So What's Up? (Updates, Announcements, and More!)

Here I will post random stuff about me, my stories, news, etc. Yeah, I know, kinda boring, but whatever XD I have seen a lot of people doing this so I thought "What the heck?!"

So read on why don't ya! :P

Chapter 1

Story Updates + First Post :P

Howdy! XD I decided to make this little blogish post cause I saw a few of my friends do it and I thought "Why not?" Here is what I am planning for my stories...

Only Fools Fall in Love
Still looking for someone to adopt this story!! I feel bad for having to give it up, but I can't neglect it anymore so please anyone who is interested just message me!

Love Me Till My Heart Stops
Sorry for not updating this as often as I should :( I have a lot of free time this week so we will she what happens....cause it's Christmas at the Weasley's!! Prepare for not as much drama as the past few chapters, but trust me it is building up to a very intense and dramatic chapter :D

This ones kinda come to a stand still, but no need to fret! I have a few ideas that I need to play around with so there may or may not be a new chapter anytime soon... :(

Just Take a Chance
My newest story! XD Have a basic idea for the next chapter just need to put it in words so I will hopefully have a new chapter up soon....I hope! :/

My NoNaWriMo Story
Having fun so far with Novel Writing month! I am still deciding if I want to post my novel on here after it's done or as I am writing it....An excerpt and a summary can be found on my NoNaWriMo profile (here's the link:

That is pretty much it! I have a few small poll/quiz ideas I might add soon, but so far this is all I got!
-kruzie <3


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