If Only You Knew What You Are Doing To Me (A Harry Potter Fan Fiction)

Hey! So...I finally got an idea for a new story!! So yeah...I'll just put all the deatails and stuff about the story in the first chapter as I always do..So, please, comment, rate, enjoy, all that good stuff!

Chapter 1

Intro/Description/Details/Background info....Stuff...

Name: Lily Daniels

Age: 15 (Well, for the most part. But the beginning is a flash-back to first year)

House: Ravenclaw

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Personality: Shy, she usually keeps to herself

Love interest: Harry Potter!

Background info: Her parents were never around, because they both were always working, so she barely knows them. Basically, the only 'Parent' she's ever known was her nanny, Samantha Williams.

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