Eid Mubarak!

In which I ramble about Eid while eating yummy chicken. I wish my mom cooked like it was Eid everyday. Munches on chicken Then again, she'd be yelling at me 24/7 for no apparent reason everyday. Still, it would be worth it if I had awesome food all the time, right? Anwyays, I'm mostly going to be complaining and/or bragging about my awesome food. If you do decide to read this, sorry in advance.

Chapter 1


EID MUBARAK! Okay, so only a couple of people I know on here are Muslim, and most other people probably don't know what Eid is. If you don't know, it's the Islamic holiday. Anyways, in my neighborhood, there are roughly 20 Muslim families, almost all of which are Bengali. We go around to each others' houses and eat good food all day, and usually gain some weight in the process. But, hey, food is food. I'm taking a break because we've had guests all morning, and we still have some right now. My mom made awesome food. My friend (who lives in my neighborhood) told me, "I come here for your mom's food. Not for you. Well, I guess a little for you, but mostly your mom's food. It's so good!" I felt such love. But, seriously, I understand. My mom makes amazing food. I just hope I don't eat too much before I have to go to other people's houses. :P Anyways, I don't think there's a point to my rambling. I just feel like rambling. CAUSE I HAVE BETTER FOOD THAN YOU. BE JEALOUS. I baked a cake too. But because I am useless in the kitchen, and my mom refused to help me, the cake turned out dry. Apparently it's not that bad. That's a good thing. The picture is of my cake. It doesn't look bad, though, right? Anyways, hope you have a great Eid! Even if you don't celebrate it, have a good day! Now, I'm off to eat more chicken kabobs. I ate like four or five already. I'll probably be twice my weight by the end of this. Whatever. BYE!

~ An hour later ~
Oh. My. God. These kids are tearing up my room. This is why I do not like kids and will never consider teaching as a profession. Kids are evil. And crazy. And the aunties? They let their kids do whatever they feel like. I like the aunties and all, but they need to control their kids. They're driving me nuts. And I ate too much chicken so I'm not allowed to eat anymore. :( I is sad now. (Yes, I am aware that the previous sentence is not grammatically correct. I did that on purpose I can't wait till I get out of my house and go to the other neighbors' houses. At least I forced the kids to clean up a little bit.

~Hours later~
Such a tiring day. All I will say is 5 hours of sleep is definitely not enough for me on Eid. In fact, I always sleep more than 5 hours. I am so tired. But first I have to pray and clear the junk off my bed and argh. So much work. If you read this, sorry, I know I complain a lot. Thank you for your patience.


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