Four Champions.Three Schools. One Big Love Quarrel. (A Twisted HP Love Story)

An amazing group story from IHeartHogwarts and Weasley_Twins_4Eva!

"Je t'aimerai jusqu'à ce que mon cœur cesse de battre."

Chapter 1

The Life of a Queen Isn't For Me

-Antionette Aubrey Celestine


-1/4 Part Veela, Pure-Blood

-Somewhat Dirty Blonde, Straight, A Little past the Shoulder Length Hair. Almost Aqua Blue Eyes. (Picture link at the bottom and picture for the chapter)
Short, Petite.

-Wand- 13 1/4 Veela Hair, Vine Wood. Flexible


"Antoinette Aubrey Celestine! Brunch is starting to become cold, dear!" a sweet, Frennh, angelic voice called sweetly up the long, winding stairs to me in my grand bedroom.
"Coming Mother!" I yelled back.
I whisked my hand furiously in delicate loops on the filled parchment sitting in front of me, finishing my remaining sentence.

I give you much luck for the tournament tonight. And ofcourse, I'll be in the stands cheering for you. Remember? I'm you're good luck charm! Who ever said the French can't cheer on Bulgaria, anyway?

Antoinette Celestine

I jumped up, folding the letter in the process, kissing the front before shoving it in a light pink envelope, repeating the same routine.

The white owl sitting on my window-sill cocked it's head to the side. I smiled at it, patting it's fluffy feathered head. Her eyes closed in delight before gently taking the letter in my hand.
"You know who this goes to. Right, Daisey?" I asked the owl as if it could speak. But the bird simply flew out the opened window towards my Pen-Pal Love, as I call it.

I sighed, starting towards the door, petting the large tabby cat sitting on my Queen-sized, four poster bed of fine light blue silk.

Hey, they match!

The lazy cat lifted it's head slightly, purring before I walked out of my bedroom and down the stairs.
"Toni, you really must hurry next time. You're ginormous cat just about ate you're food!" Father said amused as I took my regular spot at the hug rectangle table in an empty, echo-ing Dining Hall, my seat spot in the middle.
Before I could respond, a frazzled, short, beautiful, very light blonde woman stormed in, heels clicking as she did so.
"Le nerf de gens ces jours-ci!" (The nerve of people these days!) she spoke in French, plopping down one of the seats on the far edges.
Sitting up straighter, I began slowly and properly eating the food set on my plate as a house elf filled my glass.
"What is it dear?" My father asked her, sounding as if he didn't care what-so-ever but asked to please her. She didn't notice.

"Eh bien, le ministre a demandé nous sommes assis dans sa loge à la Coupe. Et bien sûr, un sang-traître a été invité! Un Weasley dans le ministère est assez mauvais! Maintenant nous devons nous asseoir avec leurs semblables?!?" (Well, the Minister requested we sit in his box at the Cup. And ofcourse, a blood-traitor was invited! A Weasley in the Ministry is bad enough! Now we have to sit with their kind?) She screeched out, sounding as if it were all one sentence, in French none the less.

"Mum, must you always speak in French?" I asked, rolling my eyes. French was always used around the house. I had to say spells in French. Ask my parents for something in French or else I didn't get what I needed. I went to a French school that the girls only no simple English sayings. I couldn't avoid the language at all.
"Maman? Vous allez me répondre que la mère comme tout autre dame française jeune. Non ma fille sera l'utilisation du mot détritus de maman!" (Mum? You will address me as Mother like every other young French lady. No daughter of mine will be using the rubbish word of Mum!) Mum yelled back, talking in the language I just so wanted to get away from. "And yes. I will speak in French if I see it fit! Everyone here understands French correct?" Her grey eyes looked at me sucpiciously.
I nodded my head bobbingly and went back to my Brunch. "Oui m'dame." (Yes ma'am.)

After several minutes of silence, Mother opened her mouth to speak again.
"Besides the horrid Weasleys', another wizarding family will be attending also." She looked back and forth, merrily, between my Father and I. "Either of you can't guess? It's the Malfoys! Oh, Antoinette you must remeber them, don't you!"

I shook my head, confused. If Mum liked these people, I knew I would hate them. Although my Mother hated muggles, I quite enjoyed them. So does Father, but if she ever found out, we'ed be Avada Kedavra us both. They were so interesting! The weird contrapitions they come up with!

"Well, they have a son about you're age I believe, possibly a year younger. He's a handsome young lad from what I can remeber of him! Narcissa Malfoy, I haven't seen her in ages! Her and I really need to catch up! Joshua, you remeber Lucius don't you? I remeber you two getting along quite well!" She looked at my Father from the long distance across from eachother at the table.

Dad raised his eyebrows quickly, a sign of disgust on his face. "Ofcourse I remeber him!" My Mother was pleased with the answer and smiled happily.
I heard my Father mumble under his breath, "Je déteste que l'homme avec une passion...(I hate that man with a passion..)."
I let out a giggle as my Mother looked back in his direction.
"What was that dear?" She asked curiously, still very jolly at talking about the Malfoys .
"Oh, nothing darling! So, back to the Malfoys. You said they were going to the Cup, correct?" He asked, sneaking a smile at me before shoving food in his mouth, followed by an annoyed look even at the name Malfoy.

"Oh, yes! And they're even joining us in the Minister's Box! Isn't that just lovely ? We can all catch up like old friends! And Antointette can become friends with Draco! What a very lovely couple of lovebirds you would make!" Mother clapped her hands together, jumping for joy in her seat.
I groaned slightly, "Mother, may I ask one thing of you?"
She gave me a slightly annoyed stare, "Ask the right way and I actually might respond."

I sighed, clearing my thought for French, "Je souhaite que vous m'appeler par mon prénom maintenant, Aubrey. Il est beaucoup plus courte et plus compréhensible." (I wish that you would call me by my middle name now, Aubrey. It's much shorter and more understandable.) I looked down at my plate, giving her a second long pleading look.

After a few seconds that seemed like hours, she responded.
"Aubrey? Eh bien, je dois dire. C'est un joli nom aussi, car nous lui avons donné vous. Vous êtes le Père l'a choisi. Mais, Antoinette est beaucoup plus poli et dame-like. Aubrey sons que comme une fille qui joue à ce jeu de Quidditch vermeil. Vous êtes une dame. Il suffit de penser, lorsque vous vous présentez à quelqu'un, dont le nom sonne plus belle et élégante? Aubrey ou Antoinette? D'autres devraient très haute opinion de vous. Et avec un nom comme Antoinette, ils vont image que vous en tant que reine."
(Aubrey? Well, I have to say. That's a lovely name also, since we gave it you. You're Father chose it. But, Antoinette is much more polite and lady-like. Aubrey sounds as like a girl who plays that ruddy game of Quidditch. You are a lady. Just think, when you present yourself to someone, which name sounds more beautiful and elegant? Aubrey or Antoinette? Others should think highly of you. And with a name like Antoinette, they will picture you as the Queen.) She said simply, giving me a winning smile and getting up from the table, leaving the room, the clack of her heels filling my head.

I sighed heavily, slouching down like normal in my seat.

My Dad screeched his chair backwards against the wooden-floor. He collected his plates himself, unlike my Mother who left her for the poor House-elves.

"You know, Toni. Aubrey is a great name. Don't tell you're Mother but I prefer it much more than Antoinette . That's just a mouthful. Have you looked up the meaning to Aubrey before?" My Dad had appeared in the seat across from my, grinning slightly.
I shook my head, suddenly interested and wodering about why I had never thought about it before.
His grin grew even wider. "I thought it was the perfect name. You're Mother took some convincing though. It means Blonde Ruler . Isn't it just perfect? You're Mum has now clue though. That makes it ever so more fun!"

I laughed and cleared my area up.

Unlike most girls who loved their Mother and told them everything, my Dad took the place of my Mum in that department. I told him anything and everything. Except for boys. I rarely told anyone that except for a few friends at school. Fleur Delacour was my best friend and I did tell her what ever is going on in my love life.
Currently, that love-life was very VERY complicated. But right now the only thing on my mind was getting ready for the 422'nd Quidditch World Cup, and Blonde Rulers.

"Antoinette! Vous avez cinq secondes avant de nous quitter sans vous!"(You have five seconds before we leave without you!) My Mother yelled up the steps at me again.
I pulled on the holey pair of jeans in my hand and rushed down the stairs, pulling on my sneakers on my way down.

"Alright! Alright! I'm ready!" I smiled brightly but it fell when I saw my Mother's look of disapproval.

" What are you wearing?"

"Jeans? A tee-shirt?" I replied as if I was talking to someone from a different planet.

" Jeans? A tee-shirt? Muggle clothes! Antoinette! After I told you we would be sitting in the Minister's Box with other wizarding families? Muggle clothes would bring dis-grace to the Celestine name!" She frantically shouted as I winced back.

"Alright Evangeline. That's enough. Aubrey's clothes are fine. That's what evryone wears to this sort of event." My Father cut in.

"Joshua, do you know what the Minister would think of us if she showed up in that ?" She turned from facing him and faced me instead. In the blink of an eye, Mum rose and waved her wand in my direction.

a second later, I opened my eyes from when I had tightly shut them and peered down at my new outfit.

My worn-out sneakers were now replaced with tiny heeled black shoes over black tights that I knew I would be cold in. I felt on top of my head, grabbing a light blue peaked witch's hat off of it. I felt the cold shade of black, in a cape form around my shoulders, reaching to about my knees in the back. The cape had a single button on the top front so the rest just flowed. I finally looked at where my jeans and tee-shirt had vanished from. Again , I saw the same shade of light blue as the hat, but in a tight dress form. It fit perfectly with a nice, clean sewn bottom. Going up from the bottom and stopping in the middle of my stomach from right to across to the left, two flaps layered on top of eachother, pressed firmly layed down. The scoop neck had the same layered pattern but with only one. On the left sleeve, a big layer, starting from the back and going to about the bottom of my chest.
It was an adorable dress. But I couldn't give her the satisfaction of thinking I liked and outfit she gave me.

"Perfect! Now you're presentable! Let's get going! Port-keys don't wait forever!"
Mother clapped her hands together and walked out the huge wooden doors.

Dad and I sighed at the same time, then began to laugh together.
"I hope you'll be alright in that. You know you're Mom and her constant nagging of perfect everything. Besides, Veelas can wear anything, as you're Mom says." He stated plainly.

I laughed, agreeing and nodding my head. "It'll do. Don't tell Mum but I actually think it's adorable. But if it makes her happy, I'll sit through it."

Dad grinned, hugging me with one arm as we walked towards the door. "Well, don't you tell Mother this, but I'll wave my wand and change it for ya'. Really, I thought you're muggle outfit was quite, how do you say, very, fashionable ?"

I laguhed, hugging him with both arms, "Thanks, Dad."

"You're very welcome, Aubrey ."

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