Hogwarts: Year 1

This my 1st story so dont blame me 4 the horrible title! Main characters:
Sapphire Fields-12 at Halloween, waist length straight bloodred hair & rite side bangs, grey eyes, a swearer
Jessica Lyn-12 at Christmas, waist length wavy jet black hair & left side bangs, green eyes, a sleeper
Tiffany Vega-12 at 4th of July, long brown wavy hair, blue eyes, happy-go-lucky
Trixie Wilson-12 at Earth Day, waist length straight brown hair, violet eyes, a helper

Chapter 3

Aboard the Train!

"WHOA! We're actually going to Hoggy Warts!" Tiffany cheered silently.
"Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts! Hoggy Warts!" we joined in, just because we were so weird..
"HOGGY WARTS! HOGGY WARTS!" the other people chanted along with us. When the lady who pulled along the food thing passed by, she yelled, "HOGGY WARTS! HOGGY WARTS!"
"Oh, hey!" Trixie said, waking up Jessica. "We're almost here!"
"Huh?" Jessica said, sitting up.
"Oh, come on, you lazy azz," I snapped.
"Are we even old enough to say that?" Tiffany asked.
"Yes!" Trixie said impatiently. "Now change into your robes."
Jessica took out four pairs of robes and tossed them to each of us.
"Okay, how the hell do you put this on?" I said, turning my robes around, many times. "Oh, wait I got it."
"Nice going, Sapph," Jessica snorted.
When we finally made it to Hoggy Warts, I saw a very large person calling out, "Firs' years over! Firs' years!"
"Oh, look its Hagrid!" Jess said, pointing to the person.
"Who?" Trixie said.
"Oh, Fred and George would tell me about all the times Hagrid caught them trying to go into the forest."
"And who are they?"
"My cousins. They should be here too..."
"Alrigh' everyone get into a boat. Four to a boat. C'mon." Hagrid ushered all of us first years into a boat. I took a boat with Trixie, Jessica, and Tiffany, and we sailed across the lake.

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