who will you marry?(part 68)

Chapter 1


You open ur eyes as you feel a prickly senensation go over ur skin as if u should know this place or something as he lands gracefully setting ur feet upon the ground but continues to hold you close. Where are we? u say quietly as the unnatural silence seems to cover the land like a blanket, as the smell of the coming rain assaults your nose. We are at a cemetery that is on the border of tarragon and earth, your not scared are u? he smiles teasingly. Shaking ur head no, even though you had a feeling something or someone was watching u. As u grab his hand as he leads you forward and he moves deeper into the cemetery as the clouds begin to darken. Stopping at a big Mossileum that is made of stone and on top is what looks like an angel with his wings outstretched looking out into the distance. Who tomb is this? You say Turning around to look at u, there a sad haunting look in his eyes, its mine he murmurs before turning back to the entrance pushing the stone aside as if it were nothing. Glancing inside you see nothing but darkness as he motions for you to go inside ahead of him

How is that possible ur standing here?

A soft mist begins to fall and he says lets go inside it will shield us from the rain, going inside the tomb it looks neat and clean with the coffin in the far back which has the carving of a sword with a rose wrapped around it. So, tell me how are standing here if ur dead? Staying uncharesticaly quiet, Standing close to you he touched your face his hand, looking into his eyes you reached up and covered his hand with yours .trying to comfort him, as he seem to be reliving the horror of what happened to him in his mind. it happened a long time ago, though it seems like yesterday he begin softly, I was human,10yrs old and I had a younger cousin that was like my sister she was only 5yrs old with blue eyes and blond hair her name was cayo it meant happiness and she always followed me around like a puppy. Well one day my mother left me in charge of her because she had to go into town. He turned away as tears begin falling, you gently brushed them away kissing his cheek, you don’t have to say anymore, if this is too hard you soothingly. He shook his head. no, I need to get this out, okay, you say encouragly sitting next to him on the edge of the coffin. Late that night She was playing in front of the TV when I heard several gunshots go off outside close to the house unthinking I grabbed my mother’s gun thinking it was an intruder and told her stay inside and rushed outside, I was gone only for a few seconds. I mean… she was 5 and she knew to stay put… his last words came out a sob as the storm begin to rage outside the tomb. Taking deep breaths trying to bring his emotions under control he continues, when I came back in she was gone, I searched for her inside and when I couldn’t find her inside I ran back outside only to see her laying on the ground with a gunshot wound. I tried to save her, but it didn’t work, he took a breath, she followed me and whoever was shooting the gun hit her instead of me. I didn’t even feel it when a second shoot rang out and ended my life as a human.

You couldn’t have predicted that she would follow you outside, it wasn’t your fault you say quietly

No, I should known, she was always following me no matter how many times I told you not to. I should have been more responsible, If I had only taken a few seconds to lock the door instead of just rushing outside like an idiot, she would be alive, I should have protected her. Dante’s hurt and pain came through every word.

So now you go around killing people, putting your self in danger so you can right this wrong? You asked

He nodded I should died instead, cayo was beautiful little girl innocent, and pure. She didn’t deserve what happened to her.

Clasping you hand on both sides of his face she tilted you head so that you were looking into his eyes. I know how you feel you say as begin to think of your time in the orphanage and the ones you left behind.

He lowered his mouth to yours kissing u gently. you eagerly opened your lips to his probing tongue letting him draw you into his crushing embrace. Outside the storm continue to rage in this place of death as you were both finding the strength to live. you felt his hand slip beneath your dress and caress your back , making his way to the clasp of your bra. He easily freed you of it. then his hand was at the front of your dress, so that he could caress your breasts. At first he was gentle, squeezing and softly caressing your flesh, but he began to squeeze harder, sending a sensation through your body that was pure pleasure.your darkness begin to grow inside you to the point of no return, as the darkness and your long dark hair in your vampire form cascade down your back and your eyes were red. your fangs came out and your desire and lust increased 10 fold. Pulling back he says, are u okay? Sry you blush it happens when I get excited. Moving slowly your lips moved from his mouth to his jaw you felt the softness of his skin as your fangs nicked at his skin.

You begin to quiver, your need mounting until you were nearly beyond reason.” I want you Dante”, you gasped.

Are u sure?
“oh yes, im sure”.

Dante lifted you up, cradling you in his arms, carrying you to the stone coffin and laid you down. Even if I make love to you right here?

Yes, you whispered.

Dante reached down and grabbing the edge of your dress gently pulling it up and over your head, so that you were lying there, exposed to his eager eyes. His clothes came off came off more quickly than yours had. You couldn’t help but stare, he was glorious, his body a tribute to all that was manliness. You felt him spread your legs and his tongue darted teasingly at the moist heat of your womanly flesh. You arched your hips to meet his tongue, trembling as he brought you such wicked pleasure. The grip that he had on your thighs was painful, but his tongue on enhanced the pleasure. His tongue moved to you thighs and then made its way slowly up to you stomach and then up to you breasts, tasting you as he did. You groaned, your hunger and lust exploding. You could his stiff manhood against your thigh, and you yearned for him to posses you. You wriggled beneath him urging him to penetrate you throbbing core. You were crazy with lust as your vampire half took over and you could think of nothing but the moment that he would take you completely making u his.

Dante, I need you now! you breathed

You were beyond caring what he did to you, as long as he sated your desire for him. Are you sure? He asked his voice taking on a rough but gentle quality. I could hurt you.

Im sure…. That I will die of pleasure if you don’t, your words coming out in little gasps

Plunging deep inside you, he begin to thrust wildly, you screamed, as the pain went hand in hand with pure pleasure. you propelled your hips to meet his as he rocked against you, slamming into your swollen hot flesh. Wrapping your legs around his waist you pulled him in deeper. Again you screamed as you felt the desire within you grow into an uncontrollable hunger spreading thought your body.The dark look of his eyes as his own needs surged, sent you into your own orgasm. You reached that most explosive point when you felt his hard flesh pulsate within you as he soared to his peak

For a long time you lay still wrapped in his arms eyes closed with your head on his chest feeling the safety and peace you hadn’t felt since you had arrived in tarragon. He Brushed a strand of hair away from your face and you opened your eyes smiling down at him. You know I should thank you he whispers wrapping his finger in your hair, and why is that? you giggle. Because you’re the first and only person ive told about cayo, I guess I should feel honored you murmured placing a hand on his chest. But then if anything I should thanking you have been nothing but honest to me since u meet me, I trust u with my life. As soon as the words leave ur lips, he moves away from you,and his demeanor becomes serious.

He begins putting on his pants, handing you your bra and dress. Putting on your clothes, you grab his arm gently but firmly. He turns looking you in the eyes, did I say something wrong you say quietly. No, he whispers pulling u close in gentle embrace, then what’s wrong?, You say your voice breaking. Listen, he says, kissing you on the forehead he says this cannot happen again, what!? Why? Did what just happen between us mean nothing to you nearly shriek. No, it was better than I could have ever dreamed he says, that is why I have to do this, I love u too much Ashanti ,and I brought death once to the one I loved before and I do not wish to lose u trust me its better for us this way. all the sudden you feel strange as if ur happy, sad ,angry and tired all at the same time. In the back of ur mind u realize he putting u in a trance as u try to fight, but its no use as u feel him enter ur mind firmly, and when he is done you collapse at his feet as blackness enveloped your heart and mind


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