What Goes Around Comes Around - A StarKid Story

All l can say is, l hope this story is good.
Well, that and this story is gonna be totally awesome!
Me(Tay) and StoMo_BrianRosenthal (Stormy) are working hard on this, l hope it's good enough for StarKid to read it too! Publicity is good people!
This one is gonna be different than the others, but for now, just enjoy, rate, comment, and follow directions if there is any!

Chapter 13

Dig A Little Deeper

A website, about me... and Conners.
How annoying...
I decided to stay at the hospital a little longer to avoid my so-called friends.
It was pretty funny how the nurses kept glaring at us because there were so many visitors, and we were making so much fuss around the patient.
I made to grab the computer out of Conners' hands and her friend growled a warning for it was her labtop, and I, the enemy, was handling it.
"How did you even find this website Jane?" Lizzy asked when I started browsing the site for evidence of the creator or publisher or whatever.
"I was online, and I searched to see if anyone put up a video of you at graduation. Well, possibly even worse than goo in your hair, I see, instead, a video of you kicking the crap out of Dunman here. Not only is it on here but on YouTube." Jane answered with a quiver in her voice.
I clicked on the Members Area only to find two members.
I decided to sign up, to see if I could find anything out, and possibly torment anyone who wanted to "find anything out about me".
"Makayla what are you doing?" Conners' voice asked when I glared at the page a few minutes later.
"You aren't buying anything illegal on my labtop are you?!" Her friend leaped up and tried to take the computer out of my hands.
I waited until her little weak arms gave up and went back to viewing the other two members.
" No I'm not buying anything illegal. I'm trying to find the person who made this site so I can go beat the shìt out of them when I find out."
"Violence isn't always the answer to your problems you know." Lizzy said with a roll of her eyes. I sent her a glare and clicked on a member that looked familiar.
"Hey Conner, do we know a Lexi Nelson?" I asked a moment later.
"Uh, yeah. We've gone to school with her since--"
"Oh my gosh, my baby!" A woman screamed as she came through the door. She ran up to Lizzy and crushed her in a tight hug.
I sniggered at the sight, for Conners' face looked like a fish as she patted her mothers back in a way that said 'yeah, yeah I'm fine please let me go now '.
Ms. Conners pulled back and looked around the room at the many people, finally her gaze met mine and her face turned red in fury.
"How dare you! How dare you harm my daughter, nearly killing her! I could turn you in! I think I might! Where's my phone?!"
The boys that brought me were starting to look a bit uncomfortable, not that I blame them really.
They looked my way as if they were starting to regret bringing me at all.
As Ms. Conners continued rambling around for her cell phone, Joey finally got them all out of the room, mumbling something about being back with lunch, until it was just me, Lizzy, her mom, Jane and Tyler.
"Ms. Conners," Tyler started smoothly,"I can assure you that your daughter is fine. I don't know what happened exactly, I only saw the last part of their fight, but it's beyond me as to what caused it."

Everyone glanced at me.
I rolled my eyes and moved the labtop over onto the table. "Well, if you must know... Elizabeth decided to invade my personal space, so I decided, 'hey, desperate time call for desperate measures', and I moved a way a bit. Then she moved in closer, and reached a hand out as if to touch my--"
"That did not happen!" Lizzy cut in. "You got all mad at me for no reason and almost killed me!"
"Okay, okay. Fine, that didn't happen, the first part. But I got mad at you because I didn't need you to tell me things I already knew." I glanced out the window to avoid the confused gaze that Conner was giving me.
"You told me something my step-father told me more than enough times. It didn't really feel nice to have a brat like you tell me something I already knew. That I was gonna die alone because nobody loved me, and I may as well just give up baseball because I was a worthless wanna-be." I explained, keeping my voice as steady as I could.
This was the first time I opened up, even a little, to any of these people in the room.
Lizzy and Tyler looked taken aback, as is my answer was totally not what they were expecting.
"And I want you to know, you're wrong," I continued, "I'm actually good at what I do, acting. I do it all the time without you even knowing, because I do it so often. And may I say, I am a wanna-be, but isn't that what everybody is though?"
"Acting isn't the same thing as lying Makayla. You lie, not act." Jane said with that same quiver in her voice.
I glared at her before leaning back in the seat. "Actually, it's the same thing pip-squeak. And I do lie, I wont deny that, but I also act everyday like the Makayla you all know and love. The bìtch you see everyday? That isn't me."
I left that sentence out there to hang.
Everybody looked unsure, and unbelieving.
It was silent for about 2 minutes before there was a knock on the door.
We all turned to see none other than Drew Nelson in the entrance of the small hospital room, looking gorgeous as ever.
"Um, hi Lizzy. I heard you were in the hospital and I wanted to see if you were okay." He said with an awkward looking expression on his face.
"Oh, hey Drew. Um, yeah, I'm fine, they're letting me out later." Lizzy said back, looking a little flustered because the boy she's been practically in love with all throughout college was here.
There was a big problem with that.
I was also struck by cupid for him.
He was one neither of us dared to touch, because we were afraid we would damage him with our girl-ish dramatic fighting over him.
But now that he was here asking if Lizzy was okay because of something that I did (hopefully that piece of knowledge didn't come up), it got worse.
Because now he will hate me and pity Conners and then she'll win and I can't let that happen.

There was an awkward silence as Conners and Drew looked at eachother, but a door opening –thankfully– made it go away as Joey and that tall Jim dude came in.
"Oh, hey." Joey greeted to the small group in the hospital room, waving awkwardly before he turned to where I was sitting in the chair farthest from the injured girl. "Makayla, there's a guy in the hall looking for you. He said to either hurry up and get you or I'll get my jaw straightened out... I'd go say hi so I don't get normal."
I groaned as I stood up, honestly dreading having to yell and/or punch anyone at the moment, especially Bailey and Georgia.
Joey and Jim left the room and I followed, not even sparing the group a glance, out into the lobby of the hospital where Bailey held one of the male nurses in a choke-hold.
"I asked nicely you nursey nurse thing! Where is my hospital brownie?!" I heard him growl into the nurses ear. The nurse was struggling, but that only made Bailey choke him harder.
"Hey! Bailey let the guy go!" Georgia said as she came running up with what looked to be the chocolate treat Bailey seemed to be asking for.
He let go of the nurse and grabbed for the brownie as we came up to them.
"There you are! We've been looking all over for you! Why didn't you answer any of our calls and stuff?!" Bailey exclaimed with his mouth full of brownie, which made him sound like "Fhere ou arre! Ee beem lookin' all ofah for ou! Whay didn' ou answah any of owah calls amd schtuf?"
I rolled my eyes at his lack of manners, and plaster a fake smile on my face. "Sorry to make you worried, my phone was dead."
"Where were you last night? We went to pick you up but you weren't there." Georgia said as she eyed the group of boys sitting in the waiting room, obviously thinking of ways to seduce them in some way.
"No, I had to walk! You guys totally blew me off!" I say in disbelief.
" No you weren't there for us to pick you up. We waited like, for half an hour."
"Oh poor you! You had to wait in a toastie car for half an hour while I wait for 2 hours in the cold! You blew me off and even worse: I had to wait with Conners!" I half shouted half screamed at her.
"Makayla, we waited for you, but you never came out, so we figured you already got a ride." Bailey said calmly, as if explaining something to a kindergardener.
"I get out at 7 you idiots!" I screeched.
"Okay okay. Calm down, you got yourself a ride right? You're not all dead, you made out fine!"
"No, I had to walk to the park, and I got lucky that these people found me! Otherwise I would have froze."
"Oh." They both said quietly. "I thought you got out at 5." Georgia said just as quietly.
"Idiots." I grumbled. "No, I get out at 7. I get back every week at 7:30. You would think that'd get into your heads by now."

"Well we're sorry... we were busy at 7, and we thought you said 5." Bailey explained through a bite of brownie.
"Busy? Doing what, exactly?" I asked suspiciously.
"Watching these videos that girl Lexi made through the years. She made like, a hundred copies and sent them to everybody as a graduation present."
"I didn't get one..." I raised an eyebrow at this.
Lexi was a weird girl, basically the freak of our class. She video taped every. Single. Thing. It was annoying, but also useful for when you wanted dirt on someone. For a price that is.
"Well, you weren't there when she came by so... Sorry. Now can we get out of here please? The hospital smell is kinda making me feel sick..." Bailey complained after a while of silence.
I glanced at the boys who brought me here, who were laughing quietly at a joke one of them must've told, and then to Bailey and Georgia, who were starting to look impatient.
I didn't really want to stay, but I didn't feel like going home either.
But if I stayed, I'd have to stay with the people who hate me, or I'd go home with people who I hate.
Or... I can get to know the boys over there who actually seem fun and do neither of the other choices... Yeah, I'll go with that.
"You guys go on home then. I'm gonna stay here." I told them. They both gazed at me in confusion, before they shrugged and left the building.
Those bitches.
"Hey!" I called over to the laughing guys, "Wanna get out of here? I know a place downtown where they have amazing Italian food!"
"We were just waiting for you to ask! And this place is starting to give me the serious creeps!" Nick said with a gesture to the doors.
We all walked back out to the car, and as I got into the front seat again (Walker was still being generous apparently), I thought I noticed a camera flash in the bushes.
But when I suddenly had something looking like liquorice shoved in my face, I was too busy to worry about it.

Um, hey? Yeah, long time no update, eh? Sorry about that! But, hey, it's an update! Tweedle Dee! You're up missy!

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