who will you marry?(part 66)

Chapter 1

Debut Ball

You arrive at the ball in total splendor, with all 6 guys in tow, making u feel like u have ur own entourage with Anthony dressed in all black, Michael dressed in white and gold, Johnny dressed in the vintage pinstripe pants, white dress shirt with black vest over the top of it with the fedora hat that brings it all together, Shawn dressed in the traditional black and white tuxedo, Shane is dressed in black pants and white dress shirt with a gold embodied vest and lastly Brandon who is wearing a simple button down shirt with a pair of wrangler blue jeans and a pair of cowboy boots and cowboy hat.

Your feeling good in this royal party with all the food and champagne, watching all the people dancing and having fun all around u. when u think u see Dante or someone who looks fairly close. When you blink whoever it was seemed to disappear, as a group of laughing people walk in front of you obscuring your view. Thinking that was odd, you think as you take another sip of the glass of champagne that was given to you, maybe it was just coincidence, because you highly doubt he’d risk discovery just to see little ole you. Then it happens you see him and your heart seems to skip a beat, Dante he is on the far side the room standing casually near the hallway, your eyes meet and they seem to entice you playfully, almost daring you to follow him. Why is he here of all places?, is here maybe to help you rescue your sister, or maybe he is here to make sure you don’t get in over your head and do something stupid like rescue your sister single handed. Whatever the reason, you decide to take the chance, because he only seems to show up when something big is going down.

Standing you weave your way through the crowd trying to get the hallway. Making your way to the hallway, which is unusually dark and the moon shining through window gives everything an unearthly glow. Glancing down the hallway you see nothing and no one, hmm maybe you were mistaken when u saw him disappear down this hallway. No you say to yourself once maybe coincidence but twice is intentional. Taking slow steps down the hallway, your heart seems to beat in your ears as you keep an eye out for your friend, all the sudden you feel someone push you against the wall, your about to cry out when this mysterious person places a hand over your mouth, and a familiar voice tells you to shush. Your eyes began to adjust to the darkness and you smile as you realize who it is Dante, he was wearing a pair of simple blue jeans and t-shirt with sneakers completely underdressed for the debut ball but with such sexy dark eyes like that what more did he need and he was just the person you were looking for.

. Pulling you deeper into the dark hallway, he grins down at you saying I thought I told you to you to be careful tonight, yet ur drinking and carrying on as if you not in danger. I could say the same to you say smirking up at him, and it wasn’t like you were very subtle staring me down like that. What can I say he shrugs, you know when I see something I like I cant help myself as he touches your hair skillfully wrapping one his fingers in one your curls that had escaped from its bobby pin. God, he smells good you think as you smirk playfully at him saying you’ve have said anything about the dress im wearing or how it the same dress you suggested I wear. Why would I ever do that, when it what’s under the dress that interests more he whispers huskily leaning in close to your ear. Your cheeks begin to redden as you realize what he is implying. Damn he good, you think as you push away all the dirty things you were thinking of doing to him as you realize that you had another reason to find him. Clearing your throat you say so tell me Dante, I know you didn’t come here just to seduce me, why are you really here? His attitude seems to change and his tone becomes totally serious like when he was about to teach you a lesson or about to say something you didn’t want to hear. Bracing yourself for the worst, he looks into your eyes and says do you trust me? Blinking you think can u really trust him? On the one hand he has never given you reason not to trust him but then how much do really know about him, or are u just fooling yourself, like a sheep to slaughter. If I say yes, what then you say.

Then I would ask a favor from you, I need you to help me rescue a friend that’s here under guard. A friend or a “friend”? you tilt your head slightly as you smile mischievously. Strictly business, he smirks well who is this friend ? I cant tell u that, its classified, that why I need u to trust me, please he says taking ur hand in his looking into your eyes, you’re the only one I can trust with this. All right im in you say, against ur better judgment, but tell how much danger is this rescue mission, I wont lie he frowns saying this wont be easy but then nothing good in in life is ever easy , I promise you I will not put u in more danger than necessary, and I guarantee that what ever happens we will all walk away free on way or another you. Okay what’s the plan? Well Im going to make a distraction drawing the guards outside the room and let me guess you say I go in behind you to rescue your friend. Close but not quite we cant be seen together you so you are going up through the vents.

here he says handing u a black one piece skintight latex suit that looks like something cat woman would wear, are u serious? u say turning it over in your hand. deadly he whispers, sighing you get dressed and he took ur clothes from u saying he would put them somewhere for safekeeping. Giving u a map of the air vents he gives u a lift as you pull yourself into vent before putting the cover back in place thinking what have you got yourself into. Moving slowly on your belly as not to make noise as you follow the map, coming to the first vent cover you look through the holes in the vent, and you see a girl who looks vaguely familiar surrounded by 7 guards in the room with her and hair that is brown like yours but a darker, shifting around to get a better view you see that she is sitting in a chair wearing a traditional velvet dark green long sleeved dress that is edged in lace where it cut low in the front and around her neck is a beautiful necklace with a clear crystal on the end that looks like yours, the pieces begin to fit and when she stands up from her chair and turns around as if looking for something it seals it, its your sister you eyes were big as saucers and a lighter brown than yours were. Feeling someone familiar touch your mind, you smile as you hear your sister, I can feel you Ashanti I know your close I can almost feel as if I can reach out and touch you, dnt worry Bella I coming to rescue you say touching her mind gently.

Don’t he is coming she says before cutting off contact with u, She all the sudden stiffens and hurries to sit back down in the chair as Vince comes in backhanding you hard across you face, and it took all your restraint you had to not to jump down and kill him for hurting your sister. Then oddly enough he turns a corner becoming creepy as he says I know this may be hard to hear sweetheart, gently touching her cheek where he had just struck her but your sister is not going to rescue you, in fact she Is out there partying with you little guy friends, she doesn’t care about you, she going to become queen what are you to her but an unpleasant roadblock. If u give in to me I promise I will take care of you, I wont ever leave u alone, he goes to kiss you but she turns away and tear falls upon you cheek. All the sudden he looks up into the ceiling as if he knows your up there, you hold ur breath becoming completely still, where is she he? I know she is here as he rounds on your sister shaking her like a rag doll grabbing her by both of her shoulders as she shakes her head no, more tears falling .You start go as you send a mental message to her saying to your sister I love u and no matter what he says I promise I‘ll rescue you if it the last thing I do, as if responding she sends you a mental picture of the front of the door and a castle.

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