Bullying Repost Repost!

Im reposting this because this is really awesome and it makes sense and means something to me.

Chapter 1

The only Chapter

You know the girl you called 'fat'? Well she's right now overdosing on diet pills.

You know the boy who you tripped? He's already abused at home.

You know the old man you called 'ugly'? He fought in a war for you. This is how you pay him back?

You know the kid you called stupid? Well they study hours a night because they have learning disablity.

You know the girl you called ugly? She spends hours putting on make-up just to make people like her.

You know the people you bully? You have just ruined part of them. You have just killed off a part of them. All because of that one sentence, you have ruined them. Repost if you're against bullying. I bet most of you won't....

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