What Goes Around Comes Around - A StarKid Story

All l can say is, l hope this story is good.
Well, that and this story is gonna be totally awesome!
Me(Tay) and StoMo_BrianRosenthal (Stormy) are working hard on this, l hope it's good enough for StarKid to read it too! Publicity is good people!
This one is gonna be different than the others, but for now, just enjoy, rate, comment, and follow directions if there is any!

Chapter 3

Excuses Excuses...

I was celebrating my victory with a few stolen beers, chilling with Bailey and my other friend and room mate Georgia.
This was my last weekend in my dorm, my last weekend causing disaster on a campus. "Did you hear the crack in her nose? Jeezus I think you coulda cracked that thing right off her ugly face!" Georgia was going on as she started packed up our dorm room.
"Yeah I know! That snitch didn't even throw a decent punch, not a bruise on me." I laughed as I took a swig of the bottle in my hand.
"And that Lexi girl was taping the whole thing, I think I can get her to post it on YouTube. Maybe you can get a decent job as a fighter, or maybe a--" Bailey was cut off with a booming voice.
"Makayla Dunman and Elizabeth Conner, get to the Headmaster's office at ONCE."
The headmasters voice filled my ears.
"Are you kidding me? No way José!" l shouted to any one who could hear.
"Might as well go, they can't do anything that'll ruin your um... yeah I feel sorry for you!" Bailey started laughing as I sauntered towards the deans office.
I swallowed the breath mint as I walked through the door, didn't need to get into trouble for having alcohol on school grounds.
Lizzy was seated in front of the desk holding an ice pack to her broken nose.
The only other seat was next to her, so I decided to stand by the door.
"Makayla, please, sit down so we can get this over with." The headmaster sighed, rubbing his temples as he turned in his chair.
l huffed as I sat, and placed my feet on the desk.
Headmaster Ferenz glared as I got myself situated.
"So girls, apparently there was a commotion after the ceremony on school grounds. You aren't enrolled in this school anymore so we can charge you for your actions, but because of your personal issues with each other," he said as he gave us a knowing look," we will not get the law inforcements involved. Instead, we're going to help you with your problems by signing you both up for therepy treatment."
Again, I say "Uh, no way Headmaster José! I finally got rid of her! Now you're making me go to therapy with her?!"
"Makayla, if you want to stay out of trouble, I'd suggest this so you don't have to face the consequenses later in life. The school will pay for the whole thing, you both start in two weeks."

I think I hate that Headmaster, I could be hanging out with my friends, chilling in the streets like we always did. But no, instead I'm in a freaking therapy office with an irritable therapist and an even more irritable Lizzy.
"Could you explain your history, and your feelings while you two faced the violence over the years?"
She kept asking the same thing, every week.
I repeated the same thing, every week.
"I can't explain it, she annoys me, so we got into eachothers faces and punch them."
"Okay. Let's try something different. I want you two to express your feelings through a song, you write your own and next week you'll sing them to each other." She said as she wrote notes in her notebook.
I groaned and leaned back in my seat.
Lizzy was seated across the room, her face had that obnoxious pout on it.
Her nose was a bit bruised up, when I first saw her a few weeks ago, I laughed and almost got a broken nose myself.
Luckily the therapist was right through the door before Lizzy could throw a punch.
"For the next month I won't be in, my nephew will be my substitute, I want you girls to put yourselves into your homework and write your songs, and sing them next week. Okay? You can go."
I shot out of my seat and ran straight to my car.
Writing songs, easy peasy, performing them, lemon squeasy, in front of Lizzy and a stranger... Oh hell no.


Oh, wow... I'M SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO SORRY! I cannot get on with my computer, so I can sneak on with my moms every once in a while. This was the best I could get out for now, but hey, it's a chapter and a bit informational. So, um, hehe, I'm excited! STORMY HURRY!!!

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