George Harrison 30 Day Challenge :D

Because I'm not as heartfelt as Beatlesgeek or as good a writer as Shred, I've decided to celebrate Georgie with this: The George Harrison 30 Day Challenge!!
Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this. Feel free to do your own if you too love George. :)

And don't hate.

All my loving,

Chapter 1

Day 1: One word to describe George


The thing about George is that he took risks and did things people didn't understand, but he did them so nonchalantly, like it was nothing. For example, who would've thought a sitar of all instruments would spice up Norweigan Wood? George, that's who. And while I think Paul and Ringo were always content with being a Beatle, and John was for a while, I don't think George was ever truely satisfied with Bearle-dom, even in the early days, which says something about him.
He had dreams bigger than the Beatles.

Anyway, that's all for today. And just in case you'd like to do your own, and my lazy ass holds you back, here's the rest of the 30 day challenge.

Day 1- One word to describe George
Day 2- out to lunch with George. What do you guys eat?
Day 3- Emotions George brings you
Day 4- in what way do you love George?
Day 5- someone who reminds you of George 
Day 6- Besides "Quiet," George was the ______ Beatle.
Day 7- what you like most about his looks
Day 8- what you like most about his personality
Day 9- a word to Harrison haters
Day 10- George's Indian Stuff: yay or nay?
Day 11- fave George quote
Day 12-if you wrote a book about George, what would it be called?
Day 13- write a song/poem/short story/essay about George
Day 14- fave George song (solo or Beatles, no matter)
Day 15- how you feel when you listen to your favorite George song
Day 16- if you and George could spend the day together, what would you do?
Day 17- have you ever cried for George?
Day 18- Fave George lyrics
Day 19- Fave George/another Beatle relationship 
Day 20- what do you do on his birthday?
Day 21- what do you do on his death date?
Day 22- what relates you and George?
Day 23- Fave George Phase
Day 24- Pattie or Olivia?
Day 25- Favorite George movie moment
Day 26- favorite words he pronouces weirdly
Day 27- favorite part of concert for George?
Day 28- Anything you disliked about George?
Day 29- If George were still around...
Day 30- Why you love George

Anyway, enjoy!! :)

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