Us..? We're Best Friends (Original Love Story)

Picture is 6 year old Rayna
Rayna- dark brown hair and light blue eyes
5'4 and a half, tyler and her are best friends since they were 5, favorite color is purple.
Tyler- dark brown hair and dark brown eyes
5'10. Favorite color is Green and he hates when Rayna is nervous or sad. Loves to play guitar in free time.

They live in California.

Chapter 1


Flashbacks 6 years old
"Mommy!" I shouted running inside to where my mommy was. I came to a stop by her side and she smiled down at me.
"Yes sweety?" She asked me, still smiling her bright smile. I couldnt help but smile back at her. I looked back at where my friend Tyler was, playing in the sandbox.
"Can me and Tyler have some ice cream?" I asked, giving her my best puppy dog eyes and sticking my bottom lip out. My mommy laughed at how silly I was and nodded. I smiled big and grabbed two popcicles out of the freezer. I ran back into the back yard with the two treats in both my hands.

"Tyler! I got ice cream!" I said and he looked up from the truck he was burying in the sand. My best friend smiled at me and gladly took the popcicle from me. We ate our popscicles inhappiness and then we continued playing in the sandbox. At one point Tyler got sand in my eyes because he threw his truck in the sand too hard.

"Ow!" I exclaimed as I rubbed my burning eyes. Tyler came in front of me with concern on his face.
"Ray, Im so sorry!" He said and he ran to go get my mom. Tears were rolling down my cheeks when Tyler came back with my mom. He was pulling her by her hand towards me and then he pointed at me.

"I accidently got sand in Ray's eyes....Im sorry" Tyler's eyes filled with tears at the thought of the sand in my eyes. I felt myself want to cry more when I saw tears well up in his eyes. Even with tears in my eyes I got up from the sandbox and hugged him.
"It's okay Tyler, see Im fine" I said as I let go of him and smiled. He smiled after seeing my smile and he hugged me again. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my mommy smiling down at us with a sparkle in her eye.
End of Flashback
I smiled as I thought about that moment. It was one the many I could never forget

Flashback 10 years old
I stood at the bus stop where the school bus would pick me up for school. I looked around the street, feeling kind of zoned-out.
"Rayna!" I jumped a little then I turned around as my best friend Tyler called me. I smiled at him and walked towards him.
"Hey Tyler!" I said and gave him a hug.
"So, are you ready for 4th grade?" Tyler asked me. I sighed nervously and shook my head.
"Im so nervous..." I said looking down at the ground. Tyler gave me a confused look.

"Why would you be nervous?" He asked me, bending down so I would look at him.
I shrugged. "I dont know" I said. I was always nervous before starting the new school year. My hands would shake when I would figure out me and Tyler didnt have the same homeroom or when I couldnt find him at recess. I never actually had a good reason to be nervous, just that I was a nervous person.

"That's what you say every year, Ray. You dont have to be nervous, I'll always be there for you" He said smiling at me. I rolled my eyes and bumped into his shoulder lightly.
End of Flashback

That one was my favorite memory of us. He said he'd always be there for me, he'd never made me feel so happy before he said that.

Flashback 14 years old
I walked into the highschool for the first day with my hand shaking like normal. I looked down at my schedule and the looked around for where it was. Suddenly my hands were being held by warm hands. I jumped and ripped my hands from the person before looking up. I looked up at the person and a wide smiled spread across my face.

"Tyler!" I said throwing my arms around him tightly. He laughed and hugged me back tightly as well. I pulled back from him, still smiling.
"I see that your hands still shake" He said glancing down at my hands.
"Some things dont change" I said and laughed. As soon as I had my best friend with me, everything would work out.

"What's your schedule?" He asked me taking out his and unfolding it. I unfolded mine and we held our schedules next to each others.
"We have PE and Biology together. Plus lunch" He said, frowning a bit. I felt sadness in the pit of my stomach at the fact we had 2 classes together out of 7, with lunch.
"It's better than nothing right?" I said, frowning a bit myself.

"Yeah. Ugh I mised you so much" Tyler said and hugged me again. Tyler went to New York to visit his mom and was gone all summer.
"I missed you too! How was seeing your mom?" I asked him, knowing that he loved going to visit his mom since they were close.
"I was really seeing her, it was alot of fun" He said and I smiled. The bell rang and my smile went away. Tyler noticed and he stood in front of me.
"Dont be nervous, okay? You'llbe fine" He said giving me a smile.

"How do you always make me feel better with such simple words?" I asked him. Tyler would always say simple things like 'Okay' and 'you'll be okay'. But those simple words always made me feel better. If anyone else said them, they would have the same effect on me as when Tyler said them. Coming from Tyler, my best friend, those words were all I needed to smile.
"Because Im just cool like that, and you love me soooo much" He smiled as he said it.
"I do love you, but Im not so sure about that cool part..." I trailed off in a smile.
"Whatever!" He said
End of Flashback

I know I have like 2 stories that I havent been writing, but wirting this made me feel better for some reason. So Comment plz! XD

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