It was early in the morning, the sunlight shining through the curtainless window. I was already wide awake and ready for the day. But there was one thing I wasnt ready for today.

Love. Well, Demon love that is.

But maybe we should start from the begining...

Chapter 1

The fighters

It was about a year ago, the day we all met. But it was also the day of the choosing. The choosing is the day where the four counties- north, south, east, and west- choose the five fighters for the war. The winners get a big feast as a reward. Most of the winners come from the north county, but only because they are closer to the upper-state. South county, the one I live in, is always the loser county. everyone in my county always dies first. Were the farthest from the upper-state, so we dont get much of anything. Were lucky if we even have an hour of electricty a week.

But anyway, back to the choosing. The choosing is held in the park in the middle of town. Its really small park with only grass and a small stage for important events like this. We've tried to expand it, but that would mean tearing down the nearby buisnesses. So we just keep it the way it is. But its really a big cluster-fudge. You would expect it to be, with over one thousand people trying to crowd into a one hundred person park. But everyone just ignored the over flow of people and focused their attention to the stage. A skinny woman with orange and green hair walked onto the stage. She must have been wearing a wig.

"Ok people!" She shouted into the microphone. "My name is Jewel Enfrite and I will be the announcer for the choosing and the escort for the fighters. Now, when i call your name, please make your way up to the stage and take a seat."

I was so nervous. The chances of me getting picked were one in a thousand, but I ws still so nervous. The thought of me losing to the other counties sent a cold chill up my spine. The crowd was silent, waiting for the first fighter to be chosen. The suspense was maddening.

"Ok so our first fighter is... Ella Lynn!" Ella quickly made her way to the stage and started blowing kisses to the audience. The thought of dying had totally slipped her mind. She was just really excited to eat all the fancy food she wants before the war. Finally, Jewel signaled her to sit down and be quiet. Of course, Ella slipped in one last kiss. Jewel quickly turned back around to the audience, her wig slipping off a bit. The funny thing was, she didnt even notice.

"Now for our next fighter" She said. "Its Danh Ta!" Danh was a short, fat kid who was madly in love with Ella. He ran to the stage, waddling from side to side. The first thing he did was run straigt to Ella and attempt to give her a hug. She hugged him back, but she made a weird face, almost like she was throwing up. Danh let go of Ella and slowly waddled to his seat. Jewel finally noticed that her wig was crooked and quickly fixed it.

"Our third fighter" she said, ignoring all of the commotion coming from the audience. "Is Layla white." Wow. Even Jewel said that with very little emotion. Layla was only a little nine year old with a few missing teeth and long, yet very tangled, blonde hair. She was not fit for this war, either. She was skinnier then a twig. Plus, She was so scared, her father actually had to carry her to the stage and force her into the seat. After her father walked off the stage, she looked nervously at Danh and Ella and waved a little. Ella waved back, but Danh just sat back in his seat and stared at the sky. He was probably thinking about all the time he would get to spend with Ella.

"This choosing is really starting to heat up!" Yelled Jewel. "Now lets choose our fourth fighter which is... Haseo Toshino!" Haseo made his way up to the stage, his black hoodie covering his face. He barely ever did anything in school, so seeing him in the war really make my heart pound even faster. You could say I had a tiny crush on him, but I didnt really like him at all. He sat down without looking at anyone or anything but the ground. Ella, Danh, and Layla all tried to wave to him, but he just ignored them. Jewel didnt even pay any attention to him.

"And our fifth fighter is Shinja Manami!" Oh no. I knew this would happen. I just stand in my place, frozen like ice, unable to move any part of my body. One of the other girls tried poking me to see if I would move, but instead I just fell to the ground. A couple of police officers actually had to come carry me to the stage and sit me down. Even after that, I still wouldnt move. I was still frozen, now staring at the audience. Haseo tapped me on my shoulder and snapped me out of my frozen state.

"Are you okay?" He asked. He actually talked to me. Not to anyone else but me. I felt like I was in heaven.

"Y-Yea. I'm fine." I replied. Although, I wasnt fine. I was terrified, already dead inside. Jewel turned around and looked at each of us straight in the eye. She could tell which one of us would still be alive at the end of the war, And I think the only ones she thought of were me and Haseo. She's seen me hunt in the nearby woods and she has seen Haseo... well, she's just seen him. He looks buff enough to be a body builder, Even though he's not. All of us think that Layla and Danh are gonna be the first ones to die. But Ella is a little more complicated. We cant tell if she will live or die. All we know is that shes the same age as me, and good with a sword. I dont know how good, but good. The audience claps, we get shoved off the stage by some officers, and the president is awaiting us in the north county. We get shoved on a train without even being able to say goodbye to our friends and family. Well, it doesnt matter to me. I only have my sister, and no friends.

But that doesnt mean I dont wanna say goodbye to everyone before I die a bloody death.

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