Is It Lust Or Love? A Draco Malfoy Love Story

Is It Lust Or Love? A Draco Malfoy Love Story

What do you do if you suddenly find youself kissing your worst enemy? What if everyone you know and respect hates him? Is he just playing with your head? Is you relationship even going to work? What would you do if your friends and family stopped talking to you? Will they disinherit you?

Chapter 2

Staring evil in the eyes...

by: Cosmiic
*Jessie's P.O.V*
The Weasley's clattered into Kings cross Station.
"Fred, George you go first." Said mum. They ran at the wall in between platforms nine and ten.
"Hermione, Harry, you go next darlings!" They ran at the wall and disappeared.
"Ginny, Ron, Jessie. you go next!"
"She always picks us last!" I whispered to Ron and Ginny. They giggled. We ran at the wall. I always get scared. What if a Muggle sees us? What if I don't go through like Harry and Ron a few years ago? I can tell Ginny feels the same. We know each other so well; we can always tell what the other is thinking!

"Hello Ginny, hello Ron, hello Harry, hello Hermione, hello Jessie!" Said Neville, looking at each of us in turn and for some reason looking at me the longest and the hardest. Did he know something I didn't?
"Hi Neville!" We all said together. Everyone was quiet. "Did you do anything nice in the holiday?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation rolling.
"Oh" he stuttered now not looking at me!? What was up? "I, well I... No, no nothing." He mumbled. Suddenly he brightened up "I DO have a surprise to show you all when we get on the train!"

We entered the Hogwarts Express, me and Ginny gossiping all the way! When we found a compartment we sat down and Ginny started on my hair. We love our hair. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Neville and Kim came in just as she was brushing a particularly stubborn knot. When Ginny brushes your hair she takes about 20 minutes on each piece!
"What was the surprise, Neville?" Asked Hermione.
"This!" He said and he produced a small, Trevor sized woolly jumper! We burst out laughing! "Look! It really fits him!" He smiled. Ginny carried on brushing.
The second she'd finished Fred and George stood up.
"Right! We're off!" Said Fred dusting himself off.
"Off where?" Hermione and Ginny asked together.
"To prank some Slytherins! Duh!" Said George pulling a weird face. Hermione only tried feebly to restrain them.
We whiled away the rest of the time playing Wizard Chess and swapping Chocolate Frog Cards. Suddenly Neville jumped up.
"No! Trevor!" He cried as Trevor jumped out of compartment. The others ran out the door after Neville and the frog.

I dug out my mirror from the other things that had been thrown in at random inside my trunk. I looked good. I'm one of those people who have serious off days, but if I really make an effort, I can look quite good. Sometimes. I suddenly felt a lot less beautiful when I saw who was standing behind me...

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