Finn and Marceline ~ An Adventure Time Love Story

Finn and Marceline ~ An Adventure Time Love Story

Hiaa!! xx This is a love story about the characters Marceline (Vampire queen) and Finn (The human) from the show Adventure Time. Enjoy!! :{D PS Marceline can go in the light. =P P.S.S. Finn is 15 and Marceline is 17. But they are same traits/personality as in Adventure Time.

Chapter 1

By Marceline

Me, Finn and Jake are going monster hunting today. I couldn't wait to impress Finn with my epic sword tactics.

Jake is okaii, but I totally love Finn. Just if I could get him alone, without Jake, the ice king, without Princess Bubblegum.

He's so caught up with her. I don't know why Princess Bubblegum is just a prissy little girly girl. Finn needs a real woman. Like me.

'Knock knock!' Someone shouted, it must be Finn and Jake - they're early.

I applied some red lipstick, quickly brushed my hair and flew downstairs, I then opened the door.

'Hey Finn, Jake.' I smile, 'Hey Marceline,'Jake said, 'Hey. You look different. Don't tell me you've been taking people's blood again!!' Finn said alarmed, he stepped back. 'No Finn, I just had a jammy donut!' I laughed blushing.

I turned my head and wiped off the lipstick - I knew it was a bad idea.

'That's better.' Said Jake, 'So are you ready then?' Finn asked, 'Yeah.' I smiled moving my sword as if I was slashing a monster. 'Nice technique Marceline.' Finn grinned, 'You have a nice face.' I said without thinking. Jake and Finn looked at eachother. 'I mean nice sword. What am I saying?' I said quickly, Finn nodded slowly.

'Lets go fight some monsters then, because I have to meet Lady Rainacorn later.' Jake wined, 'Finn when Jake goes we could go back to your place?' I asked, 'Um. Okaii.' Finn said un-surely.

Yes time alone! Finally, this all I need. Me and Finn's babies will be cute because of him and they'd be hard core and vampire because of me! I was shooting for the stars, flying into the sky.

But I came down with a bump.

'But Princess Bubblegum will be there.' Finn added on, my smile was turned up-side down.

'Lets go guys!!' Jake wined. We all left my cave and went to to the google berry forests. We slayed 14 monsters!! It was AWESOME.

Finn was so great, I loved him so much.

'Gotta go!!' Jake exclaimed and ran to Lady Rainacorn.

'So Finn,' I smiled, 'My place?' He asked, 'Will PB be there?' I asked, 'Totally. Princess Bubblegum is awesome' Finn smiled, I sighed.

'What's wrong Marceline?' Finn asked tilting his head, 'Urrr. Sighing with relief. I'm glad PB will be there.' I lied. 'K. Lets go then!' Finn grinned, we began to walk.

Well I had him alone for now.

'Finn, what's that in your eye?' I asked looking into his eyes. 'Oh no, I'm gonna need to get glasses and glasses mean I have to take them off when I'm fighting monsters and you can't see the monsters with no glasses on!!' Finn said getting panicked.

'No Finn. It just a little speck, I don't even no if it's there lemme' get closer.' I laughed, putting my face right up against his. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. I leaned in closed my eyes and puckered my lips.

'Marceline what are you doing?' Finn asked, 'Urr. Nothing, it's just I nearly fell.' I mumbled sheepishly. 'Then why were your lips puckered?' Finn asked stepping back. 'Urr. When vampires are gonna get hurt puckering your lips decreases pain.' I muttered,

We reached Finn's tree.

'By the way. When we get inside when I cough could you go to the toilet or something because I'm gonna ask Princess Bubblegum to go on a date with me.' Finn blushed, I stopped in my tracks.

'Yeah, sure. I don't even wanna go to your place I just wanna go home. I just thought you'd be lonely, Jake not being there. I don't care bye.' I said.

I turned on my heel and began walking.

'Are you sure!' Finn called, 'I told you I DON'T care.' I shouted.

Yeah right Marceline. I really did care. I was dying inside!……

TBC!! Please comment and rate!! Love you lots!! :{D

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