Cant help but scream

in a world with 13 year olds no knowing were your parents are or wentmy name is Jessica and i havent seen my parents since i was 2 and im 13 now and i cant help but scream and eceryone else has parents.

Chapter 1

Meeting Kyle

JESSICAS POV So i grab my bag for school and head out the door. Hey Jessica. Hey Mrs. Murphy. Do you need a lift to school? No i got it all under control but thank you! So have you had any luck? No i havent had any luck yet but thanks for wondering! No problem sweet pea. Well thanks Mrs. Murphy but if i dont get going soong im gonna be late for school. Alright see you later sweet pea. she gets to school. Hey Jessica. Oh hey Clayton. Hows it been. Good how has it been with you? Good. Thats good. Clayton hun come give macy a hug. Alright macy moo. Well see you later clayton. Alright Jessica and let me know if you find them. Alright i will! Hey Jessica wait up! Alright what do you want Nick. Nothing but just to talk to my bestest friend in the world. Shut up nick. No i will not. Woah who is that. That is the new kid Kyle. Oh he is pretty cute. But not as cute as me right. Sure Nick whatever makes you happy. Why wont you just go out with me? Because i explained this to you before i like you better as a friend. Well didnt you like used to really like balloons? Balloons was s thing i shared with my parents. she runs away and bumps into kyle and falls down. Oh my gosh are you ok? Yeah im fine. You sure dont seem like it. I am ok? Jessica we have bad news come on its about ur parents! Ok sorry kyle ill se you later! (they run away)!

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