Harry Potter is against Bullying!! Repost

repost plz

Chapter 1


~The ginger wizard you just called fat? He's skipping the chicken.

~The muggle-born you called ugly? She spends hours trying to shrink her teeth to normal size.

~The potions teacher you just attacked? He's been abused by the husband of the love of his life.

~The boy with the lightening-shaped scar? For 11 years, he's lived in a cupboard under some stairs.

~The Slytherin you just made fun of for crying? He had to kill his Headmaster to make his parents proud.

~That boy you laughed at in class for melting his cauldron? His parents were tortured to insanity by Death Eaters and he was to busy worrying about visiting them over Christmas to concentrate on his potion.

~Those two ginger twins you scolded for being themselves? Now one of them is dead.

Repost this if you're against bullying.


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