word "reality"? Why?: Pizza. Because I am insane

56.) What is the most beautiful thing about people? Why?: The mind. The brain is the most compicated and and most studied part of the body. No one knows how it works, so full of mystery. It's amazing.

57.) What is the most honest thing you have done?: Written this down

58.) If you could change one thing about yourself what would you change? Why?: The fact that I am not an anime character.

59.) What is the ugliest thing you know? Why?: The fact that no one really
cares about anyone but themselves, and prey on the weekest in this world.

60.) What do you like to do most with a free hour? Why?: Reading or going on Quibblo, or doing Death Note role plays with Alice-chan

61.) What is the most significant event of the last three months? Why?: Meeting Nia and Jodi.

62.) What force of history are you most aware of as you plan your life? Why?: Huh? Uhm...That history repeats itself, so don't do something stupid(er)

63.) On what basis do you select your friends? Why?: Wichever ones are not creeped out by my insanity/perviness and the ones who do not think I am a suicidal emo. I AM SCENE!!! NTO EMO!!! okay MABEY a litle, but that's mostly because I have ALOT of empathy.

64.) What is the most overwhelming thing you know? Why?: I do not understand this question

65.) What is the greatest problem in the United States? Why?: The government. The stupid government keeps spending too much money so everyone is bankrupt, and then they bail everyone out. And the people being to lazy to get a job and not thinking ahead when they go to college. I want to be a musician, but it's not likely to support me, so I am planning on getting a degree n physicis or astronomy so I do not end up on the streets like the bums on wallstreet. Not so many people are as smart as me. And remember I'm ELEVEN.

66.) What thing makes you most humble? Why?: I'm not the most humble, but that people have it worse than I do. Hell most of my friends have it worse than I do.

67.) What is the greatest value that guides your life? Why?: Faith (I'm catholic BTW, but I'm open to other beiliefs and won't discriminate. Ask C or Nia)

68.) If you could smash one thing and one thing only, what would you smash? Why?: All the idiots who think everyone else should do everything for them.

69.) What is the greatest crime one person can commit against another? Why?: Murder or rap>. You're taking someone's life in both. ALOT of people die from diseases that are caused by rap>, and murder is killing them on their own. Also with rap> you take someone's innocence. (Granted I HAVE no innocence anymore, but that is not why. Blame the yaoi lemons)

70.) For what do you think you would be willing to lay down your life? Why?: Anything that I think is a cause worth helping. So Religion mostly. And human rights.

71.) What do you feel when you stand on the shore of the ocean?: That I shouldn't have tried to drink the water.

72.) If you were tape recording the sound of violence, what sound would you use? The sound of me swearing in Italian. Me swearing in Italian usually leads to violence and a trip to the emergency room

72. What sound would you use for beauty? Why?: The sound of a classical guitar. IT's a beautifull sound, no matter what it's playing, or who's playing it. Okay not really no matter who's playing it but still

73. If an atomic bomb were to explode a block away in ten minutes, what would you do for those ten minutes?: Grab my family and everyone else who doesn't annoy me and GET THE FVCK AWAY FROM THAT BOMB!


75. Choose a word that best describes your life up to this moment?: AWESOME, but i have had sme ERALLY sucky moments.

76. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?: ....

77. What is your biggest worry? Why?: That mom will find out about quibblo, and never let me on the internet ever again

78. What do people like best about you?: How funny I am.

79. What do you think of when you think of tragedy?: Pickles

80. What skill do you need in order to succeed?: Willpower, and determination, and the ability to not take crap from anybody. Being smart has it's perks too

81. What talent should you develop? Why?: There aren;t any talents left for me to develope...I'm talented in all teh things I am interested in, and or need to live.

82. Choose a word to describe a sunset?: SUPCALAFRADGELISTICEXPALODOCIOUS

83. When do you feel most lonely? Why?: When I am alone. Derr

84. Choose a word you to describe the elderly population?: deaf

85. What future discovery do you anticipate the most? Why?: .. really tough question

86. What is the greatest music ever composed?: hmm...NEXT QUESTION!!!

87. Did you, as a child, ever run away from home? If yes, why and where did you go?: I did and I planned on going o my grandmas (wich is more than fourty miles away) but I onl made it to the end of the block before mom almost ran me down

88. What’s your favourite room in the house, and why?: My room.. duh...Or my closet...It's quiet and small

89. The greatest compliment I ever received was...: erm...Next question please

90. If you were a car, what would you be and why?: The kind driven by road rage dudes.

91. What as your favorite food as a child? Do you eat it now?: 1.) I am still a child 2.) Pizza 3.) DUH

92. Share a quirky habit you have. How long have you had it?: I somehow develop habits from animes...I sit like L/Near (deah note0 eat chocolate like Mello (Death NOte)

93. Have you ever been told you look like someone famous? Who?: nope

94. What's the worst thing you did as a little kid? um.. i found one of my dad's dirty magazines and i was really young

95. I really crack up when...: my friends are being awesome/insane

96. What was your most memorable birthday?: My last one because it was my brother's guitar recital

97. Fave TV show?: DEATH NOTE! FVCK YEAH!

98. Fave character from that show?: Matt or Mello. and why is.....Matt and mello=sexy and Mello's way to badass not to like. Same for Matt, but Matt's more awesome than badass.
And some of my friends say I'm just like Mello, so.....Yeah, I kinda have to like him.

99. Fave country besides your own?: Japan or Italy. But if we're talking HEtalia, just so you know, I don't really like America then too much.

100. Fave time of day?: night....although i'm a morning person....

101. What is your name?: Not to disclose. You can call me Harmony, Wrathe, Malice, Black, Zarifa, CJ, Master or Crazy Fvck. (long story behind both Crazy Fvck and Master.)


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