Love Lost in a Forbidden Valley (Chapter 18)

Chapter 18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOOP WOOP so this is veryyy actiony.
Some things you may or may not be fond of but . . . enjoyy

Chapter 1

Bellatrix's Ultimatum

by: kinewnew
“Lucius, do you think it’s him?” Bellatrix asked excitedly.

He shrugged, “Hard to tell, his face is battered up. Looks like the stinging jinx.”
She turned towards us; her face was contortioned with glee.

“You!” she pointed towards me, “Come here,” I reluctantly walked towards her; my hand was wrapped tightly around Scorpius’s.

I looked Ron and Hermione; it took every ounce of calmness in me to not run up to them and wrap my arms around them. I couldn’t say the same for Scorpius, he nearly let go of my hand to hug Hermione. Which didn’t go unnoticed by Bellatrix. She took my arm and yanked me closer towards Harry.

“Girl! Is this Harry Potter,” she asked very viciously.

“Of course not,” I told her.

This only seemed to anger her more, “Foolish girl don’t lie to me. I know you were acquainted with him and his two followers.”

“I have no clue what you are talking about,” I told her casually. She huffed, and pushed me out of her way.

“Draco, come here,” her patience wearing thin. He approached us and went immediately to me, his hand reaching out for mine, which I reluctantly took.

“Draco is this Potter,” She asked him, much softer than the way she asked me.

“I- I- can’t” he stuttered.

“Wait doesn’t Potter wear Glasses?” Bellatrix intervened.

“We found glasses ma’am,” Travers said. They took the glasses from him and put them on Harry’s face.

“Come on now Draco, focus,” Lucius said.

“I-Maybe,” my gripped tightened, “I mean no, it’s hard to tell.” He finished.

I could see the anger flow through her but before she could say anything
Narcissa spoke up. What is with this family?

“Bella! Look! Look at the boy, his curse is wearing off.” She exclaimed. Instinctively we all looked over at him, and it was true. Harry’s distorted face was returning to normal.

“Oh no!” I said silently. Ron and Hermione had identical masks of horror. Couldn’t say the same for Bellatrix though who was once again bursting with excitement. While Lucius and Narcissa kept exchanging looks of anxiety.

“Potter,” Bellatrix smirked.

“Shall we call The Dark Lord then,” Lucius said while lifting his sleeve to reveal the Dark Mark.

“Stop!” Bellatrix and I said at the same time. I looked at her, startled. She was staring intently at the shiny object in Hermione’s snatchers hand, which I failed to notice until now.

“Do not touch; we shall all perish if the Dark Lord comes now!” She said, she walked slowly towards the snatcher.”

“What is that?” She asked him.

“A sword,” the snatcher said.

“Give it to me!”

“We found it in their tent, I reckon it’s ours now ma’am,” he told her.

She pulled out her wand and started flinging curses across the room. Narcissa pulled Draco away, and I covered Scorpius. All the snatchers were now lying on the floor, unconscious.

“Draco, move this scum outside,” Bellatrix said, indicating the unconscious men. “If you haven’t got the guts to finish them leave them for me.”

“Don’t you dare speak to Draco like—” Narcissa started furiously, but Bellatrix screamed.

“Be quiet! The situation is graver than you can possibly imagine Cissy!” She straightened herself out, “Potter must not be harmed, the Dark Lord wishes to dispose of Potter himself.” She turned back towards her sister. “The prisoners must be placed in the cellar, while I think of what to do,”

“This is my house Bella, you don’t give orders in my—”

“Do it! You have no Idea the danger we are in!” She shrieked. Narcissa sighed and Called for Wormtail.

“Yes, Mistress,” He said nastily as he took in the sight of what just happened.

“Take these prisoners down to the cellar,” She told him.

“Wait,” Bellatrix said sharply. “All except . . . except for the mudblood.”

This literally sent Ron into a frenzy, “No!” he shouted. “You can have me, keep me!” She hit him across the face, the blow could be heard throughout the room.

“If she dies under questioning, I’ll take you next,” she said. “Blood traitor is next to Mudblood in my book. Take them away Wormtail,” she spat. She then turned towards me and Scorp.

“As for you two,” she said. “/Petrificus Totalus/. That should keep you out of my way.”

“Bella. . .” Narcissa said softly, staring at us.

“Quiet Cissy!” Bellatrix said to her. She stalked towards Hermione and grabbed handful of her hair dragging her towards us. We watched as her hand collided with Hermione’s face.

“Where did you get the sword?” She asked dangerously.

“We found it,” Hermione cried.

“You dare lie to me, Crucio!” she screamed. I could feel the tears fall down my face as we watch Hermione writhe in pain. Underneath her screams, we could also hear Ron yelling from the cellar.

“Where did you get the sword! WHERE?” Bellatrix screamed.

“We found it – We found it – PLEASE!” Hermione screamed again.

“Lies!” We watched as Bellatrix’s foot collided with Hermione’s Torso. The cruciatus curse was also being used again. Screams filled the room again.

“You are lying, Filthy mudblood, and I know it! You have been inside my vault at Gringotts! Tell the truth, tell the truth!”

Bellatrix then pulled out a knife, we could see her pressing down on Hermione’s arm, and her screams filled the room. She pulled the knife up, and I could see the Blood dripping down it.

“What else did you take? What else have you got? Tell me the truth or, I swear, I shall run you through with this knife!”

Hermione’s voice was weak. “We haven’t been to your vault, it’s a copy!”

“A copy” Bellatrix screeched, “Oh likely story!” and she continued the handy work on Hermione’s arm. Her screams filled the room once more; tears fell down her face, as well as mine.

Hermione spoke again when she finished, though she was almost inaudible, “It is! We took it from Dolores Umbridge’s office, at the ministry of magic. She had it hanging on her wall, and no one was in there so we took it,”

Lucius interrupted before Bellatrix could speak, “Yes, I heard that they took something from the Ministry a while ago,”

Before she could say something there was a loud crack from the cellar.

“What was that?” Lucius shouted. “Did you hear that? What was that noise in the cellar? Draco – No Wormtail go and check.”

We watched as he made his way down.

“What is it, Wormtail?” Lucius called out after a while.

“Nothing!” I knew it was Ron, but no one else seemed wise enough to realize.

Relief filled Bellatrix’s face, “Good,” and with one last kick to Hermione she raised her sleeve. “And now we call the Dark Lord,” and touched her forefinger to the Dark Mark.

“And we can dispose of the Mudblood,” she raised her wand towards Hermione.

“NOOOOO!” Ron had burst into the room. Bellatrix looked around shocked; she turned her wand to face Ron instead –

“Expelliarmus!” He roared, pointing Wormtail’s wand at Bellatrix, and hers flew into the air which was caught by Harry. I immediately felt the curse wear off of us. My arms flew around Scorpius. Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco wheeled about. Harry yelled, “Stupefy!” and Lucius Malfoy collapsed onto the hearth. I pulled out my wand as well and turned to face Bellatrix.

“STOP OR SHE DIES!” She was supporting Hermione, who seemed to be unconscious, and was holding her silver knife to her throat. Her arm sporting the word Mudblood.

“Drop your wands,” she whispered.

My wand never left my hand, Ron stood rigid, still clutching Wormtail’s, and Harry was the same with Bellatrix’s.

“I said, drop them!” she screeched, pressing the blade into Hermione’s throat: Harry saw beads of Blood appear there.

“All Right!” Harry shouted, and he dropped them, as Did I and Ron.

“Good!” she leered. “Draco, pick them up. The Dark Lord is coming Harry Potter! Your death approaches!”

Sadly to say, she was right. There was no way Harry could get out of here without Hermione dying. Draco picked up Wormtail’s and Bellatrix’s, slowly approaching me, to retrieve mine. I glared at him, and he just stared at me. I could see the remorse in his eyes.

“Now, Cissy I think we ought to tie these little Heroes up again, while I take care of Miss Mudblood,”

At the last word there was a peculiar grinding noise from above. All of us looked upward in time to see the crystal chandelier tremble; then, with a creak and an ominous jingling, it began to fall. Draco instantly pushed Scorpius and me out of the way. Glittering shards of crystal flew in all directions. Draco doubled over, his hands covering his bloody face. I looked towards Scorpius checking to make sure he was okay. Ron ran to pull Hermione away from Bellatrix. Harry leapt over an armchair and wrestled the three wands from Draco’s grip.

Bellatrix quickly stood, “Dobby! You dropped the chandelier!” She screeched. I looked around, and sure enough there he was.

“You must not hurt Harry Potter,” he squeaked.

“Kill him, Cissy!” Bellatrix shrieked, but there was another crack, and Narcissa’s wand too flew in to the air and landed on the other side of the room.

“How dare you take a witch’s wand, how dare you defy your master?” Bellatrix bawled.

“Dobby has no master!” squealed the elf. “Dobby is a free elf, and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends.”

Harry moved suddenly, throwing me my wand, and one to Ron. “Ron lets, Go!” he yelled, throwing me one parting glance. He seized Dobby’s hand, I saw
Bellatrix move the knife spiraling towards them. I raced in front of them and the knife pierced my side. There was a loud crack from behind me, and I was sure they were gone. My hands instinctively went to my injured side, blood seeping my clothes. I screamed as I felt someone remove the knife, Narcissa. I looked towards Scorpius, he was glowing. I could see the fury surrounding him. There was a loud bang, and Bellatrix flew into the bookshelf.

“You insolent little bo—” Her screams cut her off. Whatever Scorpius was doing was causing her serious pain.

“Scorpius, son, Calm down!” Draco yelled, and I watch as he tried to grab him, which only led for him to be bounced off Scorpius and into the wall behind him.
Scorpius turned around, his anger faltering as he realized what he did to Draco.
Scorpius ran to me, tears falling down his face, and wrapped his arms around my chest. All I could do was cry with him.

A loud crack filled the room.

“Bella, Lucius, what is this?” The voice that I have been dreading to hear.

so . . . Dobby could absolutely not die in this storyy
That hermione part was sad, I cried typing it


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