Wolves and Boys. (A Jacob Black Love Story)

First Jacob story. So be nice and please comment.

Chapter 1

My Situation

"YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME!" Jacob screamed at me, making me back away.
I dont know how he could have said that, we practically raised together. There were some things I didn't know and somethings he didn't know, but to say that I didnt know anything would be a lie.
He walked away from me, his fists clenched.
"Jacob." I took a step forward, trying to reason with him.
He turned around looking at me angrily.
"Dont." he pointed a finger at me. "Get away from me. Go away. Go back to North Dakota."
He turned back around.
I stared after him. Go back to North Dakota? How could I? My family was murdered, I had no other place to go, but here.
I fumbled with my dark hair. This was my home now. I couldn't just leave. Billy had taught me so much about my...situation.

The wind played with my dark black fur as I raced through the woods with ease. Yes, this was my situation. I didnt really want it, and as most people might think that its amazing to be a wolf, its kind of a blessing/curse.
But for now, I thought of it as a blessing.
It felt good to be in this form. To escape the world and live in the darkness of the night...to forget everything and everyone.
The only problem was, I wasn't the only wolf out here. There were many others as well. A pack of them to be more exact.
I steered clear of them.
All of them were in their wolf form as well. Great. So much for the peace and quiet. If these wolves could talk, the whole forest would be able to hear them. They talked so loud.
I shook my head and kept running.

I looked in the mirror as I got dressed. There was nothing like a midnight run to clear someones head.
I brushed my long dark hair and then ran my fingers through it.
I heard a knock on my door. I quickly ran towards the door and opened it to find Jacob standing there shirtless.
His face read that he clearly did not want to be here.
"Look, uh, I just came by to tell you that there is another animal in the woods. So stay out of there, unless you want to get yourself killed. I wont be there if you do." he frowned.
"What kind of animal?" I asked innocently.
Maybe a little too innocently.
Had they been closer than I thought, when I ran through the forest?
"Just dont worry about it. Its big and can kill you, thats all you need to know." he said annoyed.
"Well thanks for the warning. Was that all?" I asked him trying to read the expressions on his face.
"One more thing. I'm sorry for those things I said to you earlier today." he said still not looking at me.
He didnt sound sorry. But that was Jacob for you.
"I have been having a real messed up week." he looked at me finally.
"Yea me too." I agreed with him.

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