About The People I love

Hello everyone! This is a group story I made where in each chapter, a different person gets to name a couple of persons they love, and about how beautiful they really are. I <3 all of you.

Chapter 1

Bree :D

Heya, this is from Bree! <3


Wow. That's all I can say, really. At times when I get depressed, and wonder what the point of it all is, I go to Quibblo, and click one of our messages. It reminds me that there are people like you in this world; Gorgeous, sweet, talented, and smart. I wish there were more beautiful words to describe you!
You once made me a beautiful poem, stating I was an angel. I can only say you are much more of a pure angel than I am, with honest and truly good intentions. I might never have met you, but I intend to someday, and I love you! That's all I can say :)


You're always there when I need you, with good advise, and a warm hug. Your words are like hot chocolate milk on a freezing day, and you're an amazing, wonderful, beautiful and sweet person. A grammar nazi, and an incredibly smart one at that! You're a good person, Julie, remember that! I love you!


Ah Mike. xD. Whenever I need a laugh, you're there, as if you know when you're needed. You're a people-pleaser, and hate hurting anyone's feelings! You're my personal big teddybear, and a hug-whore. Hugs Love you!


Okay, what can I say.. First of all, you're gorgeous, it doesn't matter what anyone else tells you! Second, we'll rule the universe. Third, sometimes I wonder just how crazy we both are, but then shrug it off,, because you can always make me laugh, and I love you for it! You're a great person, Sydders!


Oh Teagzi! I love you so much! You're so gorgeous, even though you don't seem to realize it yourself, and you always stick up for people. I wish I could fly to NZ and just hug the (insert your imagination here) out of you! You deserve the best, and I wish I could give it all to you, 'cuz I love you girl! Don't ever hurt yourself, sweetie! Just throw a pot out of the window or something!
(That reminds me...Pot plant...xD)


Sammich! You're so multi-talented, it's hard to keep track of you! I never saw you dancing, but I know you must be really good! You're absolutely beautiful, a great writer, and a bit basketball-crazed...Hmm...xD Don't forget how charming and sweet you are, and don't take things out on yourself! Love ya!


Hehe, that's right, you're on my list too! You can make the tears roll over my cheeks with laughter, and are an inspiring writer! I can't wait to have another food-fight competition with you...Hehe...xD I haven't talked to you as much as with some others, but can already tell you absolutely rock! Go Sally!


Hmm....My tiny chatzy sister! At times you're a bit sad, but when you're cheery, you make me laugh, and I wish you the best! You're extremely loyal towards, friends, and I thank you for sticking up for me! I love you! You're absolutely beautiful, sweetie!


Your story are soo good! To anyone reading this, READ HER DARNED STORIES! It doesn't matter what you write about, it's all awesome! You're funny and friendly as well, and I want to give you a big high-five! You go girl! Rock on!


You're quite unsure of yourself, but there is no need to! I love you, you're amazing, you're sweet, you're tough, you're crazy, you're beautiful, and above all, you're my friend! Hugs you Remember all that, sweetie!


Ah Mamber! Funny, tough, awesome, but on top of all that, as sweet as an Orea McFlurry! (Couldn't help myself...) I love ya, girl!

Right now, I can't think of anyone else,- (Stuffed brain, sorry!) -but I want you to know, that whoever reads this, I love you, and you're beautiful! Hugs And last of all, I want to thank everyone in real life, who won't read this, but I'll state it anyway:
My sister: for supporting me, helping me, and her warm heart.
My mother: for guiding me through life, doing an awesome job at it.
My dad: for teaching me my love of music and art.
Anne: for being my friend, even though I don't talk to her much, she's incredible.
My brother: for being annoying. I need someone to blame at times :P


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