Dreams to Reality

With the Apacalypse just around the corner, the Fallen want to change sides. Maybe falling with Lucifer wasn't such a good idea after all, what with all the Nephilim roaming the streets and sending the Fallen back to the deepest depths of Hell.There's only one thing that the Fallen can do; find the myth known as the Lost Ones. The Lost Ones will bring peace between nations, but there has to be a Lost One from the five main races; Vampire, Lycan, Witch, Fallen, Nephilim, and Human.

Chapter 1

Meetings In A Club

Salem's coal black eyes scanned the packed night club. It was a newer, more techo version of the old ones back in New Orleans.His eyes looked form girl to girl, inhaling their scent. Most of them reaked of alcohol, while only about three had decided that they would stay clean of the intoxocating beverages that had a high change of getting spiked.If he had a dime for all of the roofies he smelt in the drinks, he would be a millionare.

Oh wait.He already is.

But his attention was short lived.In less than two seconds, Valyre appeared before him, her hands on his thin hips."We have a job to do, if you recall."Her face was full of annoyance and this just made Salem smile wider. He loved with Valyre got mad.She was pretty funny and amusing to him."I recall, Dollface. I just chose to have a little fun tonight."Truth be told, Salem was tired of searching.All his life, he was raised to search for the rare Lost Ones. They were supposedly going to save his kind, but only if his kind found them before the Nephilim did.

It was a seemingly lost cause. For all Salem knew, the Lost Ones would be a myth; an excuse that the Court uses to blame their problems on. The supposed Lost Ones will restore their humanity and let them return to Heaven as angels. But it's not like God would want them back; most of the Fallen were cruel to the mundanes and were blood-crazy.

"Then you could at least help. I've been scouring the while city for any signs and you've sat on your as/.s checking out the mundane females."Valyre was clearly annoyed, and getting more annoyed by the second. Salem rolled his eyes."I've been searching everyday for three hundred and twenty-seven years. Takin' a day off isn't going to change a d@m/n thing,"Salem visibly saw Valyre's jaw set. Her frozen blue eyes evaluated Salem's coal black. Only one thing came to the front of his mind.


His kind weren't suppost to fall into love. It was against the rules, and she wasn't royalty.Valyre had only been a Fallen for three years and he had been the prince for three hundred.And even if he was allowed to actually feel those feelings again, the Court would much rather it be with a royal Fallen then a made Fallen. It was all about the glamour and image.He quickly shook the thought of Valyre out of his mind. He would just settle with some girl with low self esteem later on and forget about the while thing."Sea found witch activity in Atlanta. Just thought you should know."Valyre turned, but was soon stopped by Salem grabbing her wrist. He knew that it's hard for her; what with them returning to her home state. The state that she died and was ressurected in.

"Sea can handle it. You should stay; have a nice time. Care to try some beer?"Salem held up his glass, but the brown liquid was still at the bright red rim. Valyre snatched her wrist away and gave him her signature glare.Salem sighed. As cold as she could be, he knew that she meant well. She just wanted to see her family in Heaven,and the Lost Ones were the missing key to the puzzle piece As he watched her walk off and disappear into the throng of people, he remembered the first time that he met her. How worried she was; the emotions from her human life peeled right off of her.

Just as she was out of his line of sight, a brunette with dark brown eyes walked up to him."Was she your girlfriend?"The brunette glanced from the people to Salem."She seems p!s/$ed,"Salem would've chuckled, but he wasn't in the mood."She always is."Salem answered with a small smirk across his face.It was like a inside secret that only he knew about, which amused him even more."But you didn't answer my question,"the brunette said, her doe eyes bright and filled with curiousity."Is she your girlfriend or not?"Salem shook his head, some loose strands of his black hair falling in front of his face. Maybe tonight will be fun, he thought.

"No.She's not my girlfriend."The brunette's eyes were now filled with lust."So,there's no lady in your future?"She slid onto the blood red leather seat next to him. He swivvled in the chair so he could face her better. She had a straight nose and had the features of a Russian.Her lips weren't as full as normal girls', but her cheekbones were high.She had arched eyebrows. She was attractive alright.

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