Four Champions.Three Schools. One Big Love Quarrel. (A Twisted HP Love Story)

An amazing group story from IHeartHogwarts and Weasley_Twins_4Eva!

"Je t'aimerai jusqu'à ce que mon cœur cesse de battre."

Chapter 3

Smirks, Mud-bloods & Blood-Traitors.

I felt the air go gently by me, kicking my legs slowly as we came down from the sky and towards the ground after letting go off the portkey.
My heel, only about an inch, sank down completely when we landed on the soggy, wet grass.
" Oof! " I mumbled, trying to catch up with my parents as they started to walk away.

They stopped abundtly on the spot, the shouting and loud talk of witches and wizards alike pounded in my head.
"This is it," my Father half-whispered, a smile spreading across his face.

"the 422'nd Quidditch Cup."

"Woah..." was the only word to escape my mouth.
"Evangeline? Oi, dear! Over here!" A shrill voice that reminded me so much of my Mother's called out to us as we pushed through the crowd of people.
"Narcissa? Dear! I haven't seen you in forever!" My Mum pushed past a few people to a clear area where a blonde, pale family stood away from everyone else.
My Dad and I followed slowly behind, not wanting to meet these people.

"Aubrey! Joshua! Hurry up so I can introduce you all!" Mum said. We finally came to where they were standing.
"Narcissa, this is my family." The smile the blonde woman wore wasn't warm and inviting. But rather, questioning and judging, thinking of what she thought of us. "My husband, Joshua, you remember him don't you?" She nodded, looking him over then shaking his hand with her gloved one. "And my beautiful daughter Antoinette. Just think, last time you saw her, she barely knew how to talk! And now she knows fluent French! Isn't that right dear?"

"Does she?" Narcissa asked, sounding intrigued.
I nodded my head, bored and only wanting to see the Match. "Oui m'dame. Maintenant, si tu pouvais arrêter de jouer gentil et essayer d'apprendre tous les détails à propos de nous ..." (Yes ma'am. Now, if you could stop playing nice and trying to learn every detail about us...)
Mother shot me a warning look that went unnoticed by Mrs. Malfoy. What I had said went right over her head, not understanding a word.
She was smiling as if I just complimented her. "Splendid! Not many people know French. That would be a wonderful skill for Draco to learn here."

Meanwhile, while we were talking about the language of French, Dad was politely introducing himself to Mr.Malfoy and their son, Draco. None of them actually seemed happy.
"Lucius, this is Evangeline Celestine. The one I'm always boasting about? The Celestines created the 'Accio' spell! That was Joshua's family correct? Oh that's right! Evie's family invented 'Wingardium Leviosa'! They both work at the Ministry now, as I remember." Mrs.Malfoy wore was, almost, genuine.

Mr.Malfoy took Mum's extended hand and kissed the top. I would have scoffed out loud if it wasn't for her extreme ability of hearing.
"And this," Narcissa moved from my Mum's side to mine. "is their lovely daughter, Antoinette. Just about the same age as Draco, correct?"
"I believe..." I said as the last of the blondes, almost white, approached for introductions.

The pale boy smirked as he approached. Although it did make him cute , his head seemed swollen with attention and money.

"Draco Malfoy." He said simply. I put out my hand as he kissed the top of it.
"Antoinette Celestine." I replied back, putting on my French accent.

"I can already tell they'll be great together! Now, the Game is about to start. So I say, instead of being trampled but muggle-born and half-breed, we rush straight off to the Minister's box!" Said Mum again, taking Dad's arm. Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy did the same and followed accordingly behind.

Draco extended his bent elbowed arm in front of me. Although I didn't care for it much, I looped my arm through slightly as we walked to catch up.

"The Wizarding World really has gone to the dogs!" Draco scoffed as we walked down the many walkways towards our seats.
"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked. I was staring off at all the different people, magic objects floating past my face.
"Look at these people! They might as well just invited every Muggle in London! Muggle-borns! Half-breeds!" He shouted, furious.
I rolled my eyes, smiling as a little girl giggled from ontop of her Father's shoulders.

Suddenly, I was jerked back by Draco.
" What? " I said, annoyed at him.

"Arthur Weasley, work in the Ministry. Tell me, how come you're up there and not sitting with the Minister like us?" I would have shunned my Mother for saying this. That is, if I could.
"We're perfectly fine here. Perfect view and none of us are complaining." Replied a calm voice. I looked up to where our group had been squinting.

Up about two stands, the highest perch aviable, stood a large group of people. I counted them out, 10. The man who spoke was an older, red-haired man. Beside him, was Amos Diggory. I knew from my Father's stories about work he shared. They are 'best buds' as he says. On the other side of Mr.Weasley, his family I presumed, stood, glaring back at us. Two tall, indentical, red-haired twins glared specifacally at Draco besides me. Another tall red-headed boy stood next to them, again glaring at us. By him, a messy-haired, black haired boy stood. Harry Potter. Another red-head stood. But it was a girl. A dirty-blonde, more brown than anything, stood defensively.
On the end was someone who caught my eye. It was a very handsome, golden-haired boy. I smiled to myself while looking at him. But, drifting my eyes to the spot next to him, a very pretty Chesnut-haired girl. I lost hope as I saw their hands conjoined and her glare burning holes into me.
All of the kids with them were turning their glares towards Draco and I.

"I warn you Potter. These are dangerous times." Lucius said sharply to Harry.

As they began to walk away, Draco dragged me forward.
I sent a small smile towards the glaring group. The girl still held her glare, while Mr.Weasley softened up and smiled a little. The two identical boys wolf-whistled.
Draco pulled my arm a little harder, so I was by his side once again. "Come on, Bloodtraitors..."

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