Is It Lust Or Love? A Draco Malfoy Love Story

Is It Lust Or Love? A Draco Malfoy Love Story

What do you do if you suddenly find youself kissing your worst enemy? What if everyone you know and respect hates him? Is he just playing with your head? Is you relationship even going to work? What would you do if your friends and family stopped talking to you? Will they disinherit you?

Chapter 3

I couldn't help but laugh...

by: Cosmiic
*Jessie's P.O.V*
I dropped the mirror and it hit the ground, shattering into tiny piece, I groaned. Draco Malfoy was standing in the doorway.
"What do you want?" I said through gritted teeth, not looking at him.
"Repairo!" He cried, all the tiny fragments of mirror joined together. I spun round to look at him.

*Draco's P.O.V*
She turned around to face me. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her eyes almond shape, bright emerald and glowing, her lips perfectly shaped and blood red, skin pale and seamless, her hair soft and glistening ginger. Oh god, what would father say!? A Weasley...

*Jessie's P.O.V*
"WHAT!?" I say, the words muffled through my gritted teeth.
"I... you... nothing!" He said, then left. Five seconds later he came and poked his white blonde head round the door "and... Umm, your ugly! Yeah, really, really ugly... So there!" And strutted off with his nose in the air. I laughed so hard I fell back on the chair. Everyone came in and of course they asked why I was going retarded. After I got my breath back, I told them, well roughly anyway:
"Malfoy-door! Ugly! Haaaaaaaaa! So there!" I spluttered.
"Come again?" Said Fred.
"Yeah, I didn't quite catch that last bit!" Said George.
"I did!" said Ginny and Hermione "Malfoy was in the doorway" Said Ginny.
"And he as saying "Your ugly so there!" Hermione in a matter-of-fact way.
"And Jessie is basically dying laughing!" Finished Ginny.
"Yeah!" Said Liz with looking slightly left out.
"Must be a chick thing!" Ron whispered to Harry, George, Neville and Fred, they giggled.

We pulled on our robes and got ready to leave the Hogwarts Express. As we were walking out I saw Malfoy, he caught my eye and hastily looked away. I couldn't help but laugh!
I was called over to the carriage Liz, Mazie and Eve were in, we all talked about our holidays and it turned out that Liz was now a big sister!
"May is four weeks old!" She told us excitedly "and she's so cute! She has this little fat pink face and a titchy blue dress! So cute!" She blabbed. I switched off and thought about food.
Hogwarts loomed ahead, It was so beautiful with all the windows lit up...
We trudged into the Great Hall, I felt so hungry my head was hurting. The first years looked so small and terrified. I waved at some to make them feel better and suddenly out or the row jumped Anne! Anne is Mazie's little sister, she jumped on me and hugged me. Hard. Finally she let go.
"JESSIE!" She cried
"Hi Anne! Look, okay when you put the Sorting Hat on you gotta think Gryffindor, okay? I'll save you a seat!" We high-fived and I went to sit at the Gryffindor table, making sure Anne had a seat next to me.
"Jessie... I hate to break this to you but... I think you have a secret admirer!" Said Fred looking over at Anne who was still beaming at me. I rolled my eyes and did bunny ears over Fred's head. Anne fell into hopeless giggles!

Hello! Thank you for reading, it really helps! All the comments are positive, everything you do is amazing! Thanks guys! Okay, sorry if it sucked! Don't expect them to fall in love straight away! they probably will somewhere between chapter 4-6! Keep reading! Thanks guys!
~~~~ Cara Xxxx

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