Four Champions.Three Schools. One Big Love Quarrel. (A Twisted HP Love Story)

An amazing group story from IHeartHogwarts and Weasley_Twins_4Eva!

"Je t'aimerai jusqu'à ce que mon cœur cesse de battre."

Chapter 10


"Isn't this place cool? A lot different than our prison back home!" Sebastien gushed.
The nearest Hogwarts students looked at him strangely for his choice of words.
"It is nice to have a change of scenery." I agreed.
The Beaxbatons were all sitting at table, mixed in with Hogwarts students in the house of Ravenclaw. Everyone was digging into the large feast after a short speech from their Headmaster.
Students peered at our group and we looked at them too. Major differences in all three of the schools were obvious. And this resulted in the groups staring at each other curiously.
"Are you liking it, Noel?" I asked the small girl between us.
She looked up from stabbing her food, looking quickly to the unknown students, and then back to meet my eyes. Simply nodding, Noel gave a yes.
"Is your school a lot different?"
I looked over at the Ravenclaw boy who broke the awkward silence. Most of the people at the table were now looking at the unexpected noise.
"Excuse me?" I asked.
"Austin Walker, I was just wondering if your school was very different." Austin explained.
"Aubrey Celestine and yes, it is very different. Pleasure to meet you, by the way."
I flashed him a smile, causing him to blush slightly and grin at his friends.
"Damn Veelas." Sebastien muttered.
I smacked his arm and continued eating.
Fluer was talking animatedly a few seats down, comparing their school poorly to ours.
"Did you see that Krum's here?" Sebastien asked.
"The Quidditch player?"
"Who else?"
About a table over, among big brutes, there was the dazzling Krum. Girls around him were practically fainting at his feet.
"I guess he doesn't know I'm here." I whispered to myself.
"What was that?" Sebastien wondered.
"Oh nothing."
A few of the students mingled a little more, I joined in a few times.
"You two are a cute couple." One of the girls I was talking to declared, gesturing to Sebastien and I.
"Us? Oh no-"
"Thank you."
I looked at him strangely as he wrapped an arm around me.
The girls giggled, whispering among themselves.
"Why did you stop me from-"
"Look, isn't that the boy you were talking about earlier? Ceasar, wasn't it?" He said, cutting me off again.
I rolled my eyes.
"Its Cedric, and this discussion isn't over. But I'll go and say hello. Be right back." I stated.
About a table over, Cedric was talking with his fellow Hufflepuff friends, I learned. I walked up, tapping him on his shoulder.
"Hi Cedric. I'm not sure if you remember me-"
"Aubrey, I remember you." He said smiling.
"Oh, well I just came over to say hello. Sorry to intrude on your conversation." I apologized, smiling apologetically at the boys around him who were staring.
"Oh its fine. You can sit, if you like." Cedric offered.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"'Course! Any friend of Cedric's is a friend of ours!" A boy next to Cedric said, scooting over to make room.

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