What Goes Around Comes Around - A StarKid Story

All l can say is, l hope this story is good.
Well, that and this story is gonna be totally awesome!
Me(Tay) and StoMo_BrianRosenthal (Stormy) are working hard on this, l hope it's good enough for StarKid to read it too! Publicity is good people!
This one is gonna be different than the others, but for now, just enjoy, rate, comment, and follow directions if there is any!

Chapter 1

Graduation, Videos, and Enemies

It's all set up, everything was ready.
Two things were going to happen today, l was going to graduate from college, and l'm gonna pull the best prank ever on the wretched Lizzie.
Green goo in a bucket, and the most embarrasing pictures of her ready to be displayed on the big screen behind her while she's giving her valedictorian speech.
This was gonna be good.

I was walking back to my dorm, texting the kid that was helping me with the whole thing, Bailey Garrigan, my best friend.
We've gone through thin, and a lot of thick, going to the principle's office for tripping a few kids in the halls, getting suspended for slamming a locker in someone's face... those were the good 'ol days.

But now we were planning the last minute stuff for the prank. It was crutial that this was pulled off, it was the last day l'd have to see her face, l had to see that it was covered in green goo before l left.
Ur sure its gonna fall on time right? - MaKay
l paid the kid $100 to make sure it does. If it doesn't l'll be sure he won't be able to have kids. -DaBail
K, see you at the ceremony. - MaKay


"We're kids on the inside, we may look like mature adults, ready to take on the world by ourselves on the outside, but we aren't, we're scared, we don't want to let go of the childhood memories and the childish acts. The people here taught us how to let go of our immature ways, and act like the adults we really are. l'm ready to take on the world." The valedictorian spoke to the crowd of graduates.

Her words were very insperational, to everybody else, but not me.
l wasn't ready to grow up, and l wasn't planning on doing it anytime soon.
l gazed over to the stage in search of the kid, he spotted me and gave me a thumbs up, he waved to his techy friend, and in a few moments, a slide show started on the screen behind Lizzie.

"All of our lives, we wanted to be bigger, better than little kids with no rights. And l bet most of us want to go back to being little agai- What?" She stopped in middle of her speech due to the laughter filling the courtyard. She looked behind her to see herself, in her underwear, dancing and singing to a stupid song in her bedroom.

She turned to face us again with her face as red as a tomato.
l looked back to the kid again, and he let go of the rope, that held the bucket full of green goo. The slime fell out and landed on the top of her head.
She screamed so loud, and l was laughing so hard.
"My hair!" She was crying! This was hilarious. The whole class was laughing except for Lexi, who was video taping the whole thing!
Even though that girl's a spaz, l love her right now!

The dean brought Lizzie to get cleaned up and we all continued on with the ceremony, we all got our degrees, and went back to our dorms to get ready for the party. l caught up to Bailey, and gave him the biggest hug ever.
"Dude! We killed it!" I shouted. We high fived a bunch of other kids who we've told about the prank, even Drew, Lexi's hot and awesome older brother congradulated me on a job well done. l was in full on happy mode, nothing could ruin this...

...Except for a punch in the face...
"Ow! What the hell man?!" l yelled as l turned to see Lizzie. She had a smug look on her face. l punched her back, right in the jaw. A crowd was starting to circle us. She then kicked me in my shin.
"Ooh! So tough!" l taunted as l punched her in the stomach. A few tears popped out of her eyes and she lounged at me. Both arms went around my neck and she threw me to the ground. l did a cool kick the back of her legs thing and she fell face first to the ground. We both got back up, and she kicked me right in the jaw.
"Are you gonna cry now Makayla? It's okay, only everybody is watching! It's not so bad!" She shouted at me. All of my anger towards her was building in my next blow. l pulled my arm back and punched her so hard in the face, l definitely heard a crack in her nose.
She collapsed on the ground, pretty much knocked out. Blood was dripping from her nose all over the place. Bailey came over and pulled me away from her before l could murder her.
Not that l didn't want to, l definitely had reason to.

Woah! Flashback time!

It's the first day of seventh grade, well, for me anyway. It's almost the end of winter, and l transfered schools from Chicago to here in Evanston, Illinois. l already made a new friend, Bailey.
He seemed cool, to me anyway. In my old school, the only way to make yourself seen is by doing something drastic, like being the bully or being the cheerleader, l was none of those things.
But Bailey, he was the very noticeable bully, he tried to trip me but l stepped over his waiting foot and stepped on it instead.
He gave me a smile and said "You're alright new kid."
From then on, we started to pick on the kids he thought were easy targets for me, like that Lexi girl with the glasses or Greg Morrissy.
Then we started to get onto the harder ones. My first victim was Lizzie. Bailey held a grudge over her because she wouldn't go out with him.
So, l decided to do something simple, like put a lunch tray on her seat before she sat at lunch.
Of course, l had to wait for the perfect day to do it. This particular day had chocolate pudding, and she was wearing white jeans. Basically, this whole thing developed from that day, that day l gave her chocolate poop stain pants.

All through middle school, we would do anything we could possibly do to each other, from tripping each other, to getting each other into trouble with the princible, anything.
But then came high school, and we got worse and worse, like at each other's necks with scaples that were supposed to be used to cut frogs open. Always getting the guys the other liked, always tripping in class and spilling ink over the others homework that was for next period.
We were horrible, but it was all just a game.

We were hoping that when we left high school, we'd be done with eachother. Until we saw eachother at the tour for Chicago University. Middle school was for pranks, High school was for even worse pranks, college was for violence. And now here we are... l amost killed her, almost. This was the best thing yet!


Hey hey hey! Sorry guys, l'm terrible with beginnings, but it gives ya'll a bit of extra info on the main characters. So, NEXT Stormy!

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