Twist And Shout - Lennon Love Story

Hey everyone :) My friend Kim loves John Lennon, so this story is dedicated to her. It's about a girl named Kelly who meets and falls for John Lennon. There will be swears, sex, violence, and other stuff that people may not like, so you've been warned!
Enjoy, Beatlemaniacs! :) (and Kim ;) )
And remember to rate, comment, and most importantly, (yeah, I know I already said this, but whatever :P) enjoy! :)

Chapter 2

August 24th, 1962, Liverpool, England

I'm soooooooooo sorry guys! I've been insanely busy with school and haven't gotten a chance to post this yet!!! :( I hope this makes up for how long it's been since I last wrote! :) oh btw I'm on my moms iPhone so if there's a lot of mistakes, I'm really sorry!

This chapter's dedicated to John Lennon, who was heartlessly killed 31 years ago on December 8th, 1980. This is for you, John! (well, technically every chapter is for you, but whatever!) :) It's also for the movie 'Nowhere Boy'. I watched it for first time today, and holy crap is it ever good!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD

It had been almost a week since my disasterous birthday, and Lindsey couldn't stop talking about it.
She kept going on and on about Ringo, how sweet he is, how cute he is, how handsome, how charming, how funny, how talented, how amazing, and a million other things about him. Apparantly after I left they exchanged numbers and promised to see each other soon, but he still hasn't called her.
"Oh, Kelly, what if he doesn't like me?I might die!" she told me over the phone.
"Lindsey, you called me at 7 in the morning to tell me this? Again?" I asked.
"7 isn't early at all! Why are you complaining?"
"You know 7 is actually early for me! I usuallt don't wake up until past 11!"
"You'll live But seriosuly, what should I do?"
"Why don't you call him? I'm sure he won't hang up on you."
"A girl never calls first! I'll seem paranoid to him!"
"Lindsey, think about it. You are being paranoid!"
"Well he doesn't need to know that! I just hope he'll call soon!"
"I'm sure he will. He seems to really like you!"
"You think so?" she asked, and I could hear her smile.
"Of course! Why wouldn't he? You two seem perfect for each other!"
"Thanks! Hey, speaking of perfect couples..."
"I don't want to hear about John!"
"Keeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" she whined.
"I don't care about him!" I said, and it was somewhat true. He was loud, crude, cocky... I just didn't like his attitude at all. But he is a good kisser, not to mention very handsome....
"Kelly, he was so upset when you left! He was so out of it! He had no idea what Ringo, George, Paul, and I were talking about! I seriously think you should give him a chance!"
"He's such a teddy boy though! I'm looking for a gentleman who's ready to commit, and he is definitely not a gentleman, or would he stick to a relationship with just one girl! I know his type... he practically lives to hurt others, and I don't need to be heartbroken!"
"How's Paul any different?"
"Well.... um, er-"
"Exactly. I think you just don't want to accept the fact that you've fallen for John. Why, I don't know, but it's true!"
"Is not!"
"Sure... Oh, by the way, I heard Paul has a girlfriend anyway, so you have to be with John!"
"I could always go for George."
"True, but you're more suited for John."
"Ugh! You're so difficult, Lindsey!"
"You love me anyways!"
"Yeah, I do. Now let me sleep!"
"Alright Kell, but one more thing."
"You're totally not sleeping, are you?"
"Well, I was, but I'm wide awake now."
"I'm off work today, want to grab some coffee with me at 8?"
"Can't. I'm still unemployed, remember?"
"Well, I sort of need a job, so I'm writing my resume now."
"Awww! But I want to see you!"
"Me too, but I need to get money, not spend it! Sorry!"

I started to write my resume, but got bored with it, so I had a shower and decided to finish unpacking my things.
There were only a few boxes left; all the stuff that I don't need, like decorations to make my flat seem homey,
I opened one box, and a picture of my family and I was on top. I looked about 14 in the picture, and it looked like we were in Scotland.
The only family I've ever had was my Mother and my older brother, Jasper.Our father was never involved in my life; he stayed when it was just Jasper, but when I came, he disappeared, and we still don't know where he is.
Jasper was 3 years older and I loved him more than anything. He was the nicest guy who ever lived, and everyone who knew him couldn't help but like him.
The trip to Scotland was because of him. He had won the award of being the smartest and most liked kid in school, so we all got to go.
It was so beautiful there. Jasper loved it. He never wanted to leave.
The night before we were going to come home, Jasper woke me up and made me sneak out with him to see the streets of Edinburgh one more time. It was late at night, and dark, but he insisted, so I went.
A group of guys surrounded us when we walked in front of an alley. They were clearly drunk, so naturally I was frightened.
"Hey kid, how much for the girl?" one asked with a thick Scottish accent. He was really tall.
"Yeah, she's a beauty," another said. The rest joined in, calling ne crude and vulgar names.
"She's mine, sorry," Jasper said sharply, and tried to get us away.
"Oh, so you're a Brit. I don't like Brits," the tall one said menacingly.
"Look, can you just let us leave and forget this ever happened?" Jasper asked.
"Can't do that, Brit," the tall one said, leering at me.
"Stay away from her," Jasper said darkly.
"Can't do that, either," he said, and pulled something out of his pocket. It was a switchblade.
Jasper backed away a couple steps, and the tall one tried to stab him. Jasper swung his fist at his face, but narrowly missed. The tall one's eyes flashed with rage, and the entire group closed in on him, completely forgetting about me.
"Kell! Get mum!" Jasper called to me, so I ran, but stopped at a phone booth a few blocks away. I couldn't see Jasper or the group of guys anymore; it was too far away and too dark.
I called the police, but when they Arrived, no one was there.
They discussed theories for a while, and told me they thought they killed him, and dragged the body of somewhere. I couldn't believe it. I was in shock.
When I got back to the hotel and told my mother, she didn't believe me.
When we returned home, no one else believed us, either. Our school held a memorial for him, and everyone cried.
The picture is one of the last of him. As I hung it up, I felt one small tear rol slowly down my cheek. Those terrible drunks who killed him ruined everything. My mother blamed me for the entire thing, so I moved in with Lindsey on my 18th birthday a few years ago to avoid her look of blame. It was awful. I even believed I wad the one at fault, but God bless Lindsey, who told me time and time again my mother is just a terrible witch who just doesn't deserve me, and convinced me that it was the drunks fault, not mine.
I still wonder if he was actually killed. They never found his body, which is a good sign, but it's been 7 years, and everyone, including my mother, has given up hope.
I realized something. Maybe I don't like John because he looks like the tall guy who killed Jasper. Except John is a million times handsomer....

I had just finished unpacking and was about to have a nap when the phone rang again.
"Kelly! Guess what?!!?!?" Lindsey shrieked.
"Ringo called?"
"Yesssssssss! He wants to see me tomorrow night! Oh, God, what am I going to wear!?"
"Well, where are you going?" I asked her.
"Dunno. He's going to call back an tell me."
"Oh! There's a call waiting! That's probably him! I'll call you later, Kelly!"
"K, bye!"

I knew it would be a while till she called back, so I decided to have my well-deserved nap.

I dreamed of Scotland. That awful night never happened the way it did. I convinced Jasper not to go, and he was still with me, and mum still loved me like she used to. Naturally I was pissed that my phone woke me, so I answered angrily.
"Gee love, I thought you would be ecstatic to hear from me!" a familiar male voice said.
"I'm sorry, who is this?"
"You don't remember? I thought you would after all the lip locking we did last week!"
I paused. "John?"
"John Winston Lennon, at your service!" I could hear his gigantic smile.
"How... How the he|| did you get my number!?!?"
"Your friend Lindsey gave it to me."
"Ugh! That awful nasty-"
"Look, love, no need for language! I asked her for it!"
"Yes, but she actually gave it to you!" I shrieked.
He chuckled. "Really though, why were you so upset when I called? Besides the fact that it's me."
"You woke me up from a dream."
"A dream about me? Well, I could've figured that out, but-"
"No, John, not about you. Now what do you want?"
"Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me."
"Uhhhhh..." I said, not sure what to say. Do I like John? Don't I?
Suddenly the call waiting sound started, and I was glad for the escape from this soon-to-be-awkward phone call.
"Um, I'm really sorry, but I think Lindsey's trying to call me! I'll talk to you later, John!"
"Oh.Alright, um, by-"
"Hello?" I asked the other line.
"Oh! My! God! He's going to take me to dinner tomorrow night!!!! Oh, God, I don't know if I should wear my cashmere dress or my-"
"Woah! Slow down, Linds! Relax! Everything will go fine!"
"No buts! You like him, he likes you, everything's good!"
"He didn't say he liked me!"
"Linds, he asked you out. I'm pretty sure he likes you!"
"I don't know..."
"/Trust/ me. Oh, and wear your new red silk one shoulder dress. You look beautiful in it! He'll love it! And I can come over and french braid your hair if you'd like!"
"Oh, Kelly! You're just the greatest friend alive!"
"You're the one who bought me a flat!"
SHe giggled. "You earned it!"
"Mind if I pop over for some tea?"
"'Cor not! Oh, ringo also said something I should tell you!"
"Tell me when I get there! I'm on my way"
"Alright! Bye!"

It's only a few minutes walk over to Lindsey's, but it's even quicker if you take a shortcut we found. I thought about taking it 'cause of the heat, but it requires going through an alley, which for John and Jasper related reasons, I didn't want to face.
When I arrived, Lindsey practically pulled me inside.
"Kelly, I know it, Ringo knows it, everyone knows it-"
"Knows what?" I asked.
"About John an you!"
"You know I don't like him!"
"Sure. But Ringo was about mauled by John when he found out we're going out, so Ringo suggested a double date!"
"Me and John going together?"
"Yeah! Ringo didnt want to not have one on one time though, so after he's taking me to some secret place and you and John can go wherever!"
"Yeah, our seperate ways," I said.
"C'mon, pleeeeease? I'll be your best friend!" she begged.
"You're already my best friend!"
"Fine! I'll... I don't know, but i promise, I'll pay you back!"
"Alright! I'll go! But only if you promise to never give a guy my number again!"
Lindsey laughed. "I promise!"

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