Rolling in the Deep a Teen Drama

Ok this is a new story IM writing about a teenager that gets pregnant in High School, and I hope you like it(: I usually write Harry Potter stories and love stories but IM thinking of changing my story route and try for something new. Please comment on what u think and rate!!! Thanks.

* btw remember this story is for a mature audience and I will try not to make this dirty but you have been warned*


Chapter 1


Character Info: Heather Collins, 15 years old, sophomore, blonde hair with blue eyes, skinny, dancer.
Chapter One:
Heather has a wonderful boyfriend that she recently started dating, Jake Hall, who is in the same year as her. Having a boyfriend feels great for Heather, someone who likes her is a comforting thought.
"Hey ready to get it on?". Jake says leaning in on Heather.
"Excusse me!? Get it on?"
"Yeah, go to class," Jake gave her a wink. Heather gave him a light punch.
"Are you trying to turn me on?". Heather asked raising eyebrows. Smiling in a hopeful smile.
"Well, is it working?". Jake asked leaning on the lockers looking down at her. She slammed her locker shut.
"Haha not at all.". Walking away gave her some satisfaction of being in charge of the relationship.
"How is your boyfriend working out?". Asked Maxine Andrews, Heathers best friend.
"Perfectly. Though I must admit, I think every conversation ends with him wanting... You know.". Maxine snorted rolling her eyes.
"Omg, Heather you are so naive. Of course he wants to have it with you. Let's be honest, if I had that body I would of have lost my V card a long time ago.". Heather blushed. People have commented on her body but hated the attention. She liked it when it was about her dance moves not her body.
"Yeah you remind me every day u have done it," Heather glared. It wasn't like she was jealous or wanted to do it. She was just....curious. Who isn't?
"Oh calm down,". Her face lit up when Riley came over kissing her on the mouth.
"Hey honey, and hey Heather how was your first day?".
"It hasn't started you idiot.". Heather rolled her eyes. Sometimes Maxine was a hypocrite seeing how her own boyfriends goal was to get in bed with her.
"Be nice Heather.". Heather smiled at her in a sarcastic way.
"It's ok Max, so Heather how's your boyfriend?". Heather groaned.
"Um good? Why is everyone asking me about him? Why don't u go to Jake and ask him about our relationship? I mean isn't he your bro?"
"Yeah I guess.". He smiled back at Riley. Heather had to admit, she had some sorta attraction to Riley seeing he was the dumb cute guy that people want on your side as either your friend or your boyfriend. But Heather wasn't thinking about cheating, more like crushing. She is totally aloud to have a secret crush.
"Well I gotta go love birds." Heather walked away going to Chemistry.
"Yeah same, bye Riley. See you in between classes.". Maxine gave Riley a peck on the cheek walking, not to a class but in front of Jake.
"Well hey look it's Jake, Heather's new boyfriend." Jake stopped walking and turned to Maxine, who he had to admit was hot. Heather had a great body and was cute but Maxine was down right hot.
"Well hey, best friend of Heather. Wats up?". Maxine smiled
"Oh well I wanna cut right to the chase: you wanna do it with Heather right?". Jake frowned looking not ashamed but surprised.
"Well yeah. You gotta a problem?" Maxine laughed, and scooted up closer.
"No, but here is a tip. She wouldn't do anything with you, unless your married. So I just wanna say if you want some, then IM free.". Maxine winked.
"Um cheat? I dont think so.". Jake tried to walk away.
"Think about it. Now a days kids r doing it and as far as you will go with her is first base.". Jake thought about it and walked to class.
End of the school day
"Hey I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight?  My house?". Jake winked at Heather.
"Sure I'll make cookies,". Heather smiled sweetly closing her locker and walking away. 
"So... Is that a no," Jake was a running to catch up with her.
"No, I mean yes I'll come over." Heather turned around to face him sighing.
"Look Jake I know what you want.". Heather said.
"And what is that Heather." 
"To do it with me,". Heather said plainly.  Jake shifted his weight looking down then right back at her.
"Well why not?  I'm not ashamed of it, yeah I wanna do it with you.". Jake said confidently.
"Well you should be ashamed.  Jake we are 15!  I'm not going to do until I'm married, maybe after college if I think I'm going to have future with that person.". 
"Am i the problem?". Jake sighed.
"No, but it will be if u ask me again.". Heather walked away.  Jake kicked the locked, frustrated.
"Sooo want to take me back on that offer?" Maxine came over once Heather left.
"No I am loyal to my girlfriend, unlike you who would cheat on your own boyfriend," Jake said stiffly.
"Ok, but call me if you change your mind.". Maxine winked at Jake. Walking away Maxine turned around saying:
"Oh and Jake?"
"Yes Maxine,". Jake said wearily.
"This IS a private conversation, right?". Maxine narrowed her eyes.
"Uh... Yeah I guess." Maxine walked away with great satisfaction.
Maxines POV:
Okay so maybe I'm not the greatest friend, but everyone has their little secrets. 1) I have slept with more than one person 2) I'm in love with Jake and 3) Jake is in love with me. Being a sophomore feels great, I hated being called a little freshman shudders. I am not a baby and I can get some whenever I want, and I can change Jakes mind.
Heathers POV:
Already I have tons of work, even though it's great to be back I have to say, I didn't miss the work load. RINGGGG
"Hello?". I asked.
"I've been thinking about you.". Jake... I should of known.
"Well me to."
"Really? Because I think we should get together tonight. You can come over to my house."
"Oh my god can't you take a hint?". I practically screamed at him.
"Ah come on Heather."
"No, you need to listen up. I'm not a s// u.....t and I won't give in easy. Just because you put out every day doesn't mean you'll do it with me. You disgust me."
I hanged up. I felt bad, but I thought he needed to hear that.
Jakes POV:
What a B----! Telling me that. Grabbing the phone I dialed the number I knew would ruin my relationship.
"Hello?". Said Maxine.
"Hey Maxine? It's Jake."
"Oh hey, what's up?". I knew it was wrong but I went for it.
"Well what are you doing right now?". Maxine laughed.
"Hmm, I'm in my black,lacy, slip what about you?"
I could barley control my self after that comment.
"Come over.". I hung up.
3rd POV:
Jakes house
(ding dong)
Jake opened the door to Maxine, black curly hair down. In her black, tight, lacy slip that was barley covering her self. She was also wearing 6 in stilettos.
"I'm cold, can I come in?". Maxine batted her eye lashes.
"Baby you can come into me anytime.". Maxine strutted in ordering for Jake to take off her shoes. Jake bender down un-doing them, and looking up......
Then Jake lifted Maxine up as she took off his shirt, laying her on the bed. He pulled of her slip, exposing her.
"Ready?". Maxine whispered into his ear, her hand going further down his pants.

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