The American Snake ( a Draco Malfoy love story part 3)

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Chapter 1

This is not happening? Is It?

by: mikaykai
Just as i was coming out of my bathroom, there was a knock on the door. As i walked to the door, i heard voices. i knew one was draco's but i couldn't figure out who the others were. I opened the door and Draco was standing there alone.
"Hey Faith. are you ready?" he did his little crooked smile that i love. i smiled back and said "yes." i left my room and locked the door.
While walking to dinner, draco held my hand. his hands were warm and soft. his eyes gleamed every time i looked into them. when we walked into the great hall, half of the slytherin house was there, staring at us with faces of different emotions. Some were knowing, others murderous. Draco ignored everybody, but i suddenly felt a wave of self consciousness.
we sat down in our usual seats. but instead of blaise sitting across from me, Pansy was there glaring at our little pda. power radiated off of her shoulders. I was starting to fear my new relationship with Draco, because Pansy had something that could destroy it.
Knowing i felt scared of her, she gave me a sinister smile. her pearled teeth gleamed behind red lips. I looked away, breaking eye contact before something would happen.
"So Draco, how are you?" Pansy flitted her fake eyelashes as if they were real. Draco looked at her with a puzzled expression. "I'm okay, i guess." Blaise came walking in. he was one of the last people from Slytherin who sat down. he saw Pansy in his seat. but sat next to her without any hesitation.
A couple minutes later, after everybody was seated, Dumbledore stood at the podeum and greeted all of us.He also gave a few announcements regarded our classes, which are supposed to start tomorrow. Apparently they will not be starting for another week. he concluded his announcements and we all ate dinner. other than Pansy flirting with Draco, it was okay.
After we all finished, Draco and I walked to the dorms alone. we walked hand in hand down the corridor. he would always note when i had something on my mind because i would stop talking. one thing i noticed was that he wasn't taking me to the dorms. instead we ended up in front of a massive, empty wall.
"where are we? We're gonna get in trouble." i really didn't want to get into trouble. "Close your eyes." was all draco said. So i did. "Now, why do you like me?" I was taken surprised by the question, but i answered any way.
"well... your hot, obviously. Um. Something about you makes you seem like you have a soft side, even though you're clearly the school bad boy." i stopped, not knowing what to say next. i could tell he stopped walking, but i didn't know where he went.
Suddenly, I felt hands around my waist and a chuckle behind me. I could feel a panic attack coming, but then i realized that the chuckle came from draco. I turned around to face him as he kept his hands around my waist.
"Come on, that can't be all you like about me. there must be something else." he looked at me, wanting to know what i was thinking. i looked deeply into those steely blue eyes and realized two major reasons why i liked him. 1. he didn't judge me at all when i first met him, and 2. he reminds me of what i used to be like before my parents died. Over-confident, well-known to everyone, easy-going. he was an English boy version of me. "You remind me of what I used to be like before I came here."
As soon as I said that, i heard a low rumbling from the wall. i turned to see a giant door over looking us. Draco grabbed my hand and led me through the door. Inside was a room. An empty room. i looked around the room confused. Why would Draco bring me here?
"Has anybody ever told you that when you get nervous or anxious, your hair will change color?" Draco asked the question with all seriousness. My mother and other people who have seen me nervous thought it was just a trick of the light. at least thats what my father implied whenever someone brought it up.
"No," i lied. i didn't want to people to think something was wrong with me. he just looked at me. i could tell he was thinking of something. i didn't know what though.
"What? Why are you just staring at me? And why the h.3.l.l are we here?" he just kept staring at me. he started towards me, reaching his hand for mine. he looked deep into my eyes and leaned his head in. i closed my eyes and felt his soft lips press into mine. his hand grazed my arm and somehow reached behind my neck, his other hand wrapping aroung my waist. my hands found their way up his back and tangled themselves in Draco's golden hair. I pressed my body close to his, not wanting this moment to end. His lips parted from mine to allow us both to breathe. Somehow, in the midst of the kiss, we moved from standing up to lying on the couch. we were both breathing heavy staring at each other. his eyes were bright against the dim lighting in the room. i heard something outside the door. it was talking. Draco was frozen on top of me. As the voices drifted away, me and Draco got up. i put an invisibility charm on me and draco as he opened the door to check if it was okay to leave without getting caught. As soon as he gave me a signal that the coast was clear, we both booked it.
when we arrived at the dorms, Draco said the password and we ran in. the common room was empty. there was a low fire. it burned green to silver and back again. the clock told us it was 11:00 at night. that meant everyone was asleep and the house masters were going to be checking in now. Draco looked at me,knowing Snape would be here soon. we both ran to our rooms. my heart was pumping as i shut the door. Hoot was in her cage, obviously awakened by me slamming the door shut. i went over to her and gave her a treat. i didn't keep her in the owlery because i knew she never got along with other female owls. she calmed down after the second treat and fell back asleep. i got ready for bed when i noticed something was wrong. i looked around to see if something was missing. my room was exactly they way it was before i left for dinner. I turned toward the window when i saw a hooded figure on my bed. Frozen with anxiety, i couldn't even reach for my wand. i recognized the robe as a deatheater's. I'm gonna die, was all i could think.
"Surprised?' The hooded figure stood up and revealed himself. He looked familiar with his long blond hair and power radiating off of him. I looked around the room trying to find a place to escape.
"No need for escape. I'll be leaving soon. i just came to inform you that when the time comes, the dark lord will come with it and you cannot do anything to stop it." His thick british accent was a mask, smoothing the danger in the words he said.
"What does he want from me?" i nearly yelled. I had already lost both of my parents to you-know-who, what else does he want?
"Look into your family's history. The answer should be there." is all he said before he vanished in thin air.
My anxiety had gotten the best of me, and everything went black.


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