Why are people so judgemental?

Why are people so judgemental?

im jus trying to help a cause. please read its important

Chapter 1

Seth Walsh

by: Jaykub
so i stayed with a cousin in this small town a ways north of L.a. California and i always saw this kid around this school like everyday

one time he actually had face paint on like a cat and walked around saying im a kitty cat and i admired him for expressing himself and not being ashamed of it.

then one day i didnt see him.. and the next and the next no kid.. and i watched the news and it turned out this kids name was Seth Walsh and he killed himself because he was gay and kids at his school made fun of him and he hung himself.

he didnt die from hanging himself but went into a coma and died later.

how can people be so cruel? yeah he was a little different but thats not his fault and its not our place to judge other people.

my point is stop bullying other people on here based on if they're straight gay or bi. it doesnt matter and if you dont like dont say anything about it

get over it. kids shouldnt end their lives to end the pain.


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