The New Destiny (Invader Zim/Warriors Crossover)

The New Destiny (Invader Zim/Warriors Crossover)

The three of the newest prophecy have waited for thier chance to fullfil thier destiny. But with the upcoming threat, they'll need help from the most unlikliest of heros. Made this cause I was bored.

Chapter 1


by: Foopadoop
Four cats gathered around a pool. Stars shined in their fur and had a look of importance about them. A tortoiseshell stood up and spoke.
“The three have done well training with their powers, but the threat looms closer than ever and the time has come to do the impossible.”
A gray-blue cat stood up next, her blue eyes glowing in the gloom. Walking up to the pool she stood next to the tortoiseshell.
“Yes Spottedleaf, I never thought it would come to this, but they’ll need more help if they are to defeat Tigerstar and the cats of the Dark Forest.”
A golden tom stalked forward and came to a stop next to the former ThunderClan leader. His amber eyes racked across the clearing.
“I think I speak for all ThunderClan cats when I say that this is insane. Really Bluestar, how is getting help from ThunderClans greatest enemy going to help? I have never questioned your authority before, but I’d like to hear why accepting help from twolegs will help vanquish Tigerstar.”
Bluestar nodded in understanding and answered.
“I understand your concerns Lionheart. I myself doubted it would work. But I have watched a few twolegs and I think the powers they have may help us.”
Everyone murmured in agreement. Then a ragged grey she-cat spoke from where she sat.
“I still don’t like the idea, but it’s worth a shot. Why don’t you show us who you picked Bluestar.”
Bluestar beckoned everyone around the pool, touching it with the tip of her tail. The surface rippled and a male twoleg appeared. His black scythe like hairdo stood out and his hazel eyes shone with determination as chased something unrecognizable.
“That’s a wise choice Bluestar. He is strong and though he knows not of the power he possesses, he will come handy when the Dark Forest strikes.” Lionheart commented.
Dipping her head in acknowledgement she touched the surface again. This time a female came into view. She was slouched on some sort of soft boulder on was focused on some kind of entertainment for twolegs. Her purple hair curved around her face and her face had a look of pure concentration. Yellowfang chuckled.
“What is so funny Yellowfang? I don’t know how she will be useful. All she does is sit around with that weird twoleg thing in her paws.” A tabby asked.
“That twoleg happens to be a brilliant fighter with loads of determination and skill. She is very violent and has a very short temper. You’re going to have a very tough time with that one Bluestar.” Yellowfang responded.
Bluestar also laughed at this and showed the next image. Another male twoleg showed up. What was weird was that he had green skin. His maroon eyes darted back and forth as if he was looking for someone. A green dog stood by his side hugging a pink animal.
“Isn’t he a little stubborn and, evil?” Spottedleaf asked.
Bluestar’s only reply was a grin. She knew this creature was capable of and that he also had his flaws, but in the end he was loyal to whoever he served at the time. She moved on to the next image.
This time a female twoleg with green skin came up. She seemed to be fighting the previous twoleg. Her purple eyes narrowed in hatred. A strange grey creature stood by her side, ready to attack.
No one spoke. They knew this twoleg was dangerous, but she was only trying to please the ones she served. This also went for the green male twoleg. Both were trying to prove they were not defects to the ones who hated them. That’s what made them so perfect.
Bluestar tapped the surface one more time and the pool cleared. All the cats stood up and stretched.
“So it’s agreed. These are the twolegs we’ll send to the clans. They will stay in ThunderClan. The clans will survive!” Bluestar called out to StarClan.
The starry cats yowled their agreement. The yowling started to fade and the clearing was empty.

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