PSTLP Season 2

Oh my god! Took so long! x3 Ya, SEASON TWO, man, SEASON FRACKING TWO!

Guess none of you know what i mean though... Just go to and search Press Start To LP, kay?

Chapter 1


School. I hate it. Like, REALLY hate it, but it's a must, i guess. I sat at my computer, the others were either at work or school, which sucked. Since i am Canadian, my school starts later. Then i realized something, and an owl flew into my window. "Hedgewig!!!" -Why do those wizards always come at the right time?-

I opened the window and let him inside. "What are you doing here?" It hooted weakly and held up its claw. He had a note in there. I gently put him on a pillow and read it.

/Dear Miss Wesley,

I am coming to discuss your school schedule.

Sincerely, Headmaster Dumbledor

P.S. Professor Trelawney and Professor Mcgonnagol are coming as well./

"Well," I muttered. "That was short and to the point. I wonder when they'll get here-" There was a crash by my room and i yelped. I dropped the note and ran over. The first thing i saw were two red blurs smacking into me, throwing me onto the ground. "Ah!" I squeaked.

"We missed your squeaking, Riki!" I blinked and sat up as much as i could.

"Fred? George?" They looked up at me with their grinning faces. "You guys do realize im still in my pajamas... Right?"

They looked down, then back up at me, still grinning. "Aw, we dont mind a bit. Aint that right, George?" Fred said.

"Absolutely," Replied George.

"Guys... Get off." They nodded and got off of me. I looked up and Trelawney, Mcgoggles, and Dumbledor fixing their robes and such. "Hey, uhm, why?" I asked, standing up.

"They wanted to come too, and i made the mistake of letting them drive." I nodded. "So, about school-"

"Please come back, Riki!" The twins said together. "Its not as fun without you!"

"Thats, uh, real sweet guys, but i have things here and people i dont wanna leave... Not that i would rather leave you, but.... Still." Silence. "Can you two fix my room? It is kinda your fault." They nodded and got to work. I turned to Dumbledor. "Now... School?"

"Right, well-" The doorbell rang.

"What is with all of these interuptions?!"

"Riiiiiikiiii!" I froze. Annabeth. Most likely Jon was with her, and the others.

"Suuuuuuuugarsticks!" I whispered. "One moment, please." They nodded and i ran out. "Heeey guys." It was just Annabeth and Jon. Still bad, but not as.

"Hi. We were just chilling at Annabeths house, and heard a crash, you ok?" I nodded. "You sure? You look pretty shaken...."

"And your bedroom looks like a mess." She tried going by me, but i stood in front of her, hopefully blocking the-

"How are they doing that?" I slapped my face with both hands.

-I have failed you, Albus. Im sorry!- I stood aside. "Annabeth, Jonathon. Fred, George, Professors Dumbledor, Trelawney and Mcgoggl- Mcgonnagol."

"Introducing us to Muggles, now, Riki," One of the twins said.

"While we're using magic, Riki," The other said.

"Thats very bad, Riki," The twins said together.

"Just... Go away...."

"Who... They're the... What?" Jon said.

"We're Riki's boyfriends." They said, coming up on either sides of me.

"No, you're not, shove off!" I shrugged them off and looked at the other two. They both looked shocked. Then i looked back at the wizards. "Just one moment... Again."

I pulled Annabeth and Jonathon away into the bathroom. "Was that THE characters of-" I slapped a hand over Annabeths mouth.

"Sssssh. They can hear you! And yes," I whispered. "Yes, they are. Listen. I go to school at Hogwarts. Last year was my fourth year, Harry's third. Im best friends with the twins, trying to keep them from getting expelled, it works most of the time. None of them know that they are in books and are most likely going to die. I was sworn to secrecy for that, and now you are too," I took a deep breath, i hadnt breathed at all in that. "Promise you wont yell if i take my hand down?" She nodded.

"Whats your best class?" I sighed.

"Divinations, and Care of Magical Creatures."

"Any pets?"

"A toad!" I beamed.

"Why were those guys saying they were your boyfriends?" Jon looked ticked. I laughed.

"They kid like that a lot! I tried dating both George and Ron last year, it was awkward."

"I thought you said you've never had a boyfriend."

"I dont count only one date as 'boyfriend', Jonathon. Let it go."


"Just shut up!" I sighed. "I have to go talk about school with them. You guys gotta leave. Pretend you've never seen any of this." They nodded and quickly left.I walked out and saw that my bedroom was fixed. "About school... Please let me stay here! Please, please, please!"

Dumbledor looked at me, amused. "I was just going to say you could. No need to beg, child. Trelawney just wants to know if you still want to do extra credit work," I nodded. "And Mcgonnagol needed to be here to confirm your transition to homeschooling, because she is your houses-"

"Yes, can we get this over with? I'm so sorry to be rude, but..." I looked down at myself, then at my room. "Yeah."

"Of course," Mcgoggles said. "I just need you to sign this, and i will get your work sent to you right away."

"Hopefully not by Hedgewig," I said, grinning. "I should give him back to you. Doubt he'll make the journey on his own again."

"Of course." She said. Then they left, leaving George and Fred here.

They glanced at where they left with the car and the back at me. "Dont tell the teachers, but one of us or the others is going to come check up on you once in a while, kay?" I nodded.

"Great." They said together. Then they left. I sighed.

"Well," I groaned. "Now that THAT'S over... I'm bored," Looking down at myself, i reached for my dresser. "Guess i should get dressed."

"See you next time, on Press Start To LP!"

"Holy Crow!!!" I jumped. Annabeth and i stared at each other a moment.

"You should fix this huge gaping hole in your wall. People can see you."

I blinked. "I think i realized that... Now go away!"


Random popping up out of nowhere FTW!!! Also FTL for people [like me] who get scared easily.

Sorry for the HUGE Haitus, but i have a lack of what most people call common sense, i call it boring knowledge. Annabeth helped me get that back, so everyone thank her!

No, seriously... Go do it...


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