Please read(if you were my friend before I changed or still am now)!

The actual story part will tell you! You can wait 5 seconds.

Chapter 1

Do you miss the old me?

So, does anyone remember when I was happy, care free, and having fun? I sure don't. It's all a fuzzy dream. A fuzzy dream no one remembers. At least I don't.

I miss the old me. I really do. I have changed a lot. I guess that's part of life but this is the part I wish really was a dream. But it's not.

Does anyone else miss the old me? I do. I'm now emo, depressed, non trusting. I don't know what even happen! I'm sure no one else does! I want to get outa the he'll you call my life.

Please comment if you miss the old me. I'll try to change. I will. But I will probaly fail. I came this far. Now I'm... Different. Please comment if you want the old me back. The happy me.


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