Chasing Cars (A StarKid Story)

Chasing Cars (A StarKid Story)

Yeah, another one. Shut up and enjoy it;)

PS This will be kinda like How I Became A StarKid but it would NEVER happen.... Never...

Chapter 2


"Don't make me turn this bus around!" Brian yelled at me and Walker.
We had gotten into another one of our fights. This one involved Meredith and I throwing blankets and pillows at him. Lauren joined in, throwing them with us.
"If you turn it around, the fans will kill you."
"Walker, don't be ridiculous. They wouldn't kill him. They'd just be angry for a little bit," I retorted.
"But just a little bit," Brian agreed. I laughed and waited for him to turn around before throwing a pillow another pillow at the boy I loved to hate.
"HEY! Brian! She's throwing things again!"
"No, I'm not! He's lying!"
"Yes, you did!"
"No, I didn't!"
"CHILDREN!" Lauren yelled. "Shut up."
"I'm hungry!" Joey yelled.
"I'm tired! Now shut up!" Brian yelled back. Apparently, someone was cranky.
We fell quiet and just sat around.
But it didn't last long.
We were all arguing about what to watch on our big TV now.
"No, Beauty and the Beast!"
"Little Mermaid!"
"I Love Lucy!"
Everyone stared at me as I made that last remark. "Fine, Rent."
"Oh, yeah, let's watch Rent!"
Joey quickly put it on as I got up to go to my bunk and find a notebook. I needed to write! Write about this insane trip to keep myself as sane as I could possibly be.

Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor. Ann freaking Arbor. I miss you. So much.
"Let's go!" Walker yelled, pushing me out of the way. I jumped onto his back, causing us to both fall onto the ground.
"OW!" I held up a scraped hand.
"Hey," he told me, shrugging. "it was your fault."
"If you hadn't pushed me, I wouldn't have jumped on you." I rolled my eyes and helped him up.
"Well, if you hadn't been so annoying when we met in college--"
"Me?! No, you were the annoying one!"
"What?! Lies! I was never annoying!"
"Oh, stop your fibbing!" I growled.
"No, seriously! You're annoying!"
"Okay, fine, I am. But, you are more annoying than I ever have been!"
"Uh, no."
"Uh, yes."
We were bickering even more now, yelling at each other.
"Oh. My. GOD! Would you two just shut up and go, like, visit your favorite spots?!" Lauren yelled at us.
"Favorite spots?"
"Yeah, like, go to the stadium or something, I don't know!"
"Maybe I don't wanna! We only have...three hours until showtime!" I argued as I consulted my watch. "We need to see the VIP kids soon!"
"Right! The fans love me more!" Lauren winked at me.

"I. Am. Exhausted!" I yelled as I plopped myself into my bottom bunk across from Jaime, below Lauren.
"That was just one show," Jaime told me. "Wait until the end of the month, you'll be spent."
I knew she was right, but I didn't respond.
I was tired.
The girls were talking about the show as I drifted to sleep...

~~~~ Short, but more will be up soon! :D
Love, Geena ~~~~

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