What Goes Around Comes Around - A StarKid Story

All l can say is, l hope this story is good.
Well, that and this story is gonna be totally awesome!
Me(Tay) and StoMo_BrianRosenthal (Stormy) are working hard on this, l hope it's good enough for StarKid to read it too! Publicity is good people!
This one is gonna be different than the others, but for now, just enjoy, rate, comment, and follow directions if there is any!

Chapter 2

Broken Noses always Knowses

I only remember a extremely horrible pain coming from my nose as I hit the floor with a thud. She did it. She won.
Dang it... All those lessons in Brazilian Kick-Boxing for ten years straight and she still beats me.
I only saw darkness for what seemed like minutes, then I a sharp pain in my cheek brought some lightness back into the world; someone had slapped me.
"Liz! Are you okay!?" I heard a voice call out.
"Lizzie!! Get up!!" Another one rang.
"What do we do?!" Said the original.
I tried to open my eyes. I opened my mouth to object; to tell them that there was no need, that I was already up, but soon I felt a splash hit me again: and the water struck me right in my throat.
I shot up, sputtering. "What.... the... HECK!? I was already up!" I shot glares in the direction of my two bestfriends. They both returned the favor with frowns. I sighed and held out my arms. "Help me up will you?"
The both grabbed an arm and pulled me up.
"Thanks..." I mumbled, taking a look around the room. It seemed like everyone had deserted the party. I turned to Jane, a girl with highlighted brown hair and chocolate eyes that I met in Kindergarten, to see her holding out a wet rag.
I eyed it. "What is that for?"
"Your nose." she said cooly, plopping the rag into my hand. " I can't tell if it's broken or not... do you feel any pain? Maybe we should take you to a doctor?"
I reached up and touched my nose gently. Pain shot through my body and I groaned.
My other friend, Candace, a girl with natural blonde hair and firey green eyes spoke up. "Diagnosis of nasal fracture is typically best performed by an in person evaluation with an experienced physician in nasal anatomy! I suggest seeing a physician so that she or he can palpate your nose, examine the inside of your nose with anterior rhinoscopy, and order additional studies if necessary! Because of course, while an Xray---"
"No offence Candance, but will you SHUT UP!? This literally isn't the time for your specified talk on the damn human nose!" I heard Jane growl, while I gently started wiping off the blood on my hands. "Now will you wipe the blood off the floor?"
Candance pouted but prodceded to grab another wet rag. She got on the floor and started scrubbing.
If you didn't already figure it out, Candance pretty much always wanted to be a doctor. Of course, that brings up the point of why she attended Chicago University instead of medical school..... but we all pretty much know that it's because of the economy.
"Jane, mind helping me with my nose?" I asked. She nodded, grabbed the rag from my hands, and then started wiping my face.
"What are you doing?" I questioned, as she put her finger near my nose.
"I'm going to see if it's broken!" She exclaimed.
I shook my head lightly. "I don't think that's a good--- OUCH!!!!!" I gripped my nose in my hands. "GOD!!! JANE!"
"Alright, let's get you to a doctor."
I didn't object as she and Candance lead me out of the room and to the elevator.

We got back to our dorm a few hours later, my nose in bandages. Makayla broke my nose. That son of a... Nevermind. I looked around the room that held so many of my memories; good and bad.
It occured to me, just then, that this was the last weekend I would spend here. We had just graduated.
It also just occured to me that my graduation speech I worked so long and hard on was just ruined.
And not only was it ruined, it was being RECORDED! For the whole wide WORLD to see! Oh my god, how am I going to get a decent job!? Hopefully no one puts it on the internet. Crap... Crap! I HATE HER!! Stupid Makayla! How did she even get through HIGHSCHOOL!
Oh wait, I remember all teachers saying how they just wanted to get rid of her one day in the teachers lounge. And how she was probably one of the worst people in the whole school! Even worse than that Bailey whats-his-face!
That makes me feel better.
She did get all F's in highschool.
Haha. That failure of a girl will never amount to anything!
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

Sadly, my happy thoughts were inturupted by a loud, booming voice. "Makayla Dunman and Elizabeth Conner, get to the Headmaster's office at ONCE."


Haha! I had to use the headmaster thing! I was gonna have them being told in the Headmaster's office that even though they have graduated, they are still in a lot of trouble and are being forced into.... Uhh.... I cant say cause that would give away the next part. Your up Taaaaay!

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