Four Champions.Three Schools. One Big Love Quarrel. (A Twisted HP Love Story)

An amazing group story from IHeartHogwarts and Weasley_Twins_4Eva!

"Je t'aimerai jusqu'à ce que mon cœur cesse de battre."

Chapter 2

It's a pleasure to meet you

-Fae Meryl Walker



-Chestnut long wavy hair, bright green eyes, average height, pale. (picture)

-Wand- 11 1/2, Ebony Wood, Unicorn Hair, Quite Flexible


'Fae Meryl Walker, you better get down here soon or I'll kill you.' My sixteen year old twin brother Jude screamed from downstairs. Great start of your day. That's one thing I can tell you.

'I'm coming you stupid moron, can't a girl just dress herself properly? I mean I know you're excited but hey, do you want that Cedric sees me when I look like a hobo?' I yelled back. There was a silence downstairs.

'Fae Meryl Walker, behave yourself and talk properly. And get down now, Cedric will arrive in an hour and you still need to eat breakfast and pack your bag!' My mum interfered. I sighed, I was really looking forward to the 422'nd Quidditch World Cup to be honest but the thing was that I was extremely horrified by the fact that my family was going to meet my boyfriend, Cedric Diggory.

I quickly walked down the stairs to avoid more tension in my wizarding home. The stairs cracked as I walked downstairs. It made me think. Oh yeah for the ones that had been wondering if I was an ordinary girl, no I'm not. Want to know why? Basically the only explanation I have is that I'm half witch, half muggle (read: a non-magical person). Sixteen years ago I was born in a not so ordinary family. My mum was a witch and my dad was a muggle. Since six years I'm attending a wizarding school. Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Both my brothers, Jude and Austin, are attending Hogwarts as well. Jude is in his sixth year, just like me since we're twins, and Austin is in his fourth year. Enough information I guess?

As I walked into the dining room my whole family was sitting around the wooden table and they looked up from what they were doing instantly.

'Finally there you are.' My mother cried out, 'we've been waiting for you forever. When will Cedric arrive?'

I shrugged since I wasn't really interested. It wasn't that I didn't like Cedric anymore or something like that, it was just that I was so nervous about the fact he was coming over in about half an hour.

'He told me he would be here in half an hour. Relax okay?' I told my mum. 'And for all of you, act normal. Please don't make a fool of me. You heard me?' I continued when I wandered my eyes from my dad to Jude to Austin and then my eyes rested upon my mum. 'Don't you dare.' I repeated.

'Relax Fae, like I ever made a fool of you before? I mean I'm always helping you out and stuff.' Austin protested. I loved Austin even if he was a bit pompous at times. Austin was really smart, that's why he got sorted into Ravenclaw just like my mum was. Jude and I were both sorted into Gryffindor when we attended Hogwarts. I decided to sit down and enjoy my breakfast. Cedric could arrive any time soon.

Forty-five minutes had passed by but there still wasn't a sign of Cedric. My Cedric. I wondered if he still would come.

'Don't you panic Fae, he will be here any minute lovely!' My father reassured me. He petted my head softly like he always did when I was nervous or scared.

I loved my family loads. They were always there for me when I needed them and they comforted me whenever they could. Like the time when I was in love with George Weasley and George rejected me, I was totally heartbroken but my family helped me get through it. We are all really close to one another.

It just did hurt that Cedric still wasn't here. I mean, I hadn't seen him since the holiday started even though we had written loads of letters, I missed him loads and loads. Pretty obvious in my opinion.

I couldn't stand the waiting anymore therefore I walked upstairs. I remembered I still got some letters from Cedric saying how much he loved me. While I opened the bottom drawer of my desk my cat Gizmo nuzzled against my leg. He was the sweetest. Finally I found what I had been looking for.

Dear Fae,
I would love to go to the Quidditch World Cup together.
It's going to be Bulgaria versus Ireland.
If your parents will let you go, I'm going to pick you up on the 20th of August at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
That's two days before the game.
My father has great spots!
See you soon.

I sighed out of frustration. Why wasn't he still here? Did he want to break up or something? Didn't he like me anymore? So many question were flying through my head, yet there wasn't an answer for a single one of them. Well the only thing I could do was wait. And wait. And wait. And wait longer than that.

As soon as the doorbell rang I ran as quickly downstairs as possible, and I headed towards the door immediately. My mum and dad were first though and they opened the door before I was there.

'Hello ma'am, sir. I'm Cedric Diggory and I'm picking up your lovely daughter.' I heard Cedric say.

Gosh I loved his voice so much. A extremely big smile spread across my face. I didn't just love his voice. I loved the boy itself too. I giggled and my parents stepped aside. Now I saw him finally. My Cedric. I ran towards him, since I didn't care what my parents thought of it, and I hugged him. Cedric hugged me back as tightly as possible. Now I finally realized how much I had really missed him.

'I've missed you, Fae.' Cedric whispered into my ear like he could read my mind.

'I've missed you too.' I told him while I wept a tear away. 'Nice to meet you mister Diggory.' I said to Cedric's father as Cedric released me from his tight hug.

'It's a pleasure to meet you Fae. I've heard a lot about you! And please call me Amos.' Mister Diggory told me.

'Good things I suppose?' I questioned while I laughed.

Mister Diggory nodded and he put a smile on his face as well. Then Mr. Diggory whispered something in Cedric's ear and Cedric smiled at that.

'I told you dad, I told you she's amazing and extremely pretty.' He then said while he gave me a wink. My cheeks reddened. I wasn't really good at taking compliments, they made me blush but most of all they made me nervous. Uncomfortable I shuffled my feet. He should stop paying me those compliments I thought. He's the one that should get an enormous amount of compliments every single day.

My happy feeling inside grew bigger than it had ever been. I liked Cedric's family now already and I was extremely proud to be his girlfriend since he was an extremely handsome, loyal and popular boy. There were also negative sides of these personality traits of course, a lot of girls at Hogwarts liked him. I didn't blame them, nevertheless I could be quite jealous at times even though I tried to hide it, Cedric knew about it.

Both my parents seemed to like Cedric a lot. And they did seem to like Amos Diggory as well. I thought it was a bit weird to call Mr. Diggory, Amos. That's why I didn't, even though he insisted of calling him Amos. I mean, maybe he's going to be my father-in-law, this means I have to make an excellent impression on him. Not that I'm such a decent girl. Actually I'm a bit of a tomboy but hey, people seem to like me just the way I am, so why should I change myself?

During our parents conversation a big feeling of impatience grew bigger inside my chest. I wanted to leave to the Quidditch World Cup. I love quidditch, especially when I played it myself. I'm a chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team myself. This year I supported Ireland even though I loved Viktor Krum. He was the best seeker in the world.

'I see the young people here are getting impatient.' I heard my father say. Thank God dad. Finally you seem to get my hints. I want to leave I thought.

'Well then we shall go, we need to catch our portkey anyways! We will be travelling with the portkey in Stoatshead Hill. The Weasleys will be travelling with us as well.' Mr Diggory rambled.

Great, I have to travel with George. This is just beyond awesome. I made such a fool of myself when I admitted I loved him. Luckily I had Cedric to go with me so I supposed everything would be fine. I hoped.

My parents let us out and they wished me good luck. Cedric and I discussed about who would win the World Cup.

'I bet Ireland is going to win.' I reported Cedric. I was so sure of it. Cedric nodded his head.

'Yeah I think so too but Bulgaria has Krum you know. And he's the best seeker in the world!' Cedric added.

'Oooh you've got a man crush Diggory?' I teased Cedric.

'No I have not, since I have the biggest crush on you Fae.' Cedric said denying while he put his arm around my shoulder. Then we finally reached the portkey. I said an awkward hey to the Weasleys. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were joined by them. We were friends but because of the George thing I still felt awkward for some reason.

Soon I started talking to Harry and Ron. We discussed about who we think should win. Ron had developed a man crush on Krum as well. Krum had put a spell on all quidditch fans. That was my conclusion.

'Come on Fae, grab the portkey before it's too late.' I heard Mr Weasley cry out. I had been staring at Harry, something was different about him. I don't know what. Anyway I hadn't been paying attention. Just like I always did. As fast as I could I grabbed the old boot which was supposed to be the portkey.

It felt like I wanted to throw up. Honestly, this was one of the most horrible feelings in the world. Suddenly I fell on the ground and the throw up feeling disappeared instantly. I saw Cedric, Mr Diggory and Mr Weasley walking in the air. It seemed cool and I felt like such a loser for falling onto the cold ground. Cedric smiled as he grabbed my hand to help me up.

'It's your first time, don't you worry and don't be embarrassed.' He told me. I loved the way he comforted me.

'Look at all the banners. This is great. This is amazing. Wow.' Harry cried out as he observed the camping field. I turned around an my jaw dropped. I loved being a witch. Seriously, this was amazing.

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