The NaRuTo life!!!! GiRlS OnLy SoRrY bOyS

The NaRuTo life!!!! GiRlS OnLy SoRrY bOyS

o.k this is my first story! Go EaSy On Me!!!!!!
BTW that girl is you ( in the story )


Chapter 1

Destiny Mato is the one with no tears

Im Destiny, of the Mato clan and i use to live in the Rain Village. I had a dream tho that dream wouldnt matter now, after all that has happend. My mum & Dad turned into a leaf and a stone, the last words that they said was " the damage is done there's no going back ". I had a brother, Yahiko but when i got kicked into the leaf village, he didnt bother to say anything, my older brother didnt care. The Mato family has a curse, nobody in the Mato family has ever cried, never, so i don't feel sad,or i don't feel pain for anyone, no pity. In the leaf village i was kept inside for 3 weeks for the " damage ". im now aloud outside village, people stare at me, i stare back, lady tsunde said im now addmitted in the ninja acadamy.

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