More Than Just A Pretty Boy: A Hideyoshi Kinoshita Love Story

I was watching Baka and Test: Summon the Beast and I got really into when when the idea hit me.

Chapter 1

The Summoning Test War

"Akane!" My friend Tameyoshi Ienari called from the back of class F. I groaned as I looked at our broken down coffee tables and old worn out cushions. 'I cant believe I got stuck in this classroom.' I thought as I made my way towards the back where my friends had waited for me. My sister would be so disappointed in me. She had came to Fumizuki Academy when she was my age and she had been assigned to class A.If I had shown up to school on the day of the placement exam,then I probably would be put in class A too. Everybody had settled down and waited for the professor to start something. I tried not to groan. But my friend Arisa Horigome didn't hesitate.
"This year is going to suck. But at least one good thing came out of it." She whispered.
"Whats good about being in a classroom full of idiots,Arisa?"
"I hear we have a probationary student. Akihisa Yoshii.Of course you cant be too surprised. This IS class F. We were bound to have one." I shrugged.She was right, I wasn't all that surprised. A boy with dirty blond hair walked in,looking exhausted.
"Yoshii,hurry up and sit down." The professor said to him. 'That must be the probationary student.How could Arisa know hes a probationary student already?' I thought to myself.
"Fine.Where do I sit?" Yoshii asked the professor. He gestured to all the seats,"Wherever you like." He told Yoshii.
"There's no seating chart?!" Yoshii asked. He seemed like an idiot. So I guess I wasn't too shocked he was a probationary student.He took a seat next to the window in the back. He started to complain about the classroom. I tried my best not to roll my eyes.The teacher had introduced himself but not long after,his shabby desk had broke in half. He left,leaving us with nothing to do. I couldn't stand this. We weren't even going to learn anything?! I look around the classroom, trying to avoid being in my friends conversation. Few people were playing around or doing whatever they liked. I saw others who were looking as bored as I was.I laid my head on the coffee table as carefully as I could, making sure it wouldn't break.
"This sucks!" Tameyoshi yelled, slamming his fist on my desk.
"Sorry.Akane. I didn't mean to." He gave me a sheepish half grin. I shook my head and turned from them trying to find a better way to entertain myself.
"ARE YOU CALLING ME AND IDIOT?!" A girl with raspberry hair had said to Yoshii as she put him into a headlock. I watched them argue. She looked like she would kill him if she had to. And she probably would have. I spotted a guy trying to take a picture of her as the breeze in the room had caused her skirt to lift slightly. She defended herself by saying she had been out of japan for a long time which made her fail her exam.
"Looks like it's pretty lively in here." another voice said as they walked in.
"Hideyoshi?" Yoshii asked as he looked up from the ground.
"I'm in this class too." Hideyoshi informed them. "Hopefully this wont suck too much."
"I can drink to that," Yoshii said adding a bunch of other useless things."Thank goodness we have a cute girl like Hideyoshi." I did a double take.
"I'm a guy." Hideyoshi told them. He did seem a bit like a girl. If it weren't for the uniform, I would have easily mistaken him for a girl. Yoshii had insulted the girl with raspberry hair and she was now breaking his back. Or at least she was until another girl walked in. She was a pretty girl with light pink hair. She seemed to recognize Yoshii the moment she saw him. I watched her make her way to the back of the classroom towards him and the others. I couldn't really make out what she was saying because her voice was soft. A draft came in and blew her skirt up slightly. The boy with the camera spurt put blood from his nose.
"That idiot." I muttered. I turned back to my friends so seemed engrossed in a conversation.
"What are you guys talking about?" I asked them. They looked at me as though I was insane.
"America!" Tameyoshi smiled. "Akane, I thought you would have noticed considering the fact that we were practically yelling."
"Oh yeah.. I forget you guys are from there." I let out a yawn and Tameyoshi laughed. "You know, I don't think that Class F is that bad. We're here together, right?"
"But we aren't learning anything! What do you think the other classes will say about us?!" That shut them up. I hung my head and got up.
"Where are you going?" Tameyoshi asked.
"Bathroom." I shrugged and made my way through the hallway.I entered the bathroom and stood in a stall leaning against the door once I had locked it.
"Did you hear about that new girl?" Somebody said. Curious, I tried to listen to what she was saying.
"Akane Ishiguro? Yeah. I hear shes pretty but dumb as a post. Class F." Another girl said.
"How pretty can she really be?" The first girl asked. I peeked through the gap in the door and could have sworn I saw Hideyoshi except in girls uniform. I shook my head and went to wash my hands. The girls looked at me suspiciously. I tried to look as calm as possible as I walked out and rushed to class. I laid on the floor with my cushion against the wall and took a nap for what seemed like 15 minutes.
"Akane! Wake up! The class rep is making us participate in a Summoner Test War against class E. Did you not hear the other guys yelling out in agreement?" I rubbed my eyes until I could see clearly.
"Obviously not." I said to him. He blushed but snickered at the same time.
"Oh..Then you didn't notice that weird kid,Tsuchiya Kouta, taking snapshots of you with your skirt hiked up like that." He averted his eyes and I pulled my skirt down. I saw Kouta in the back of the classroom on the floor bleeding profoundly through his nose. I glared at him.
"We've seized Mr.Hasegawa!" Two boys yelled from outside the classroom.
"Its starting!" Tameyoshi muttered and we waited for our signal. I saw Kouta,the girl who's name might have been Minami Shimada, and Hideyoshi go out into the hall. I heard them summon their beings. A girl,Yoshiko Mika had joined in the battle. She had attempted to beat Kouta but Minami had stopped her and caused her to lose points. A man they had called Ironman had taken her to another room for detention.
"If you want to pass,then you have to defeat us!" Hideyoshi said to class E. I smiled at his determination. Soon, more students from class E had started to summon their beings. I over heard Yoshii asking the class rep what his plan was to defeat class E. Apparently,he didn't have one. I tried my best to mask my anger. So I just kept watching the war. Class E was winning. They had brought Shimida, Kouta, and Hideyoshi's score down. Hideyoshi suggested standby for Shimida so she could take the recovery test. Kouta and Hideyoshi's points were beginning to drop as well so they had walked out of the field and started making their way to recovery. The class rep sent us outside to fight off class E as best as we could. The moment we had summoned our beings and went out on the field,they attacked.Hideyoshi muttered something inappropriate. I would have smiled if my points hadn't dropped so much. At least it wasn't zero. All I had to do was take the recovery test.
"This is bad Yuuji!" I heard Yoshii say from inside the classroom. Class E had made their way in after the last few students were down. Ironman had dragged them out for detention. I made my way to the supply room to take the recovery test.
"If you score low on this test, your summoner being will be weak.Do you want to take this test?" The teacher asked.
"Yes." I confirmed.
"What subject?"
"Health." I said,picking my best subject. I breezed through the test. I took another one just to make sure I had a high score. When I left, I saw the girl with the pink hair come out behind me. She started to run to the classroom. I was curious but decided against running after her.I had gotten to the classroom in time to see her summon her being. She didn't have any trouble beating class E's students. Her level was at 412! It was incredible. But it made me wonder why she was in class F.
"Mizuki Himeji! Don't tell're..." Class E's rep stood there, looking as confused as I felt. She was able to defeat all of class E without any help. I was proud but envious at the same time. She even took down Class E's rep. Class F had won a Summoning Test War. It seemed hard to believe. Now we were able to get class E's classroom and facilities! It wasn't all that great but it was a step up from the coffee tables and cushions. I stayed back a while to congratulate Himeji.
"No,we're not switching facilities." I heard Sakamoto say. I stopped in front of the classroom. Had we really done all that for this idiot to say we couldn't get what we were going after?! I was furious! But I stayed a while, I wanted to know what was going on.
"We'll keep what we have now.Hey,don't you think it's a good idea,Nakabyashi?" He asked class E's rep.
"Wait,why?" She asked him.
"Why,Yuuji! I mean, We won!" Yoshii said. That same girl that looked like Hideyoshi had walked into the classroom, not acknowledging my presence outside the door.
"So it's over?" She asked the group.
"Hideyoshi,why are you dressed like that? Ahh,that's it! You've finally understood the calling in your heart!" Yoshii said.
"I'm over here Akihisa." Hideyoshi said from the other side of the room.
"There are two of you?" He asked
"That's my sister." Hideyoshi informed.
"Hideyoshi is my twin brother," the girl said "I am the ambassador from class A, Yuuko Kinoshita.We,class A,declare war on you,class F." She stood there confident. I made my way to the exit and started going home.
'Why would class A declare war on us? Maybe they are just trying to get us while we are weak. I just hope that Sakamoto isn't as much of an idiot as I think he is and accepts.' I rubbed my temples as I reached my apartment. I took my shoes off and put them in the corner where I always did.
"You know, It does seem a bit rude to throw your shoes on top of other peoples shoes." The voice came from the kitchen.I sighed.
"Hello,Chiaki. How is my nephew holding up?" I asked glumly.
"Fine.With his father in London. How is school? Is class A the same way it was when I was there?" I hung my head.
"I wouldn't know," I muttered.
"So you got into class B? That's fine. I'm sure you were just a bit distracted.
"I haven't seen class B."
"Then class C! It isn't the worst but you could have done better."
"Look,Chiaki,I was put in class F!" I saw her face fall. She grabbed a handful of her hair.
"Class F?" She was frustrated. "How are you supposed to live on your own if you can hardly keep up your studies?!"
"Class F isn't all that bad! We were in a Summoning Test War and we beat class E!" I was fuming. She thought I wasn't good enough. I knew she would.
"It doesn't matter! I came here because I wanted to take good news to your nephew. He was excited to hear about how well you were doing in school! I wanted you to set a good example for him!"
"Maybe YOU should be the one setting an example!" She grabbed her coat and walked to the door.She looked over her shoulder.
"I cant believe my sister turned out to be an idiot!" she stormed out of my apartment. I slammed the door and noticed how much of an idiot she really was. She didn't even take her shoes in her haste. I threw them out my bedroom window.I went to check the mail. My parents had sent me some money. Not that I needed it. I worked part time at a diner around the school on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, And Sundays. After school I would go to the diner to work.I loved my job and I loved school. And living on my own gave me time to myself on my off days. So it isn't like I needed her anyways.
"Stop worrying about it." I told myself as I took a shower. My mind began to travel back to school. My second home. Hideyoshi seemed to pop into my mind often. Hideyoshi seemed nice and smart and talented. I was starting to get tired. I finished taking a shower and got dressed feeling heavy. I brushed my teeth slowly. My eyelids seemed to have a mind of their own. Every time I blinked it seemed like a minute would pass until I could open my eyes again. Soon I was in the comfort of my bed. I laid there,sleepy. Falling slowly into a deep sleep.


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