Chasing Cars (A StarKid Story)

Chasing Cars (A StarKid Story)

Yeah, another one. Shut up and enjoy it;)

PS This will be kinda like How I Became A StarKid but it would NEVER happen.... Never...

Chapter 3


Finally making it past the border police people, we were in Canada.
"Okay," Brian sighed as we were over the official line. "Geena, Joe, while we're in this fine country, will you promise not to fight? When we get back to the US you can fight all you want, just...please. Shut up."
I glared at Walker as he raised an eyebrow, obviously asking for my opinion.
"Fine," we both sighed at the same time.
"Hey! Wait! Is Elona meeting up with us?!" Meredith yelled.
I gasped. How could I forget that our Sami lives in Canada?! She could sing It's Over Now with Brian and Lauren! And she could sing more, too, I suppose... But it was her song! I smiled, waiting for someone to say something.
"And Chris."
"YAY!" Meredith and I high-fived each other, then Lauren. Us three and Brian were the only ones that did Little White Lie that were on the tour.
"YOU CAN SING DUDER'S A SPY!" I jumped up and down in front of Brian. He looked at me like I was insane.
"Duuuuuuuuuuu-der is a spyyyyyyy! Look out for that guyyyyy!" he finally sung.
I smiled. I loved that song. Then I turned towards Meredith and started dancing with her. She laughed and hummed an unfamiliar tune.
"Lauren, you taping this?" I heard Walker ask our shortest friend.
"Uh, hell yeah! They're acting like fools, so we must tape this!"
Meredith and I glared at the camera with our tongues sticking out, then went back to dancing around.
"So far, Canada's great!"

After the show, I was pumped up.
It was so exciting! And so was meeting all the fans!
There were a lot of 'em, I can tell ya that. But that was okay. They're the only reason we're on the tour.
The Canadian fans are super sweet, too! I don't think I want to go back to the US...
"We should do fan challenges, shouldn't we?" Brian asked suddenly.
Lauren laughed as Dylan answered, "We'll break the internet."
"Nah, Darren did that already," I told them. "Multiple times."
"I miss our 'fro friend..." Brian thought aloud.
I swallowed the lump in my throat. Yeah, I missed him, too. He was my rock in college, my only support system when I was going insane and he helped me through everything. Thank God for him. I knew we'd see him in less than a month in New York, but it wouldn't be long enough.
In the words of my mortal ene--
"Damn that G.L.E.E.!"
Okay, how'd he know I was thinking that?
I glared at Walker, but didn't say anything or else Brian'll have our scalps. I mean, we did promise not to fight, and I'm sure if we spoke much, we would be at each others' throats.
"Can I keep saying he's my boyfriend at every show?" Lauren begged.
"NO! I have an idea!" I told her.

Now it was our eight o'clock show.
"But, guys, our really talented friends aren't here!"
"Yeah, like Bonnie!"
"Or Tyler!"
"Or Other Brian!"
"Or Joe!"
"OR Devin!"
Lauren smirked. "Or Darren, my boyfriend."
"Whoa. Wait." I stepped closer to her. " Your boyfriend? No, honey, he's mine."
"No, he asked me out last week!" Jaime interrupted.
"Hey! Wait! Darren and I have been dating for a month now!" Meredith butted in.
We all looked at each other.
Julia ran onstage. "Whoa, you guys talking about my boyfriend?!"
"No, they're talking about my boyfriend," Brian winked out to the crowd.
"Wait. No. Darren Criss is dating me!" Walker yelled.
"No, guys, he's mine..." Joey looked at us.
"Pretty sure I'm dating him." Dylan nodded his head.
I held up a finger to the audience and called Darren. We had warned him ahead of time.
"'re cheating on us all?!"
"No! I can explain!" My phone was connected to the mic system so the whole room could hear. "I'm really, actually, dating..."
"ME!" Elona walked onstage now smiling at the fans.
"Yes, it's true. Elona is my true love. She and I have been dating since she was my Sami."
"And he was my Toby."
"Fine, well, then... WE'RE THROUGH!" I yelled, the others chorused and I hung up. Julia walked offstage, dragging Elona with her.

After the show and meet and greet, we were headed to Toronto.
Our tour bus chased the other cars as we drove along the highway. I was sleeping peacefully in my little pod-bunk-thing when I was rudely awakened by Walker.
"JOSEPH SCHWARTZ WALKER!" I yelled as I started chasing him throughout the small bus.
"I said no fighting!" Brian yelled at us.
"Well, he started it! He put ice down my shirt as I was sleeping!"
Walker shrugged. "You were sweating."
I punched his arm. "OW! Your arm hurts!"

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