Two Young Lads killed because they protested against eve-teasing

Two Young Lads killed because they protested against eve-teasing

They were killed because they fought against eve-teasing and the worst part was 50 odd onlookers watched it like a reality show and only one of them helped them to get hospitalized.

Chapter 1

Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez

On 20 October 2011 Keenan Santos, Reuben Fernandes and a group of their friends,including two girls, were standing outside the Restaurant at 11pm where they had just dinned. (11pm is not too late at night in this city and is crowded at that time of the night.) A drunken man standing nearby purposely fell on one of the girls while walking past her and passed vulgar comments. Keenan and Reuben confronted the man for misbehaving.
The drunken man returned with 10 more people holding knifes. Keenan and Reuben who saw them coming sent the girls back to the restaurant and stood to defend the attackers. The two took on the mob unarmed though they knew they were outnumbered. They were stabbed and hurt, but not one of the onlookers stepped in to help them. The girls cried out for help to get them hospitalized even then the only person to help them was the restaurant manager. Keenan was stabbed in the stomach and died on the spot. Reuben was taken to hospital and had been kept in dark about Keenan's death and was told that Keenan was doing well. But the police came in for investigation and gave Reuben the news of Keenan's death. And that was a severe blow to him. He later succumbed to injuries.

God rest those Brave Souls.

I honestly wish that the onlookers who stood numb would never have a peace of mind. And every time they go to sleep i wish the incident they witnessed flashes in front of them. Till they die they should be tortured by the thought they did nothing but watch.

It's so shameful that none helped out. 50odd against 15 would have been too easy. Yet they stood there watching, just watching. If they were scared to help them while fighting, they could have at least helped them get an ambulance.

The families and friends of the two are still fighting for justice and have pledged to continue what the two had started.

Hope atleast the people will now realize what the fight is against and stand against these incidents should it occur again. (I pray this doesn't repeat but if it does I hope we don't take it like a dumb person)


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