Twist And Shout - Lennon Love Story

Hey everyone :) My friend Kim loves John Lennon, so this story is dedicated to her. It's about a girl named Kelly who meets and falls for John Lennon. There will be swears, sex, violence, and other stuff that people may not like, so you've been warned!
Enjoy, Beatlemaniacs! :) (and Kim ;) )
And remember to rate, comment, and most importantly, (yeah, I know I already said this, but whatever :P) enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

August 18th, 1962, Liverpool, England

"I swear to God, Linds, if this is another blind date setup..." I trailed off, threatening my best friend, Lindsey.
"It isn't! You've just seemed so down lately that I wanted to take you out for your birthday!" she insisted. "C'mon, Kelly, you've got to believe me!"
I gave her the evil eye and she looked exasperated.
"Fine! If you won't go out with me, then I'll just go out by myself!" she said, and started to walk away.
"Lindsey... come back 'ere, you know I'll still go!" I called to her.
She turned around, ran up to me, and linked her arm with mine. "Oh Kelly, I just want this to be a night you'll never forget! I planned a dinner for us, and we can go to a club of your choice since as of tonight you're of legal age! And who knows, maybe, just maybe, you'll meet a cute guy!" she squealed.
"Lindsey, you don't have to do anything for me! You're not paying for a thing!" I said.
"No way! I'm paying for everything tonight!" she argued.
I love Lindsey, but she always does too much for me. She already bought me a flat for my birthday, but now this!?
Way too much...
"No fee is too big for my friend!" she said.
"As long as you know I'll get you more for your birthday!" I yelled.
We were going to a fancy restaurant, nothing like where I usually eat, but not so fancy that we need reservations. Still, it was known to be fancy throughout Liverpool.
It was pretty empty tonight, the only ones inside were all rich couples over the age of 70, and there were only four of those here now. It was strange, considering it was Saturday night.
Lindsey and I discussed my new flat and how nice it was. The living conditions were good, and the rental is cheap, so I'll be staying there for a while.
We had just ordered our food and were about to talk again when four loud guys dressed in leather jackets that looked the same age as Lindsey and I walked in. Their hair was longer than most boys, and all of them combed it down into their eyes. Three carried guitar cases; one carried drumsticks.
The leader of the group locked eyes with me, grinned cockily, and made a beeline towards the table directly next to us. He and the others sat down before Lindsey and I could lie and say it was taken.
The cocky looking one sat down to the seat next to mine, and the one with the drumsticks sat in the seat next to Lindsey's. I noticed he had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen, and I knew Lindsey instantly liked him. She always said how she adores blue eyes.
They all started talking loudly to each other, disturbing the entire restaurant, so I turned to Lindsey and asked, "So, what club do you think we should go to?"
As soon as I asked, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was cocky guy. "Uh, pardon me miss, but did you say you're looking for a club to go to?" he asked.
"Possibly," I replied curtly. I automatically didn't like him; eavesdroppers have always annoyed me, and I didn't like his 'I'm so gear' attitude.
"You see, there's this gear club just a minute away that we're playing at called-"
"Oh, lovely," I interrupted him, sarcasm dripping in my voice.
He looked back at the other three who were snickering, turned back to me, and said "It's a great place Miss..."
"Kelly," Lindsey offered, and I glared at her.
"Right, Kelly... you should come see us, it's our drummers first performance with us," he said, looking hopeful.
"Does your drummer have a name?" I asked.
"Ringo," said the drummer.
Lindsey smiled. "Ringo?" she asked him.
"Yeah, you see, I wear me rings all the time, four on each hand, so that's what they call me," he replied, showing her his rings.
"I'm Paul, by the way," said the cute guy next to Ringo.
"George," introduced the guy with the huge ears.
"And I'm John," said cocky guy. "And it's a pleasure to meet you, Kelly, but what's your friends name?"
"Oh, I'm Lindsey," she said.
"Lindsey... I like that name," said Ringo, and they both blushed. Looked like they like each other.
"So, do you two want to come to our performance?" John asked.
"That would be gear if you could come," Ringo added.
"I'd love to!" Lindsey all but squealed.
"Lindsey... can I talk to you for a moment, please?" I asked.
I took her to the ladies room, made sure no one was inside, and yelled, "What the he|| is wrong with you!? That John guy is pissing me off, and you want to go to his concert for my birthday!?"
She looked ashamed. "I"m sorry, Kelly, I just like Ringo a lot and I want to get to know him more! You can fake a headache if you want..." she said.
"No, I have to come with you! Anything could happen to you if you go to a strange club alone!"
Lindsey looked hurt. "I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, you know!" she yelled.
"Fine! I'll fake the headache!" I yelled back, and we went back to our table.
Our food had arrived, and the guys were leering at our plates.
"What, you guys aren't eating here?" I asked.
"No, don't have to money," John said.
"Then why do you come here?" Lindsey asked.
"To stir some shit up, of course!" John yelled.
A waiter came up to us. "Listen, all of you, this restaurant will not tolerate any foul language, so all of you, out!"
"But... we aren't even with them!" I cried.
"It seems to me that you are, now out!" he yelled.
"But we haven't eaten our food yet!" Lindsey said.
"Do I look like I care? OUT!!!!" he screamed.
We obediently got our stuff and left.
"Sorry about your meals..." John apologized. I snorted and turned away.
"You ruined Kelly's birthday!" Lindsey yelled.
John's eyes widened. "It's your birthday!?"
"Yes." I said.
"God, I'm sorry! I didn't know! How can I make it up to you?" he asked.
"For starters, you can leave me alone," I replied.
"Don't be that way, love!" he said.
"John, let her cool off, alright? Just leave her be, she'll come around," Lindsey told him.
Likely story...
We all arrived at the club, The Cavern, so I decided it was time to go.
"Oh, my God, I just got this massive headache," I moaned.
The guys looked concerned. "Are you alright?" Ringo asked.
"Not really... I think I better go home," I said.
"No!" John said, "'Ere, I've got some stuff for that, have some." He held a pill bottle towards me.
"I'm fine, I'll just go. It was nice meeting you all," I announced, and started to walk away.
"Kelly! Wait! You shouldn't walk home alone at this time of night! I'll walk with you," John said, running up to me.
"No, I'll be alright. Besides, aren't you performing?" I asked sharply.
"They can find a replacement. I won't let you walk home alone," he told me, sounding determined.
'Shit, he's still on my case!' I thought to myself.
"Well, since you're the cause of my headache, and either way I'll be stuck with you, I suppose I'll stay..." I said.
John's face lit up. "Great! I promise you, love, you won't regret coming here!"
The Cavern Club was dark, crowded, and hot, yet still seemed really fun.
"You sure you want to stay? I can sneak you out, you know," Lindsey yelled in my ear. I was crazy loud; you could barely carry a conversation over all the access noise.
"I'm fine!" I replied, but Lindsey still looked suspicious.
"We're up next! Wish us luck!" Paul said to us as the band on stage started packing up.
"Don't worry, Ringo, you'll do great! Trust me!" Lindsey told a nervous-looking Ringo.
He blushed. "Thanks, love," he said, and they all went on stage.
Lindsey and I managed to snag a table to sit at, so we chatted while they set up.
"So," she started, "John seems to fancy you."
"Don't remind me!" I cried.
"I take it you don't like him...?" she asked.
"Certainly not! If anything, I like Paul. He's pretty cute, don't you think?"
"Mmm... I guess. But not as cute as-"
"Ringo!" I interrupted her in a lovey-dovey voice, giggling.
She blushed. "Yeah! But back to Paul, I choose him as your birthday kiss!"
I groaned. The 'birthday kiss' was a tradition we held since we were 13. Whenever it was our birthday, the other would have to choose someone they had to kiss. Considering I made Lindsey kiss a total git on her last birthday, it was pretty nice of her to make me kiss Paul, so I agreed to after they performed.
"'Ello everyone, my name's John, this 'ere's George, Paul's our bassist, and we have a new drummer tonight, Ringo! Ladies and gentleman, we are The Beatles!" John announced into the microphone, and they launched into Little Richard's 'Long Tall Sally', a personal favorite of mine.
During the next 10 songs they played, I learned:
1- George is an excellent guitarist- one of the best I've ever heard
2- Paul's voice is delightful- he sang every song- and his bass playing skills were amazing
3- Ringo turned out to be the best drummer I've ever known, and he looked like he was having the time of his life.
Lindsey and I whooped, cheered, and clapped very loudly for Ringo and the others. I all but ignored John.
"This is our last song for the evening, one of our own, and it's called 'Twist and Shout'!" John yelled, and they started playing an upbeat song.
I was about to talk to Lindsey when a beautiful voice started singing, and I turned my head to see... John singing. How was this possible!?
John caught my eye and stopped singing in the middle of the song to say "C'mon, Kelly! Get up 'ere and dance with me!"
I must have been possessed, because I actually got up on the stage with him and danced with him while he sang the second half of the song. By the end of it I was exausted and ran off the stage to Lindsey, who was laughing her ass off.
"Kelly! My God, that was amazing! I didn't know you could dance like that!" she shrieked.
"Neither did I!" I replied, laughing.
"Here's your chance! Go and kiss Paul!" Lindsey yelled at me.
I spotted the back of his head and headed straight for him, even though he was talking to George. When I reached him, I closed my eyes, spun him around, and kissed him passionately. He seemed shocked at first, then he wrapped his arms around me and kissed back, with tongue.
I heard George laugh behind us, so I pulled away to make a snide comment when I saw a snickering Paul next to him. If Paul's there... who am I kissing!? Ringo!?
Shit, Lindsey'll kill me!
I turned back to Ringo to apologize, only to see...
My jaw dropped down to my ankles, and I ran to the exit, the image of John's cocky smirk etched in my mind.
I couldn't believe I kissed John of all people, and the worst part was... I enjoyed it!
The August night air seemed freezing compared to the boiling temperatures in The Cavern, and it cleared my mind.
John suddenly came out though, so I ducked around the corner into an alley. I slid down the wall until I was sitting, and I began to cry quietly into my hands.
"Now, now, love, is my kissing really that bad?" a voice asked.
I stopped crying and looked up to see John. I wiped my eyes and tried to crawl away from him, but he grabbed my arm, and I couldn't run away.
He sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulders, and I was so embarrassed that I couldn't find the strength to even shrug it off.
"I've gotta feeling that kiss wasn't meant for me. Was it for your boyfriend?" he asked.
I looked into his brown eyes that matched my own. "I don't have a boyfriend," I replied.
"Good, 'cause you shouldn't be kissing other guys like that if you've got a boyfriend!" he joked, "But seriously, who did you mean to kiss?"
" Paul ? Why Paul?" John asked, incredulous.
I told him about the 'Birthday Kiss' tradition, and he seemed... relieved.
"That makes me feel much less offended! And it makes me feel less guilty for doing this!" he said.
"Doing wha-" I started, but he cut me off with a kiss. At first I kissed back, enjoying his kiss again, but then I realized how weird it was. I bet Ringo and Lindsey would become a couple, which would mean I would be with him lots, so I'd probably see John lots, too. How awkward would it be to see him after kissing like this though? Especially if... hmmm... I never asked...
"Stop," I gasped, and he did.
"Why? What's wrong?" he asked.
"Are you seeing anyone?"
"Not anymore... why?"
"No reason..."
"There you are, Kelly! Oh! Am I... interrupting anything?" Lindsey asked, her head peeking around the corner.
"No. Are you going home yet?" I wondered aloud.
"Soon, yeah," she replied.
"Oh, well, I'm off for the night, so I'll talk to you tomorrow probably!" I said, and got up quickly. "Bye Linds."
"I saw you kiss John! I want the details! You better call tomorrow!" Lindsey whisper-yelled at me as I walked by.
I walked to the end of the block, but John stopped me from crossing the street.
"Kelly, I had a lot of fun tonight. Won't you stay longer?" he asked.
"Sorry, no."
"Well can I have your number?" he asked.
"No. It was nice meeting you, John, but I doubt we'll ever meet again," I lied, knowing I would see him if Lindsey did start dating Ringo, "Good luck with your band," I said.
I ran across the street. I ran through a park. I ran all the way to my brand new flat.
And when I got inside, I flopped on my bed and finished the crying spell I needed to get out, eventually falling asleep with tear stained cheeks.

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